The Coronavirus Vaccines as a Population Control Mechanism


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 19, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Dr. David Martin gives a lecture one in the next link that the coronavirus phenomenon is a manufactured illusion and in the following link lecture states that the genetic vaccination movement has as its sole purpose population control.  Dr. David Martin works for the major Wall Street firms and major insurance companies reviewing patents as to their effectiveness and value. His job is to find fraud if it exists. 

Lecture one:

A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9/7/21

Lecture two:


The above lectures will be explained later but it is important to first place them in a context of modern medicine and its heresies. 

The Rudolf Steiner opinion is that the disease comes solely from within the person is partly but not completely true. The most important resistance to disease is a strong immune system. When that is broken down disease can enter the picture. For example, the perversion called sodomy created AIDS as it was not an AIDS germ as theorized but never isolated or proven as in the case of coronavirus according to medical sources, but by the sodomist destroying his immune system by his unnatural acts. A Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and a physician at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital named Albert W. Grokoest related to me at lunch at the Harvard Club that medical workups at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital showed massive hyper-degeneracy in the AIDS patients as these sodomists took narcotic drugs to enable them to have had 40 connections in one night, night after night, and he maintained that it was this repetitive hyper-degeneracy that created AIDS by damaging their immune system and not a germ or virus.  Roy Cohen was one of these creeps. In our last confrontation it appeared to me that his face was as corrupt as “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. This was particularly true about his nose which is logical to those who understand physiognomy. There is a good book on this subject by Johann Caspar Lavater and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe entitled: “Physiognomy”.  When Lavater met the Austrian Emperor he covered his face as the Austrian said he was afraid that he would see his sins. Goethe maintained that if an artist did not understand this principle he was not an artist.

This agrees with the physician Galen that 99% of premature deaths are caused by hyper-degeneracy which is defined by Saint Augustine in his “On The Good of Marriage” to be that which is in excess what is required for procreation or once a month until pregnancy and then holy continence during pregnancy for nine months and nursing for two years as the Levites practiced as evidenced by the three year gaps between the sons of Moses and the space between Moses and his brother Aaron’s and his sister Miriam’s ages.  This was the model of the beautiful Queen of Palmyra Zenobia of Palmyra admired by Catherine the Great.  This is why the holy Levite tribe was the smallest in number among the twelve tribes of Israel that left Egypt but they were the most holy. Saint Augustine’s views are supported by Plato in his “Laws” in Chapter 8: 839 which concept he studied under the Prophet Jeremiah in Egypt as St. Augustine explains in his “City of God”. In footnote three we explain that the fantastic beauty of Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was due to this practice where this blonde beauty of 65 attracted Pharoah, King of Egypt, and at 89 she attracted a King. Here is the source of the preservation of beauty that was recognized by Bridget Bardot in footnote three.

If there were an external germ or what the ancients called an evil spirit that attacks you, then seeking an antidote that kills the germ or evil spirit has some logic to it. In other words, the evil spirit theory is masked by science by calling it a germ or virus. I have pointed out that cancer is caused by influences that are external such as a nuclear power plant near homes where children’s baby teeth show large amounts of strontium 90 that cause cancer. The cause is external and it is not a germ or evil spirit. Yet, it is treated as a kind of germ in that it must be destroyed by chemotherapy and or radiation, both of which are cancer causing manifestations which makes these methods highly illogical as a treatment, or by operations just as the ancients in Egypt treated cancer operations thousands of years ago destroying the cancer or evil spirit. This is the continuation of a barbaric misconception in violation of the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.  Evil spirits or germs are not the cause of cancer.  Dr. Gerson’s method of cure was to revert to a natural diet only of organic food and a coffee enema treatment for the liver to detoxify it so it could function by cleaning the blood of the inorganic impurities aggregated together in the cancer. In a sense the cancer might be regarded as a defense mechanism against immediate death. It worked by dissolving the cancer and expelling it from the body via the liver except as in the case of Steve Jobs where the liver was too damaged. Steve had for this reason a liver transplant which suffered rejection problems that led to his death.

Dr. Max Gerson said that Dr. Albert Schweitzer came to French Equatorial Africa in 1913 to open a hospital and never saw one cancer patient come in for 17 years. The European processed foods entered Africa in 1930 and the cancer rate rose to European levels. He and Dr. Gerson attributed this to inorganic ingredients in the food chain starting with Justus von Liebig’s artificial fertilizer replacing the human excrement that was flowing down the European rivers that putrified them. The entire food chain was chemicalized. This is another cause of cancer.

One of Liebig’s most recognized accomplishments is the development of nitrogen-based fertilizer. In the first two editions of his book (1840, 1842), Liebig reported that the atmosphere contained insufficient nitrogen, and argued that nitrogen-based fertilizer was needed to grow the healthiest possible crops. Liebig believed that nitrogen could be supplied in the form of ammonia, and that chemical fertilizers can be substituted for natural ones (animal dung, etc.). This was incorrect.

The four thousand year time tested fertilizer methods in China were as follows: the human manure was carted in wagons out of the cities to the surrounding countryside where it was used for fertilizer. It worked wonderfully and similarly worked in Europe until the populations started to shift into the cities. But the Europeans did not cart out their human waste and the land became depleted of its nutrients. These nutrients were replaced with von Liebig’s inorganic chemicals and the cancer rate soared. At first there appeared to be a rejuvenation of the soil but eventually the chemical wore the land out. Life expectancy dropped based on poor sanitation and using coal as a fuel which unfortunately can be seen in Beijing today whose air is very unhealthy. I understand China is moving as fast as possible to substitute natural gas and oil for the cities and experimenting in converting coal to a cleaner synthetic oil.

As we turn back to 19h century London the putrified Thames river full of human waste passed the Parliament in the 19th century.  If the wind blew towards the Parliament building from the Thames the stench was unbearable. And here was the mightiest world power of the day when Britannia ruled the waves. It was here that George Bernard Shaw said this stench or putrid waste was causing small pox, diphtheria, typhus, cholera and not germs and it was the hygiene movement that wiped it out these diseases whose disappearance had nothing to do with vaccinations.  The battle against vaccinations seen today all over the world is not new, and here is a study on the same situation in England in the 19h century where vaccinations were to be forced as Macron is demanding against growing opposition. 

Here is a discussion of the massive opposition to Jenner’s small pox vaccine in England


LIVE: Activists rally in Paris against health passports, mandatory vaccination

What happened to the mandatory vaccination program in England was that it was delivered a death blow in 1871 as those vaccinated became ill with small pox on a massive level as described in this letter by George Bernard Shaw. I expect this to happen with this present genetic vaccination program as soon as enough people tragically die from the vaccination. Massive vaccine deaths are now being covered up and attributed to other causes as almost all diseases have on the death certificates coronavirus despite the fact that patient died of other causes (see footnote one and multiply by 100 as reporting of deaths is gravely under underreported.)


Within my long lifetime, its ruthless enforcement (vaccinations) throughout Europe ended in two of the worst epidemics of smallpox in record, our former more dreaded typhus and cholera epidemics having meanwhile been ended by sanitation. After that failure, the credit of vaccination was saved for a while by the introduction of isolation (today’s lockdown), which at once produced improved figures. At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaccinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary more people are now killed by vaccination than by smallpox. Quote from George Bernard Shaw.

The danger now is the same. More people look to die from the vaccination than from what is called coronavirus as none of the genetic vaccines now being used has ever been tested as required over five years according to all previous FDA requirements and that all previous genetic vaccines proved too lethal or harmful after five year tests. That explains why so many people are dying or ill from the vaccine though the statistics are covered up. See footnote one which is very understated as typical reporting is less than 1/100 to 1/10 of the numbers but leaning more to the 1/100. We predicted sometime back that the so-called vaccination made people ill that they would call it a new variant of the virus even though it was not as part of the cover up. And so it happened as can be seen in footnote four.

What is the coronavirus then? We present the first interview by Dr. David Martin above who works for the major Wall Street firms and major insurance companies reviewing patents as to their effectiveness and value. His job is to find fraud if it exists. First of all, he says that all the information on the so-called coronavirus was available about twenty years ago and the patents were issued then. This is not new. He says that it is presented as new by the pharmaceutical companies to make money and proves it. That this is a sham and a manufactured illusion.  He relates that the influenza virus has not disappeared but is still here. Dr. Martin further states that if you look at evidence in the genetic sequence, and you cut in one spot, you can have your coronavirus and in another spot the influenza. Other doctors have said that the coronavirus has not even been isolated which seems implied by what Dr. Martin is saying for how can one genetic sequence which may not be entire indicate two forms of the virus at one time. Dr. Martin goes on to relate that the genetic material and patents to treat it were available 20 years ago and there is nothing new here. Nor do these genetic vaccinations work.  Reiner Fuellmich will be launching major lawsuits soon for which Dr. Martin will give expert testimony. The pharmaceutical companies will be charged with fraud that will wipe out their immunity from prosecution and make their leadership subject to the death penalty for murder. This will include Anthony Fauci.  Dr. Martin says he can prove fraud through a major witness inside the pharmaceutical company.

In the second lecture above by Dr. Martin says that the propaganda surrounding this coronavirus is pure falsehood. The coronavirus and the influenza are basically the same disease, and really nothing has changed except making the population wear masks which is guaranteed to increase the number of influenza cases as rebreathing your own exhalations damages your immune system. Social distancing creates no scientific benefits and being forced to isolate yourself in your house in a lockdown also is quite unhealthy encouraging the increase of influenza. It is important to note in footnote two that 200 million vaccinations a year in the US have had no effect on reducing influenza and even Bill Gates admits these vaccinations are worthless in footnote two.  There are worthy doctors that even dispute that neither the coronavirus or influenza has been successfully isolated and believe that they are a form of pneumonia called a virus in order to sell vaccines. No one is saying that there is no illness but the only issue is determining cause and effect.

The problem that is being addressed is that people are living too long and that the insurance companies and the various governments’ retirement programs as Social Security in the US will go bankrupt if people continue to live as long as they are living according to Dr. Martin. In addition, we have Epstein’s friend Bill Gates concerned about the climate deteriorating over excess population that he says is 50% too high on one side, and the fossil fuels that are being consumed that are destroying the living conditions on the earth on the other side creating a world emergency. The only way to handle this is to pursue the present vaccination policy to dramatically reduce the world population over the next five to ten years. Therefore, it is urgent to force all the population of the world to take the vaccinations as this will materially increase the death rate, and there is some question whether it will have a detrimental effect on procreation. This is essentially what Dr. Martin is saying.

Advanced mathematicians have calculated by the fact that the ancients lived over 900 years as related in the book of Genesis, and they procreated into old age, that the population at the time of Noah was 17 billion people which is far above the number today of about 8 billion people. This proves the earth is not overcrowded. It is noted that of these 17 billion souls only eight souls were regarded as holy enough to be saved in the ark the others being guilty of various forms of onanism. The only ones saved by God were Noah and his sons with their wives. It is important to note that modern, mechanized agricultural methods do not increase the production of wheat for example per acre but what it does do is release from the land over 97% of the population to do other forms of work using 1980 US statistics. In 1790 about 90% of Americans were farmers.

In 1870, about half of all Americans had jobs in agriculture, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that farmworkers comprise less than 1% of salary workers in the U.S. Nevertheless, production is still huge.

In other words, productivity per worker monumentally increased based on mechanized farming. This permitted the growth of gigantic industries by releasing workers. for those industries such as that of the automobile, airline and cell phone. The shift from horses used in plowing to mechanization created a great deal of the contamination in the air that Bill Gates wishes to eliminate. What I am saying is that there were tradeoffs in the environment that were made in order to achieve this mechanization fueled by fossil fuel and the enemy is not too much population but the manner that we have chosen to live. Half the population does not have to be eliminated to achieve a healthy environment as we always have the choice to return to the way we were. Of course, if we could live by solar power our environment would improve in a modern sense. No one is discouraging that.

Our deep state sources say that Lancet publishing an article attacking the use of hydroxychloroquine as dangerous that was proved to be false and wrong was part of this effort to increase the death rate as this medication works in 100% of the cases if caught in the early stages of the so-called coronavirus. Therefore, the vaccination was not necessary. Hydroxychloroquine has been used successfully for over sixty years to treat malaria where there were no problems so how could it be dangerous. How could such a study be tolerated that would increase the death rate unless ordered to do so say my deep state sources. No doctor was allowed to use it in the US based on the Lancet article causing hundreds of thousands of patients to die for no reason. Why take a dangerous vaccine when there is a guaranteed cure? In addition, the lockdowns, isolation, masks, etc. were geared to further damage the health of the population. At the same time, the genetic vaccines as footnote one demonstrates may lead to the death of hundreds of millions of people if not billions as most deaths may not appear until the 3rd to 5th year. By that time it will be too late as everyone vaccinated will be fated to die in large percentages.

There is another theory that is circulating that the so-called coronavirus plague is similar in cause to the Spanish flu in that its rapid transmission before airplanes can only be explained by the universal move to use electricity at that time and today the 5G rollout may be connected to the coronavirus rise through the radiation that the 5G cell phones emit as we saw in the case of cancer caused by nuclear power plants situated near homes.  The Spanish flu was proven to be not contagious as by a germ. Again, here no germs or virus would be involved in the coronavirus if it was caused by radiation. A detailed and worthy study of this subject is “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg. The massive amount of investment in cell phones makes the charge that they are dangerous potentially very costly to our society and inhibits government action.  See footnote two for a detailed study of this. Of course, if this hypothesis is correct, then the vaccination is unnecessary aside from being dangerous.

David Lifschultz


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