The Red Coats are Coming, the Redcoats are… err, the Brown Shirts are…


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 14, 2021

The Red Coats Are Coming, The Redcoats Are…err, The Brown Shirts are…. 

…Coming….don’t shout until you see the whites in their eyes. Biden is sending onto our roads an army of (humph) do-gooders (humps?) who will save America from total collapse due to the eventually fatal-istic Wuhan virus. Still waiting! Regrettably, when they do show up, we will only look at the whites of our own eyes in the mirrored sunglasses which are favored by authoritarian types. The sunglasses are another form of a mask, this one pronounces that the eye contact needed to assure that they are listening to our issues, will not be granted. In other words, this is a one-sided conversation! These double masked intruders feel that they are in charge and will only demand that we submit to their death cult and take a vaccination injection. 

Deceitfully, they openly imagine that God is the ultimate White Supremacist. Therefore, He and we MUST be stopped! By any means necessary! In other words when enough citizens dispute receiving a death jab. Expect AOC – a shrill siren for the democratic party – to howl about the threat to despotic freedoms and how we now need a “martial state.” Huh? Subsequently, I must calm my dog down, who for whatever reason starts howling uncontrollably whenever AOC blares one of her absurd disorientations on CNN. After That, I always wonder, do these socialist-dems understand that our Constitution demands that the PEOPLE’s personal rights are guaranteed, not the governments? 

These Nazis are reminiscent of posse riders. As a Consequence, some of these self-styled humanitarians are not filled with a good-will to their fellow man. Thus, using a rock n’ roll example, I compare today’s vaccine plight to The Doors song stanza from the song, “Riders on the Storm” about a wicked hitchhiker. “Theres a killer on the road, his brain is squirming like a toad….if you give this man a ride, (your) sweet family will die, killer on the road, yeah!” This song warns us about inviting hitch hikers into our car, in that other propagandized peace-n’-love riotous era from the 1960s. How did these free trip offers to strangers turn out? The answer lies in this question – when is the last time you noticed a person hitching a ride? 

Never thought I would see this day. They, the globalists, are not even trying to hide their barbaric plans anymore. Their time truly must be short. How do I know that they are out of time? Because this community-to-community, road-to-road, and door-to-door harassment is futile. Laughingly, they lack a listing of the people who have – or have not – received the shot. 

Therefore, when they knock at my door, and solicit whether I already submitted for a v-shot. I will not only falsely declare that I was jabbed in the back, last week *. In my best working-class PSYOP self, I will start interrogating THEM! “Why do I feel so sick, should I feel this dizzy after the jab? Is this normal? The MSM and social-dems said that it was safe. Why would they tell someone to get the shot if it were harmful, and am I going to die soon?” I will pound away, like jim acosta at a POTUS DJT’s press conference. Until they can take no more and start asking ME questions. Then it will be gotta-go-time, for “I just need to lie down – can you come back tomorrow?” You know that they will promise to revisit, but liars just cannot keep their word!  


*I will have to go to confession after this – well worth it! 

Of course, this plan only works if you ask them to keep their social distance. For in my mind’s eye, the only way they can tell if I have received a shot is by placing a magnet on me. Which brings me to another idea, which I think the more active Patriots should be doing. 

Compellingly, we should ask every politician who alleges to have secured the vaccination. To authenticate this fact through the Citizen’s Magnet Test Program *, to see if they are lying. Let the taxpayers see what’s-what. We can label those politicians who demand others to vaccinate as honest, if the magnet attaches to them. On the other hand, a politician with a saline-vaccination, exposed as non-magnetic, should be tried for treason and murder charges! 

*BS Programs can be invented by us Citizens too; don’t need an EO for that!  

Searchingly, we need a leader, a pied piper if you will, to set an interference policy for every American who fears the incoming tyranny! During World War II, “the Germans ordered Jews in occupied Denmark to identify themselves by wearing armbands with yellow stars during World War II. King Christian X of Denmark and non-Jewish Danes thwarted the order by donning the armbands themselves. The legend of Denmark’s King Christian X and his wearing of the yellow star is our most stirring afterthought example of non-violent opposition to evil.”  

Henceforth, “ordinary citizens (following the example of a courageous leader) defy their military overlords by selflessly putting themselves in harm’s way to prevent the persecution of a defenseless minority. If only more people exhibited such moral fortitude nowadays, we reason, the world would be a much better place. Perhaps if more people had exhibited such moral courage back then, we think, the Holocaust might never have happened” The King of Denmark Wore a Yellow Star |” 

Perhaps, our man Trump will instruct us followers on the best unified plan for beating this vax-extinction plan. We do not want to be the door-to-door vaccine afterthought 50 years from now. We need a warning of the evil that is descending on us citizens. Like The Doors’ (unintentional repetition) forewarning of a possible deadly outcome in picking up hitch-hikers – 50 years ago. After our warning, a unified plan like King Christian’s would be timely and could forestall these medical impostors! 


God bless ! 

Up the Patriots !! 

PS: NOTE TO CORTEZ and accomplices – Castro flees to Venezuela because of massive anti-socialist-government protests. Not everyone will be non-violent opposition to evil. Please read about the patriots in South Africa who are defending their properties and freedoms from lawlessness. Word to the wise! 

PSS: From 

“Popular Web Site Says ‘Unvaccinated Right Wingers’ A ‘Threat To National Security’ Must Face ‘Consequences’ Until They Submit” by SpaceCommando,

By News Kick – July 12, 2021

“Popular left-wing blog ‘Palmer Report’ on Sunday said ‘unvaccinated right wingers’ (white people!) are a ‘threat to national security’ who should be ‘locked out of public places’.

The comments from the blog, published to Twitter Monday, came on the heels of commentary from the former head of abortion mill Planned Parenthood and current CNN medical contributor Dr. Leana Wen. Last week, Wen argued on network airwaves that life needs to be made difficult for those individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 and suggested that they be barred from events and forced into twice-weekly testing for the virus.

‘It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated’ Wen urged. ‘Right now, it’s kind of the opposite’.

Unvaccinated Americans are still allowed freedom, she complained. ‘But at some point these mandates, by workplaces, by schools, I think it will be important to say, ‘Hey, you can opt out, but if you want to opt out, you have to sign these forms, you have to get twice-weekly testing,’” (Huh?) “the CNN contributor said. ‘Basically, we need to make getting vaccinated the easy choice.”’


“Government document instructs vaccine “strike force” teams how to clear buildings, violate trespass laws and flag anti-vaxxers for forced quarantines
Sunday, July 11, 2021 by: Mike Adams 

A government document that has recently surfaced offers horrifying details on how door-to-door “strike force” vaccine enforcement teams plan to operate. Labeled, “Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project,” a now-public document published by the government of Lake County, Illinois, instructs “ambassadors” to: 

Violate “no soliciting” restrictions and illegally trespass onto private property. 

Impersonate Health Dept. officials (wearing mirrored sunglasses?) and attempt to intimidate building managers into consenting to allowing entry for the strike force teams. 

Lie to the public and falsely claim covid vaccines are safe by withholding information about serious vaccine side effects, including hospitalizations and deaths. 

Clear buildings in military fashion, going floor by floor, WING by WING.” I did not narrow my persecution field narrow enough, did I? Road to road is not thorough enough for these guys. I bet they keep impeccable records like good little Nazis! Anyway, they will be, “knocking on doors and intimidating residents of apartment buildings and residential units. 

Recording the locations (address, room number) of anti-vaxxers in order to feed this information into a government database for further action — most likely forced quarantine removal (medical kidnapping).” Mike Adams: Government document instructs vaccine “strike force” teams how to clear buildings, violate trespass laws and flag anti-vaxxers for forced quarantines ( 

PSSSS: Sorry for the PS’s but the information is fluid and just keeps getting better! 

Recently, jen psaki said that the door-to-door harassment teams are not government workers. Relieved was supposed to be my reaction, once psaki reassuringly inferred that this grass-roots army would consist mainly of members of the clergy. 

Somehow, I question their religious sincerity. After all, some key words from the above paragraph do not sound very Christian to me. I never read, “thou shalt impersonate, lie, violate, and clear buildings” in God’s 10 Commandments! Therefore, would genuine Preachers go door to door? I doubt it. There must be a smarter method for incorporating people of the cloth in this noble charade, oops, I meant noble crusade.This information was gathered at the Frequently Asked Questions – United National Ministry – Get Ordained Online ( website. 


“How do I become an Ordained Minister? 

First, you need to register with us by completing our Ordination Form where you will provide us with some personal information and accept the Oath of Ordination. Second, you will select your desired ordination package and the complete checkout process. Yes, its that simple! 

Is the Ordination by United National Ministry Legal & Valid in my State? 

Yes, our Minister Ordination is legal and valid in all 50 US States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico (AOC – you’re in luck) and US Territories by virtue of the US Constitution’s Separation of Church and State Clause, which grants us the authority to license ministers. 

What do I do after I receive my Ordination Package from United National Ministry? 

See Licensing Map above. If your state is colored GREEN then there are no further Registration Requirements in your State. If your State is colored ORANGE then you must register your Ordination Documents with your county courthouse before performing weddings. However, there are no registration requirements for other religious duties. 

Licensing Laws – United National Ministry – Get Ordained Online ( 

How Long Does it Take to Become Ordained? 

It takes about 2-3 minutes (wow, that’s a detailed form) to complete our online ordination application. Then it takes about 3-5 business days to receive your credentials by mail. For faster delivery you can select Priority Shipping for your Ordination Package. 

Are you a Real Christian Organization? 


Yes, United National Ministry is a Christian non-denominational Marriage Ministry based in Dallas, TX. We are registered in the State of Delaware as a Nonprofit Organization pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and our Charter and State laws authorize us to ordain ministers for Christ in all 50 States and Washington DC. 

What are the Requirements to Become Ordained? 

United National Ministry does NOT require any formal education or training to become an ordained minister. We believe that ordination comes from divine inspiration from God and therefore we only require that you agree to our Statement of Faith and uphold our Christian Statement of Faith.” In fact, it takes longer to be trained in joining BLM and ANTIFA!  

It is a pretty good guess: “the BLM and ANTIFA atheists have now found God!”  

*God blessed us ! 

*God will “up the Patriots” !! 

*God will not be happy with religious imposters !!! 

(2) George Floyd Mural Destroyed After Being Struck By Lightning – YouTube 




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