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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 17, 2021

Dear Readers,

there is something we should think about…

This a short list of the years of elections in Europe, Germany, and parts of Germany and floods in Germany and Europe

EuropeGermanyRegion in GermanyFloods
27. Sep 981998Bavaria, Sachsen Anhalt Lower Saxony1997Brandenburg
22. Sep 0221. Sep 03Bavaria2002elbe river
2004200522. Sep 02Mecklenburg
17. Sep 06Mecklenburg, Sachsen Anhalt, Berlin2006elbe river
04. Sep 11Mecklenburg2010germany poland czech republic
22. Sep 1315. Sep 13Bavaria2013Europe
24. Sep 1715.10.2017lower saxony2017lower saxony
2022North Rhine-Westphalia2021North Rhine-Westphalia germany
July 1997 – After heavy rain, flooding of the Oder River causes billions of euros worth of damage in Brandenburg, the Czech Republic and Poland. In one of the largest civilian disaster relief operations, 45,000 aid workers, including 30,000 Bundeswehr soldiers, work to secure the softened dikes with millions of sandbags until early August. Here, soldiers work to reinforce the protective dike near Frankfurt an der Oder with sandbags.
August 2002 – After extreme rainfall, an Elbe flood wave rolls from the Czech Republic to northern Germany. In Dresden, floodwaters reach record levels. In Saxony alone, at least 20 people die. In Bavaria, Regensburg and Passau are particularly affected by a flood wave from the Danube. There is talk of a flood of the century.
March/April 2006 – A disaster alert is issued in parts of Saxony due to renewed flooding of the Elbe. The highest alert level is also issued in other eastern German states. In northern Germany, Elbe floods reach new highs in several places. Just four years later, the values of the so-called flood of the century of 2002 are exceeded.
August 2010 – Extreme rainfall causes heavy flooding in the border triangle of Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. At the Witka reservoir in Poland, a dam bursts (photo), additional masses of water enter the Neisse River. At least ten people drown. Once again, Saxony is particularly affected by the damage.
June 2013 – Flooding throughout Central Europe: 25 people fall victim to the floods in Germany and neighboring countries. The total damage is around twelve billion euros. In this country, regions in the north and east are particularly affected. In the south, there is destruction following high water levels and dam breaches, particularly in the Deggendorf area (Bavaria).
May/June 2016 – Floods in Lower Bavaria kill seven people. Simbach am Inn is the worst hit. After heavy rain, a meter-high flood wave rushes through the town. Shortly before, a destructive storm depression hit regions of Baden-Württemberg. Debris and mudslides devastate the town of Braunsbach.
July 2017 – After days of continuous rain, a disaster alert is declared in parts of Lower Saxony. Deep “Alfred” hits the Harz Mountains in particular. Brown floods flow through the streets of Goslar, other cities are also partly under water. According to the German Weather Service, as much rain fell on a few days as would otherwise have fallen in the whole month of July. Only one year after the unprecedented devastation in Simbach and Braunsbach, another flood disaster.
July 2021 – For days, a depression sits tight over Germany, showering the west of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate in particular with enormous masses of rain that turn even small rivers into raging torrents. In Erftstadt-Blessem, landslides swept several houses down to the ground. In the Eifel, the town of Schuld is almost completely devastated by the floods. More than 100 people lost their lives. It is probably the most serious natural disaster in Germany since the war.

Surprisingly we can now make the following list…

Flood Brandenburg Elbe River                                                      19971998 Federal elections and in Bavaria, Sachsen Anhalt and Lower Saxony
Flood Elbe Mecklenburg and  North East Germany                  20022002 Federal elections and in Mecklenburg, Elections in Poland
Flood Elbe Mecklenburg North Germany                                   20062006 Elections in Mecklenburg (Northern Germany) Elections in Poland
Flood Mecklenburg Brandenburg  Czech Republic Poland      20102011 Elections in Mecklenburg, Presidential and normal elections in Poland
Flood Europe                                                                                    20132013 Federal elections and in Bavaria and Lower Saxony and Hessia
Flood Lower Saxony                                                                        20172017 Federal elections and state elections in Lower Saxony
Flood North Rhine Westphalia                                                      20212021 Federal elections and 2022 elections in North Rhine-Westphalia

I checked all dates. Each elections was AFTER the flood in that year, not BEFORE.



Having HAARP and CHEMTRAILS in mind…, what shall I now think of this scenario???

we should discuss and analyse the possibility that those floods were partly or completely artificial to manipulate the people of these countries

in direction of “we need a strong hand, something known and stable, we need STABILITY”

which they of course got.


in the wrong system..



who ever might be able to add some weather analysis with cloud maps or something from that corner is welcome to add comments on this.


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