Growing Unrest in France


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 26, 2021


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Unrest is growing in the French Foreign Legion and Regular Army as a result of Court Martials of dissident officers in military over vaccinations and crime waves in French cities due to massive immigration which are having a massive adverse effect on the population as elaborated on below by Paul Craig Roberts. The following is from our European Correspondent first:

RT: FIERCE CLASHES between protesters & police in Paris as tens of thousands rally against Covid certs, vax mandates in France (VIDEO)

Saturday July 24, 2021

Awakening the day with the actual news that the French government is now officially sanctioning medical apartheid and segregation in France, mainstream media not lying about it. Le Monde captions with:


Covid-19 : le gouvernement veut marginaliser les « antivax »

That the government wants to marginalize the those who oppose mandatory vaccination. Now that same headline earlier in the morning was reading not ‘marginalize’ but actually ‘discredit’ (decrédibiliser) but someone made them remove that as if marginalization was not already bad enough.

Reading the article it comes clear that by word of the Health Minister (Varan) it was let it be known officially that ‘freedom is not refusing a vaccination which protects’, and that indeed is now official government policy in France for the government to openly start targeting (cibler) people who have not been vaccinated or who are against vaccinations. Hey, vaccination centers have been attacked throughout the day nationwide, but that was a result of this very silly announcement no doubt. For which kind of government would have an actual government policy to discredit, marginalize, and segregate their own constituents. It seems self – defeating at best, and at worst highly seditious to the peace and quiet in any given country, but probably especially in France; un véritable provocation.

What is Macron, if not an agent – provocateur for the Jacobin liberals and the political regency class, who, when asked in the assembly and the senate to vote on the maleficent package of segregation and apartheid by vaccination passport (without you cannot enter public transportation, shopping malls, theatres, museums, restaurants (even on the terrace) ad nauseam) made an actual exception to this dastardly rule for, you guessed it, themselves in that the assembly and the senate would be exempted. The political classes saving themselves from the rules that they want us, the plebs, to adhere to. Oh, except children under 12 said the Senate. Oh and except for patients going to hospitals said the assembly. And Oh Oh, and this is naughty, also making a strong exception to the rule for the forces of order and the police in the country.

Where have we heard this silly story before and what does it lead to normally this kind of behavior? One does verily not need a degree in history to see what is coming next and indeed it came on the very same day when they were already implementing the new laws across the nation even BEFORE the voting in the assembly and the senate had been finished.

The cynicism of it all would make one barf if it were not so deadly serious an event, and going through the comment is free section in Le Figaro indeed several smart citizens casually proposed that uhm, uh maybe this kind of behavior by the political class could, uhm perhaps, lead to well, uhm civil war! Oh no, but once it was posed and said on the forum very rapidly such comments would disappear and be removed never to be heard of and seen again because you know, uhm, Le Figaro is an honorable newspaper. But in any regard, the events of the day proved not only in script that taboos were being broken and new political avenues explored, but the events on the streets of Paris and beyond followed apace.

Because hundreds of thousands marched and rioted in the streets of many cities, the police estimates going from twenty cities and a 160,000 people running the real numbers of probably 400,000 people in more than 200 locations, as opposed to only 150,000 last week. So Le Figaro, surprise for the mainstream, made a meal of it, and just like Le Monde did not shy away from controversy, so that for once the media was doing its job if only partially, by announcing that this new movement of demonstrating citizens could be considered like Gilets Jaunes on steroids because this group is now joined by hardcore anti – vaccination groups, by unions (who lose members because of mandatory vaccination), and by an amalgam of forces from both the left and the right, the anarchists actually rallying with libertarians in tandem against the liberal bourgeois Jacobin class, the bank, tech- and medical establishment in tow.


So much for ONE day of riots and demonstrations and events in La France, the country formerly known as an honorable liberal democracy, now turned medical apartheid regime. With real segregation policies to boot. But shamefully still in name of the fifth republic which Charles de Gaulle started, which brings us to the final observation that a sixth republic cannot be far off now. 

Here are some images of the day:

Twitter (Clément Lanot): ALERTE – Les forces de l’ordre obligées de fuirent face à des centaines de manifestants qui descendent les #ChampsElysees. Situation extrêmement tendue.

The Unz Review: How the Covid Scam Is Perpetrated

David Lifschultz


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