Saving Democracy, Ourselves, and our Future


Source: LinkedIn | By Andrea Skhy, MSW

Published on July 17, 2021

Saving Democracy, ourselves and all others ~

So what’s so great about America when it seems our highest office, the commander in chief and our elected officials (House and Senate) have not honored our ideals and policies in matters of nation building or foreign affairs, and at times created derision and retaliation from our global community? Conceptually, democracy is the only form of government that places squarely within the prerogatives of the people, the direction and solvency of their present and future, full well knowing that they are not all equipped with the specialized knowledge to execute such ideals themselves, but via a constitutional republic with representative elected officials as proxies, entrusting their wishes to be justly and fully implemented according to the dictates of the Constitution.

It is “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”, to recall the familiar words of the Gettysburg address. So, by it’s very design, democracy insists on autonomy and self-direction. All other forms of government have subjugated their people to quite often a tyrannical and autocratic leader or quorum of such. (We stand with people around the world protesting oppressive regimes, and support their quest for freedom). Indisputably, democracy truly has the greatest POTENTIAL for self actualization, and why are we here, if not to explore and fully realize our highest ideals and capacities, or at the very least have the opportunity to do so? We are tremendously and marvelously equipped beings whose curiosity has yielded huge dividends.

It’s taken us to the moon, around the globe in seconds, created an information highway, and enriched our quality of life in so many ways via technological and industrial pursuits. Our challenge now is to save this form of government which stands on the brink of destruction, threatened with returning to a primitive medieval culture by UN overlords. As the greatest democracy in the global community, one which has remarkably withstood many attempts to undermine it’s existence, our only hope for a free world guided by its incredibly life-affirming ideals is to tangibly show our pledge of support. Remember if America falls, so do all. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

A concern regarding democracy is it’s proclivity for “mob rule”, for which our forbears seeking to prevent the “tyranny of the majority” ensuring proportionate representation of smaller states, created the electoral college. Now even that is being used to subvert the wishes of the majority. Regardless, however brilliant democracy’s design and pure it’s ideals, it’s success is dependent on the expertise and fidelity of those elected to implement it’s policies. What happens when those elected officials turn out to be the “parents” of the “child” who created this magnificent monument to freedom of speech, religion and press, the right to peaceful assembly when needing to petition their government to correct something it is responsible for? ( See 1st Amendment 27 Amendments (

We all know the answer to that question, yes? 😉 It has been a sham government for some time, unconstitutional in every way, with perhaps 99% of House and Senate oblivious to our wishes, using the office of the most powerful country in the world for their own agenda. As mentioned in a previous post, the “parents” have been covertly appropriating our assets and exploiting our trust. According to the World Economic Forum, “Democracy is becoming collateral damage in a world where global risks have been ignored or exacerbated by those with the power to act. The increasing authoritarianism of elected leaders, the actions of entrenched dictators, and the use and threat of military power have brought us to the edge of full-blown crisis.” (World Economic Forum, Jan 2018)


Not to mention internal erosion of norms, parties (Democratic & Republic), and now even access to the ballot! Apparently votes can be thrown out on such technicalities as not fully penciling in the ovals, and typos which has been used in partisan fashion to tip results in the desired direction of competing candidates. Today (07/16/21), nine individuals were apprehended for protesting, advocating for voting rights in a purportedly prohibited area on Capitol Hill. Playing constitutional hardball is not the way to go folks. The letter kills, the spirit gives life. Incidentally, the spirit is the more mature application of the law.

Voting is a nonnegotiable element of a democracy. To stifle dissent is unlawful. (See the 1st Amendment). Furthermore, what right have elected officials to diminish OUR RIGHT TO VOTE? This is entirely a treasonous miscarriage of their duties. They are in office to enact what we desire, not the other way around. Politics and Society rightly concludes a major failing of our legislators as “placing the government in the hands of parties, over the people.” This violates the fundamental tenets of democracy. According to Brennan Center for Justice, state law makers have passed 30 laws since the 2020 election that restrict ballot access. This must be undone! The GOP in particular appear to be proponents of this unconstitutional pursuit. At least six amendments protect in varied contexts one’s right to vote! (See Amendments’ 14, 15,19, 23, 24, 26) The state and GOP cannot whittle away at the foundations of democracy.

Clearly, adults at the helm have not had our best interests at heart. Case in point, the pandemic and all the ways in which this has been used to wreak havoc on our economy, degrade our social supports, undermine democracy, and halt our educational system, essentially profiting from peddling fear on a global scale. Gain of function research has got to exercise better discretion. Why would you choose to enhance a ‘microbes’ lethality when it is already a clear and present danger?! That of course is a rhetorical question. This is a case of the “proverbial emperors” having no clothes. Everyone can see through the charade but they refuse to admit their dalliance with deceit and continue trying to intimidate with their cocktail of drugs. Look up The Nuremberg code which is quite relevant at this juncture. It is your legal right to abstain should you so choose. No empirical studies support the efficacy of masks. A reduced population and the elimination of nation states however, is far easier to control. But where is democracy in that equation? The 2016 Democracy Index downgraded the US to a flawed democracy due to the erosion of public trust in government which is quite true. It is time we demanded corrective action of our elected officials or put them out of office!

Donald Trump in a recent interview, called the January 6th coup “a love fest”. But this is not a popularity contest. Love for country would do far more than this for we have been totally betrayed and hoodwinked by the folks on the hill. If in fact, Donald was attempting to oust a corrupt and deceitful government, or prevent its advance, he needs to publicly make this known to absolve his countrymen. That it appears, is what the men and women who stormed the capital that day were attempting to accomplish. In one respect however, Donald did get things right: America (the child) is the greatest, most tolerant and most generous nation in history. But it is time we woke up and demanded truth and fidelity from our elected officials. We have been exploited in enumerable ways for which they have by their insidious actions brought our democracy, yet again, to the brink of demise. 

The following indicators of trouble by The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Protect Democracy | Home and Politics and Society, should resonate and inspire action:

  1. Rejection in word or action of the democratic rules of the game.
  2. Denial of the legitimacy of political opponents committed to democratic ideals.
  3. Toleration or encouragement of violence, e.g. radicalization of the GOP
  4. Willingness to curtail civil liberties of opponents including the media.
  5. Presidential abuses of power.
  6. Stoking racism, misogyny, and hate by political leaders.
  7. Failure of our checks and balances by those assigned to implement them.
  8. Governmental functions being subverted by money.
  9. Polarization and severe partisanship via gerrymandering, filibuster, voter suppression etc. all of which must end.

Like the folktale of the three little pigs which by no means typifies Americans, we must get the proverbial wolf(s) who threatens to blow the house down and masquerades in all sorts of get-up, endeavoring to sell us a bill of goods, gone. NO MORE! Unless the house is built of durable construction, it is likely to collapse like the Miami condo did. Perhaps that is a wake-up call? The lesson here folks is that we cannot rest on our laurels while elements destructive to democracy are at play. We must correct them immediately. “Democracy’s assassins” per ( utilize the very institutions of democracy such as elected office, the ballot box, economic crises, pandemics, foreign threats etc. to justify anti-democratic measures. We must not only be vigilant but act, each in our sphere of expertise.

We need honest lawyers to legally challenge the violations of the constitution and demand congruence of policy and application to constitutional mandates. We need statesmen who love their country to inform and speak out against anti-democratic maneuvers. We need the judiciary to be loyal to us and not the Vatican. They have no jurisdiction here. We need the US Treasury to take the initiative of correcting the gross mismanagement of our currency and dismantling systems that have, pronto. We needs actors to tell the story at the box office… this is such an incredible opportunity! We need law enforcement to correctly apply the law and not do harm to it’s people. The Constitution is premised on COMMON LAW not Admiralty law


We need everyone to be an instrument of civility, showing respect for our differences regardless of gender, orientation, race, creed, or nationality. We would do well to not impose our religious dogma and ideals on others but remember that practice goes a lot farther than “preach”. No one is obligated to accepting the dogma of another. In fact, no religion was given in the garden. This is entirely a human construct which has caused more division than peace and for which so many lives have been lost. Yesterday I had an “aha” moment when the person I was speaking with informed this god of hers is looking for those of like countenance, those who have his face. Do selfies ring a bell? This god seems quite enamored with himself and everything “face” who is a pretender seeking worship but not a god at all! Perhaps an alien connection who incidentally treats others as though part of the animal kingdom.

Humans are a homo sapien species with upright posture and bigger brains. Per Richard Dawkins, “we are good at thinking, remembering, calculating, imagining, speaking…no other species has true language with open-ended grammar. No other species has literature, music, art, mathematics or science. No other species makes books, or complicated machines such as cars, computers and combine harvesters. No other species devotes substantial lengths of time to pursuits that don’t contribute directly to survival or reproduction.” We are not apes, we are humans and should be treated at such. Cherish your difference. We are endowed with uniquely human qualities.

We need to develop an immunity to lies and understand that truth saves. It is the only thing that does. Living in a world of illusion will only collapse sooner or later. It has no foundation to stand on. This cancel culture phenomenon, a hashtag for hate, and a rather dangerous way to address undesirable behaviors or ideas, often omits the big picture of that person’s worldview or character. It reminds me of the rash actions of god to Eve’s eating of the fruit. The couple were immediately discharged from the garden but we are still living with the consequences of that act, though we had nothing to do with it! Things are not as simple as they appear. How would you like to be judged on the basis of one act? That is not to say, our actions shouldn’t have consequences, but careful thought rather than a knee-jerk response is imperative.

Then there’s the matter of racial history and the indignities that have been the experience of non-white peoples. Ironically, the dominant race who perceives themselves as cultured and dignified have been the most barbaric in practice. There has undoubtedly been systemic inequality from the inception of this nation. This is not something that can be legislated anymore than can kindness or decency. It is a matter of the heart which can only be solved at an individual level. It is incumbent on each person to review their beliefs and practices and endeavor to be better humans. Value has nothing to do with complexion or ethnicity. Parents, you can greatly shift the attitudes of current and future generations in the beliefs you instill in your children. But whatever our origins, given the highly unorthodox suggestions of Project 1619, our country was not formally ratified until 1776, the year we declared ourselves a free and sovereign nation. Our independence does not diminish what preceded it, but it does define us.

According to Critical Race Theorists however, in order to be truly anti-racist, you have to be anti-capitalist (per Christopher Rufo). They advocate an “equity-based form of government which is essentially Marxist: the end of individual rights, private property, freedom of speech etc, which would ultimately lead to the destruction of the Constitution. It is important that you educate yourselves on these matters which has been permeating the culture in brazen advance. This is how the wolf comes down the chimney. This is anti-American and a seriously disturbed assault on democracy. Read more here: Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It – Imprimis (

It was a brave and incredibly self-affirming act, the Declaration of Independence. Our success measured not by the absence of perils but by our resilience to crises and commitment to the dream: one nation… with liberty and justice for all. That is a work in progress and perhaps will be our biggest accomplishment, far greater than reaching to the edges of space, however exhilarating that might have been. (Congratulations Richard Branson!) It is fixing the good thing that we’ve got going, not simply planting new versions of it in outer space, that seems the real accomplishment, for unless it is fixed here, it will simply replicate there. You know, wherever you go, there you are…

Everyone can in their respective roles contribute to the greater good and let me applaud those of you who are doing so. At a macro level, the internet is such an example, a vast collection of valuable contributions by folks in diverse fields of expertise, sharing their knowledge freely for the benefit of all. But at a cellular level, parents can do better than our politicians have behaved… teaching their kids to be honest, insisting on good behavior (nonviolently), and encouraging their strengths. Together we will secure the guardrails of democracy, ensure any chimneys entered by wolves are equipped with pots of boiling water. 😉 We will take back our country and make it what our forbears and ourselves envisioned it could be. The house has stood the test of time. It is not going under now unless you are willing to give away, what came at such cost! What a tragedy that would be…..!

Unfortunately, the most essential and important tasks “housekeeping” and “maintenance” have failed, metaphorically and literally. Is that Mom and Dad? LOLOLOL How bad. Authoritarianism won’t do. You do know that microbes outnumber us by exponential degrees and can create more headaches than you care to deal with. So tidy up guys and make a habit of it. Our world is an interdependent system of species, many of whom, we have shown little notice of or regard for. The earth itself, this beautiful spinning gem, has not received the care it deserves. (It’s been trashed, yes?!) It is well within our capacity to restore the neighborhood (lol) and make our country a place to be proud of and a continuing beacon of hope. My fondest wishes for you all. Make the dream a reality. The biggest accomplishment of our time will be the saving of ourselves! What’s so great about America? We have kept a good thing going. Let’s not fail now.

Cheering you on always, 



Democrat vs Republican Comparison Chart ( ~Good to know.


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