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July 18, 2021

Your Sunday Digest for July 18, 2021: Chaos Unfolding So Buckle Up Tight [videos]

A number of alerts have come in early this afternoon my time so it appears the tension is amping up. The power “elite” see the writing on the wall and as more and more election results become public, their panic mode is amplifying considerably. They are definitely in fight mode from their corner and there’s no telling what they might unleash. A few examples follow below.

Thank you to everyone who holds a place for those who are not awake and cannot fight back. You are more powerful than you perhaps know.

In case you’re wondering, the status of the ‘Go Fund Me’ for the victims of the Lytton, BC fire:

$51,425 CAD raised of $25,000,000 goal

People are very generous and for that we are thankful. Fifteen minutes and the town was toast. Most unnatural, and when one considers the Moderna vaxxx was first sent to this community of largely Indigenous people, it’s a far worse tragedy unfolding there.


Some still question the validity of Romana, but she is not the one administering the fund. There are multiple people doing that, apparently. Is she phony? I don’t think so, but we each have to discern for ourselves. She wouldn’t be the first and understandably many of the patriots have trust issues but from the amount donated thus far, she seems to be trusted by a lot of patriots. We’ve been fooled many times so let’s hope she’s the real deal. There are definitely some interesting characters in this “movie”.

This movie has it all. Drama, comedy, mystery, murder, satire, sex… but it’s a real creep show with the most dastardly villains we’ve ever seen. It’s even stranger than The Rocky Horror Picture Show with masks and costumes, gays, transvestites, transexuals—you name it, running the government and planted in major organizations.

Kamala Sends Out a Cryptic Tweet Today That Gets Conspiracies Flowing…

You just can’t make this up, folks. And to think it will all go down in Earth’s history in living colour. Disgusting—and embarrassing.

They think the entire planet is their playground. And they’re in attack mode. I just came upon this footage. WTF is this in Germany? Is this realLink to Telegram video.

Wuppertal, Germany What on earth is that?!

And at 2 pm Pacific I see this: Link to Telegram.

JUST IN – Mackinac Bridge, the largest bridge in Michigan, has been closed due to a bomb threat, according to the state police.

Mackinac Bridge Closed After Reported Bomb Threat


However, I would say that since we understand the White Hats need to shut down travel to nab the cabal and prevent their escape, we might expect closed borders, cancelled flights, etc. so it may or may not be as presented.

And then this popped up. Good grief. Video at the link. Link to Telegram.

Breaking: Initial reports of a shooting outside the Third Base Gate at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. Announcers are urging fans to leave the stadium.

The shooter is outside… and they tell people to go… outside…?

The protests are growing.

Up in the North Forty the Canucks are incensed and they’re fighting back in a more organized fashion. Unfortunately, Canadians are way behind many other countries and too often just going along with the tyranny.

We are Presently leaving Reviews On
The Museum Of Human Rights In Winnipeg for Segregation of Vaxxed non Vaxxed

The city want to re-open the museum July 27 but with separate areas for vaxxxed and the control group and that is not acceptable. They want to make EVERY aspect of our lives about the fake pandemic. You’ve got to stop it and never let up. Stomp out this scamdemic. It will only get harder.

As for the vaxx status, Dr. Malone finds the trends disturbing.

Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines, shared a viral Twitter thread on Friday which lays out a disturbing trend; the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing  a surge in COVID-19 cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not.

“This Is Worrying Me Quite A Bit”: mRNA Vaccine Inventor Shares Viral Thread Showing COVID Surge In Most-Vaxxed Countries

They told us up front: “All the world’s a stage”.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts

And they definitely engage in changing names and roles—and sex—and appointing players to key positions while we näive Humans believe we actually influence what unfolds. How utterly trusting we were.

Some people never realize what they’re seeing isn’t real. Here’s another one of those live captures of the fake news putting on a show to deceive the public and these POS think it’s A-OK. Fortunately, someone foils their plan. Video on Telegram.


Mr. Dez in Thunder Bay, Ontario has an update after he garnered a lot of support following his video about the blueprint he was given to help save the world. If that intrigued you and you feel drawn to join that movement, he has an 18 min. video here, and on Friday he did one hour. Another post says…

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re having a great day. I just wanted to check in here to let you all know that yesterday was an incredible day for us.

I was contacted by many people who have both, been supporting me from day one, and others who have recently come on board offering their assistance and resources to make this movement something very special.

I’m in the process of creating content for this channel that will continually engage all of you, and so that you can all begin to understand and appreciate the blueprint I’ve been shown, the experiences I’ve gone through, and what my ultimate purpose in all of this is.

He is of the mind that we can’t sit and wait for the White Hats to do everything. Whatever can be done to end the suffering—particularly of the children—NOW is of critical importance. Link to Telegram.

This story will be the last thing I post and then the choice will be yours, for us to unite and say to our President and to General Flynn that WE THE PEOPLE choose to stand up and fight right now, or we wait for something else to happen.

Yes, the President is a brilliant mind and I’m very confident that he and his team are in complete control. But we have a say in all of this as well. Our lives are at stake just as much as any one of theirs is.

But we need to step up and fight, because there are children experiencing a horrifying amount of pain and suffering at the hands of these evil people and it needs to stop. This has always been about the children.

Yes, the audits are extremely important, but not more important than the children. We fight for them now and we will take our world back.

If you resonate and want to learn more, keep tabs on Mr. Dez. (Andrew) Here is his Rumble channel link. He says “we” are the Trump card. A video he put on YouTube was marked “Private” so they’re onto him.

How else can we fight back? Listen to this if you’re on Fakebook, digital warriors.
For those of you with Facebook who often get flagged for posting “false” anything based off of literally nothing.. START COLLECTING THE INFORMATION OF THOSE WHO FLAG YOU!!!
Take this example. My post was flagged by this worm. Look what else was flagged as false by this abomination.. the lab leak theory? YEAH! Okay!
Once these soulless scumbags are exposed, there can be consequences. Yes, Facebook pays these twits.. but they’re the ones doing it. These INSECTS are YOUR KEEPERS. THIS IS THE ‘FORCE’ BEHIND YOUR TYRANNY.
Link to Telegram

Nano Soma update: Dr. Presser reports the US fulfillment centre (which also ships to Canada) has been replenished and all the backorders will be filled by July 22. Australia should have their stock by July 26 and the European store should be opening on or around July 26 as well. All good news.

A healthy immune system may be one thing that saves us and Nano Soma continues to yield astonishing testimonials. Here is a mind-blowing one, and the second recently I’ve seen about major pain relief. I expected the healing done to be internal and cellular-based but this is fantastic news for people who hurt and used it topically. Thank you to those who send in their testimonials. It’s clear you’re very excited and we’re thrilled for you. Done en masse this can raise the frequency of the planet.

Dear Dr. Presser,

I’m on day 11 of the NANO SOMA and feel so blessed to have found it. I didn’t think I had an experience yet of it until yesterday. I have had difficulty in walking for many years because of my back issues with 3 herniated discs, sciatic flareups, etc. I avoid having to go to certain stores as I’m worn out and in so much pain by the time manage to get back to the car. Yesterday I decided to get some errands done anyway. I got the store and latched on to a cart for extra support and away I went. I managed to get all around the store and was surprised by the time I got to the cashier, I noticed how strong and actually pain-free I actually felt! Pain Free….I never feel PAIN FREE! Granted, I’m stiff as I don’t get a movement except around the house. I was all smiles!!!! I teared up in the car at the revelation that it w as the NANO SOMA ALREADY! I’m so grateful!!!!! I didn’t expect to feel this so quickly!

I have another revelation to tell as well. I have had chronic headaches and migraines a few times a week. It has been diagnosed as caused by the occipital nerve on the back of the left side of my head that is always inflamed. Normally, around 8pm I dose myself with about 750-1000 mg. of Aspirin to keep me from waking up in the middle of the night with a horrible headache. Last night at that time I was preparing to take the aspirin and I felt the nerve which is usually so tender and sensitive…. was shocked that it wasn’t that way. I thought I’d take the chance of not taking the aspirin and just going to bed without and see how the night went. I didn’t get a headache at all… even in the morning! This is a miracle for me and I haven’t gotten a headache today either! That nerve was calm when I woke up and all day today! THE NANO SOMA is at work on my nerves in my back and my head!!! ; THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!

I watch all your interviews a couple of times because I get little nuggets that I missed the first time I listened. I have four friends who have recently ordered. I’m trying to memorize the scientific jargon to express it clearly to others.



And this is just the beginning!! Btw, I’m 79 years old and will be getting younger!

P.S. I don’t think it has a taste at all!

Joyce Farinas
Palm Desert, Ca. 13 July 2021

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I have to go but there are some good David Icke videos here on Bitchute if you’d like to have a look.

We encourage everyone to stay calm and positive, and encircle Humanity in white light and protection; however you want to envision it in your prayers. Make it up as you go. It all helps.

Signing off for now. Stay safe everyone.  ~ BP


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