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July 9, 2021

July 9, 2021: Fiesta Friday Developments [videos]

Actually, it’s Fiesta Friday, celebrated by three heroes; Vlad, Trump, and yes… Catturd.

The GETTR link below is to share a post; this one from Dan Scavino, who published it 17 hours ago. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reproduce the post, just links to his message and eye-catching images. I haven’t joined, just checked in to see if it’s still live.

They know they aren’t the majority. They know they lost the election. They also know justice is coming… The truth will always come out!

Is Doug Ducey turning into a full-blown Republican???

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory

He’d better get his poop in a group before July 24th. The Boss is coming.


Trump set to return to Phoenix on July 24 for rally as review of Arizona ballots continues

Need another distraction? Now we hear that GETTR is funded by the CCP and Jason Miller was hired by the Clintons. Link to Telegram video.

The Clintons seem to dominate the headlines suddenly between Haiti, GETTR, and now Seth Rich.

Isn’t it interesting that I mentioned Seth Rich in a recent post? CodeMonkeyZ has posted emails on Telegram that suggest the Clintons hired a hit man to get rid of Seth Rich. From what we heard, it wasn’t that simple, however.

We heard that witnesses on the scene stated Seth barely knew he’d been shot and was coherent and taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The bad news came later after Donna Brazile had reportedly visited him there; and he suddenly died at the hospital. That was the story.

The media made it out to be a “botched robbery”—with all his valuables left on his person? In reality, it appears it was a botched execution. MS13, some said. That was the story, but soon we will learn… “Who killed Seth Rich?”

Timing is everything.


FBI Seth Rich Documents: Emails Suggest Assassination Discussions

As far as general updates go, Ann Vandersteel and Charlie Ward had a great discussion where I learned things I didn’t know I wanted to know. Very positive, too. I’m not interested in any more fear porn. I don’t believe we need to worry. Some folks have had a rough go, though. This is said to be a forced vaccination in Argentina. Link to Telegram.

It does sound like we are at an axis point now; having come through a long, dark tunnel of lies, coverups, disinformation, and existing in different worlds from one another in some respects. Are we close enough now to the “brink of death” event the White Hats needed to scare the snoozers?

When the time comes that we all know the truth, we will come together in one place; a convergence. Once we are all on the same page, we can go forward together. WWG1WGA. 45 min.

Worldwide Events with Ann Vandersteel and Charlie Ward

We’re advised to “Keep your eye on the ball.” Link to Telegram video with Mike Lindell. 25 seconds of pure gold.

Mike Lindell says that every state was a victim to cyber attacks, and in some states Trump “won them double.”

I’ve had a feeling that when they toss numbers like 75 million or 80 million votes being the margin Trump won in the red tsunami, it’s probably going to be much higher. Whatever the actual number, we can be sure the demonrats will be seeing red.

New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020 Results

While there has been a tremendous amount of fear around the Kung Flu shots and what they might do, there is an aspect that isn’t spoken of so much and it might be a reality. I think we are all aware this was the dark’s plan all along. Watch this short video, less than 2 minutes. Wait for it.

Pet control


I would be some pissed if that were me. It IS the mark of the beast. It may as well be a UPC code stamped on the forehead. It’s just sneakier. We’re considered less than livestock so whether it’s an ear tag or a chip, they’ll know all about us.

We already have to walk through scanners, gates, and turnstiles for ingress and egress in a lot of places, so… by modifying the infrastructure they can know where we are all the time when we’re in cities and towns. Readers can be installed (or existing ones activated) in cars, trains, buses… taking surveillance to the next level. Camping, anyone? Are you on a no-fly list? You’re not going anywhere.

I’ll bet the NWO satellites could read these implants as well. There would be nowhere to hide. Not even the wilderness.

When one takes into consideration their long planned Agenda 21/2030 to herd us into tiny areas, living on top of each other and prevent us from travelling while they live in large swaths of beautiful land and nature, free to move about as they wish. And let’s be clear; after they eliminate the majority of Humanity there would be far fewer cattle to control and they would be the docile ones; content to be managed like sheep.

What would be ideal is if the White Hats could now track all the vaxxxed reps walking the Earth and shut them down. Perhaps it will be they who will be dropping like flies in the near future.

Covert technology brings to mind some mysterious devices spotted popping up in 2017 in New York City that no one would explain. All we knew was that it was estimated they cost in excess of $100M of tax payer money and we had no say in it. I wonder if anyone has been able to determine their purpose. Why the secrecy? It’s no doubt a matter of “national security” so they don’t have to reveal anything.

Mystery Surrounds Metal Towers Popping Up In Tunnels & Bridges

If the devices are indeed from Homeland Security (DHS), I’d be worried because it’s not OUR security they’re typically concerned with; it’s theirs. What is so important they have to spend that kind of money? Some may speculate they are designed to work in concert with implanted technology to control us.

Or, perhaps they are to monitor transport of unknown materials into and around the city so dangerous cargo could be detected early and cordoned off for inspection. We don’t want any more thermite finding its way into buildings.

If the “mystery towers” could detect nefarious holograms, bombs, or missiles it’s too bad they didn’t have them in 2001. And that reminds me of an update I saw recently stating that N.I.S.T. is still blocking the truth about 9/11 as the Truth Warriors try to bring clarity to that event—particularly the fate of Building 7 of the WTC complex. It imploded within it’s own footprint and that would never and has never happened from a fire, they told us.


The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been relentless and never give up. AE911Truth is suing N.I.S.T. so we can get to the bottom of the terrorist event that changed America—and the world—forever. If you would like to help fund the lawsuit, read on. Here is a letter.

Timing is important for this August legal action as the deadline has already past on July 5 so don’t delay if you’re interested.

Earlier this week, NIST issued a blatantly unresponsive and unlawful final decision in response to the Request for Correction we submitted last year demonstrating that NIST’s final report on Building 7 violated its own information quality standards — and thus needed to be overhauled to reflect that fire did not cause Building 7’s destruction.

Please donate before Monday, July 5 so that AE911Truth can file this lawsuit by the end of August. Your gift will help put intense pressure on NIST through the 20th anniversary of 9/11 — when we are likely to see a major increase in exposure — and, if we prevail, finally force NIST to retract its fraudulent Building 7 report.

Michael Jaco addressed the collapse of the Surfside condominium recently and compared it to the attacks on the World Trade Center and I find his perspective valuable since he was a Navy SEAL and demolitions expert. He is always credible, and his remote viewing/influencing abilities provide added insights. Despite the fact that he can’t tell us everything he knows, it’s always worthwhile to check in with him. The most pertinent part of the discussion is in the early portion of the video. 1 hr. 23 min.

What do 9/11 and the collapsed Florida condos have in common? Is there fear and panic for the DS?

David Icke speaks of the “Line in the Sand” in the war in this monologue that is well worth listening to, as it entails a number of aspects of our struggle with the New World Order. Not everyone is convinced that the “Patriots are now in control” because it seems so out of control and dangerous for Humanity at this time and our future uncertain. Revolutions are never “easy” and it takes courage to go forward not knowing how the new world will look or our place in it—but we’re doing it. 35 min.


Up in the north forty there is significant fallout from the mass graves of the roughly one thousand indigenous children dug up in the past month or so. Hopefully there is enough righteous anger to expose the global sickos and eradicate them.

Queen Romana continues to address the Qs. This applies to Canada, but will probably be similar in the United States and other countries. We don’t know. Are they already beginning in Haiti?

Link to Telegram.

Q & A – Worldwide #EBS.

Q: Queen Romana, what is 10 days black out during EBS?

A: 10 days black-out refers to #mainstream_media / #Social_Media / #Internet #Blackout.

During EBS, you will only have one channel available to you on TV/Cable/Satellite/Radio/cellphone, etc.- that’s the #EBS_Channel_Broadcast.

Q: What about the Electricity black-out?

A: That’s a #separate event from EBS. And, it will only be off for a #short period of time, 24 to 48 hours maximum.

But, just incase the engineers/technicians need more than 48 hours to do their work – make sure you can do without electricity for up to 10 days.


Link to Telegram.

Q & A – #Military & #EBS

Q: Queen Romana, during the EBS/Electricity black-out will the Military be deployed to protect the public?

A: Yes. I will deploy the Military and Law enforcement officers.


Link to Telegram

Your Queen Romana, will be first World Leader to do #EBS Broadcast on National/International Television 

I, your Queen Romana, am at the moment finalizing details for that Broadcast.

I promise you, it will blow peoples minds especially those whom have been looking at you like you’re a nut bar.

I think I will sign off on that deliciously high note as I need to make myself presentable for dinner tonight with friends.

Some have wondered how Mica’s home-style haircut went. Not bad, considering it was my first time. No one laughed at him but me.

Have a festive Friday, my friends, and anticipate the best for the coming days. Big love to all.  ~ BP


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