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Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 10, 2021

Opening photo taken at 2:13 pm July 9, 2021

I witnessed this from 2 to 5 pm.

Below is a photo from April 10, 2021 – the first time I saw this phenomenon.

I did not see it again until July 5 and it was weak, as on April 10.

On July 7 it appeared again, still weak, but slightly more visible.

I have lived for seven years in North Bay ON Canada, this time, and the weather is acting up here.


This June we had more rain than the previous six Junes – two weeks ago in the middle of the night I saw a fast-moving shallow river of rain running down the road – torrents. The storm water washed an inch of mud onto the downstairs outside entrance. I am rebuilding the drainage system at that corner of the house.

So far this July the furnace has come on twice in the night. In July! It did that three times last year, but none of the previous five years.

Maybe we should heed Kryon’s prediction of the Earth slipping early into an ice age.

The Prophet’s Song

Oh-oh, people of the earth

“Listen to the warning,” the seer he said

Beware the storm that gathers here


Listen to the wise man

I dreamed I saw on a moonlit stair

Spreading his hand on the multitude there

A man who cried for a love gone stale

And ice-cold hearts of charity bare

I watched as fear took the old man’s gaze

Hopes of the young in troubled graves

“I see no day,” I heard him say

So grey is the face of every mortal

Ah-ah, people of the earth


“Listen to the warning,” the prophet he said

For soon the cold of night will fall

Summoned by your own hand

Ah-ah, children of the land

Quicken to the new life, take my hand

Fly and find the new green bough

Return like the white dove

He told of death as a bone white haze

Taking the lost and the unloved babe

Late too late, all the wretches run


These kings of beasts now counting their days

From Mother’s love is the son estranged

Married his own, his precious gain

The earth will shake, in two will break

And death all round will be your dowry

Ah-ah, people of the earth

“Listen to the warning,” the seer he said

For those who hear and mark my words

Listen to the good plan



And two by two, my human zoo

They’ll be running for to come

Running for to come out of the rain

Oh, flee for your life

Who heed me not let all your treasure make you

Oh, fear for your life

Deceive you not, the fires of hell will take you

Should death await you

Ah-ah, people can you hear me?

People can you hear me?


People can you hear me?

And now I know, and now I know

And now I know, I know, I know that you can hear me

Listen to the wise, listen to the wise, listen to the wise

Listen to the wise, listen to the wise man

La-la La-la-la-la (la-la)

Come here (la, la)

I, you (Come here)

Come here (I, you)

I, you (Come here)


Come here (I, you)

I, you (Come here)

Ahh, aahh, ahh, aaahh

Listen to the man, listen to the man

Listen to the man, listen to the mad man

God give you grace to purge this place

And peace all around may be your fortune

Oh-oh, children of the land

Love is still the answer, take my hand

The vision fades, a voice I hear


“Listen to the madman”

Ooh, but still I fear and still I dare not

Laugh at the madman

Songwriter: Brian May, from Queen’s 1975 album A Night at the Opera

God Bless the Queen


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