Reforms to Protect the Restored Republic: How the American Republic can be Restored to its Former Glory


Source: State of the Nation

Posted on July 25, 2021

This is how the American Republic can be restored to its former glory.

Reforms to Protect the Restored Republic

by Juan O’Eight


This book is not intended to thoroughly document the ills being suffered by America and the World to convince skeptics. Those ills have been described in alternative news, and at the time this is written, it is anticipated that there will be progress toward Disclosure. Those who believe that America’s ills need to be cured by reparations, redistribution, intense censorship, the favoring of one race or color, rule by an elite class, the discontinuation of ownership, and the elimination of the enumerated rights in the US Constitution need to look elsewhere. Those who are still unaware of the intense amount of corruption, propaganda, misinformation, destruction of rights, infiltration of schools and universities, human trafficking, destructive cult-religion, bribery, blackmail, treason, economic manipulation, promotion of hatred of America, weaponized weather, and efforts to reduce world populations, need to do their own research and practice discernment in revealing likely truth. In this quest, persons need to avoid trusting “experts” more than their own eyes and common sense, and unfortunately need to dedicate a great deal of time to gathering reports and distilling likely Truth.

This book certainly is not designed to be “expert” in any sense other than applying logic to discerned truth and presenting this logic to the reader. And the purpose of this book is not to present a mature prescription for curing America’s ills. Instead, it is being offered as a potential starting point for discussion among the populace. That discussion does not seem at this writing to have begun to any serious degree in alternative news. Instead it is by scant rumor that such discussions have occurred behind closed doors, and without any degree of consensus. Bringing this discussion out into the open is an important step that needs to occur. The author cares little as to whether the specific reforms outlined in this work are adopted, but does care a great deal about whether the objectives those reforms are aligned toward are achieved. And it is no wonder that behind those closed doors there is a lack of agreement. As this book will assert and contend, the measures necessary to reform the system are radical, there is no support for them among the populace, because they are antithetical to currently ingrained culture. Therefore, behind their closed doors, those arguing for prescriptive measures strong enough to be effective are opposed by others who understand that without public support those measures would appear tyrannical, and would either be thwarted, or the degree of force necessary to implement them would be in itself anti-thematic.  This disagreement represents a classic dilemma so long as thinking goes on inside a defined box of acceptable and unacceptable solutions. Such disagreement also demonstrates a lack of awareness of how public opinion and support can be rallied and molded when faced with a challenge, the classic example being the citizenry of Britain during World War II. When it is clearly understood that moral courage, privation, and dedication are necessary to survival, very ordinary citizens become extraordinary sources of will and perseverance.


One of the themes of this book is that there are root causes of the ills suffered by America, and that if these are not well understood and addressed, there is no amount of truth, arrests, prosecutions, presentment of confessions, or anything else that will prevent a return of the same ills, perpetrated by a new generation of bad actors, because the ills are caused by systemic flaws. Further, the methods by which these ills are addressed need to be strong enough that the problems never return. A return of the same types of problems by bad actors would most likely be accompanied by an understanding of how and why this attack on America failed, and a determination to avoid those mistakes. As it appears the destruction of the bad actors of the current generation was at many points in doubt, the return of the same problems, with the final proof against these being a dedicated military sworn to defend the Constitution, which in this case was itself corrupted to a degree found insufficient, relying upon this same safety margin is in the opinion of the author a poor plan. A better plan is to institute reforms that will achieve the intent of the Constitution by means of checks and balances in the civilian governmental system. Of course, it is not a certainty that this can be achieved. The author certainly makes no claim to having the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and yet the system they set up was captured and turned against The People. the author simply feels that this a quest worth taking up, to try to restore the Republic, to make one’s best effort in trying to make the dream of French philosophers of establishing a government that protects natural and inalienable rights, a dream that arguably was the thing that countless American patriots died for, a dream that is hallowed by their sacrifice, a dream that in fact provided the glow and aura of the New World, to try to make this dream live.

Another important idea of this book is, this attack on Society exists in many arenas, among them, government, economy, money, education, and media. To deal with the threat one must understand every one of these, despite misinformation. In every case, one is running counter to the existing culture in pursuing truth, because the institutions of society are (or, more hopefully, were, until recently) captured. There are relatively few individuals with the capability and patience and time and resources to investigate so many corners of Society and to feel confident enough in their observations that they may Act.

Popularity may be over-rated, but it is natural for a person to enjoy acceptance, and when not accepted to feel a degree of pain. When one examines and questions popular ideas, humans take issue because they view it as criticism of themselves, and, with those persons they feel they should have close relationships with, they view radical differences of perception as a barrier to relationships. Thus the members of Society who have engaged in distilling Truth, often referred to as “Digital Warriors”, have suffered isolation and rejection, but  enduring a degree of pain is necessary to any great human endeavor. It is said that the Great Awakening is a proliferation of a daunting amount of concealed Truth that, when disclosed, will change the perceived norms of Society and transform it. But for now, Digital Warriors are Radicals. In the future, as in the First American Revolution (and all Digital Warriors hope that future is imminent), Digital Warriors will be transformed from being known as  Radicals to being known as Patriots.

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