B. Patrick Thomas’s Response to DJ at POOFness and Political Correctness


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 29, 2021

DJ @ POOFness and Political Correctness  

DJ in the 7.26.21 POOFness article wrote, “Political Correctness started out as a movement that intended to protect minorities from harassment. But it has morphed onto an excuse for self-righteous zealots to harass people who supposedly offended minorities, even if the minorities don’t actually feel offended.

Here is a good example. The Cleveland Indians recently changed their name to the Cleveland Guardian. There was absolutely zero outcry from any Native American group or tribe to do so. Some self-righteous group of people took it upon themselves to inform the Indian Nation they were offended. Even though they didn’t know they were offended. In fact a survey was done among the Tribes in Ohio and 97% of Indians surveyed said they were not offended. And in fact, the name was changed from the Cleveland “NAPS” to the “Cleveland Indians” in 1901 to honor Louis Sockalexis, a Native American who played in Cleveland from 1897 to 1899 whose ball play was so outstanding they changed the name to The Cleveland Indians out of respect.  

Some self-righteous idiots decided to make it a thing.

Those who are most sensitive about “politically correct” terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom don’t even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from a privileged status of society. Such is our world today.

All real change comes from someone challenging what is determined as “politically correct”. Not just in politics but across the spectrum of innovations. Without someone questioning how things work, things don’t change and innovations are squashed.”

DJ is believable. As for myself, an internal soul-searching battle has raged for years. In my mind’s eye and hereditary genetic makeup, 25% of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) in me has been preaching to the remaining 75% Irish Catholic that, “I am a victim!” Why? Because the Boston Celtics are named after the Celtic Tribe that journeyed through Europe and eventually settled into Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The lilly white liberal in me evangelizes to the silent majority, “how dare they belittle your heritage by attaching it to a sports team. They did not have the common decency to pronounce the name correctly.” So what! The Irish blood in me already knew that “Celtic” is spoken as Kel-Tick, not Sel-tick. Oh, how the politically correct progressives would have hyperventilated and suffered mini strokes if the Cleveland Indians had been named the Cleveland Injuns instead. Now THAT; Is a derogatory term! Meanwhile, in Khazarland, they say “let those Irish in Boston fend for themselves!” 


Upon hearing the altering of the honored “Indian” name to “Guardians”; I could not help but to think. Why have they supplanted the identities of two teams named after Native-Americans? Hmmm! This surely sounds like the same thought process as the elimination of the respected statues of Washington, Lincoln, and Columbus. All memories of the past must be eliminated. I bet, up next are the Atlanta Braves. 

Now, as for the name change. Is this a PSYOP from the PC progressives, declaring we are now the GUARDIANS of American history and political thought? Do away with historical achievements, and much like Mao Tse Tung did for himself in China. Create a national divine figure to be worshipped as our guardian. No thanks! 

Oh my, how oppressive this Hibernian slight is on my inner psych. Decidedly, the small part inside of me, wants to end the subjugation. It continually erupts in unimportant fury, trying to get the rest of the blood up about this team’s name. If the “up the Irish” blood is fooled, I will spend hours upon hours of time forcing my will on the people of Boston. NOT!  

Insulted, the inner Lilly posture, instead, will reformat a song to bring awareness to the plight of the Celtic peoples. It will mirror the song titled Cherokee Nation by Paul Revere and the Raiders. 


“They took the whole Irish Nation 
Lowered us to a tenant farmer’s station 
Took away our ways of peace 
The Rosary, and potatoes, and Priests 


Took away our Gaelic tongue 
And taught their English to our young 
And all the quilts once made by hand 
An hour made, in Viet Nam 

Irish people 
Celtic tribe – So proud to live 
So proud to die 

Into slavery went the Celtic Nation 
To work on their plantations 
Though I wear a shirt and tie 
I still wear a Kilt in my mind’s eye 

Maybe if we pretend to be the prey 
We’ll get our own pointless way. 
Our own way, our own way 
Our own way, our own way” 

Who knows, it could be the number “1” Maoist Socialist song of the week. All we need is a star like Jay-Z to sing about this Irish plight.

Anyway, DJ concluded with: “the moral of the story is, keep an open mind. When the status-quo is challenged there is most likely a sound logic behind it even if it isn’t politically correct to do so. Personally, I admire those willing to handle the hot potato.

Jesus said:” let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. But a lot of people seem to think he said: “If you throw a rock at someone else, it proves that you’re without sin””  

Well, I am not that, so I pray that God blesses the Trumpeters. Perhaps, the Lord will have mercy and bless us with a David or Esther to hurl this hot potato at this never ending, bullying, Cabalistic Goliath. Delivering his subsequent fall and death. Now that, would be politically correct! 

Up the Sixers and the Irish! 

Selticks suck!  


Just in fun ! 
May God bless us !! 
Please Lord, up the Patriots !!! 


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