(Reader: ScarlettRed) Are we Living the World’s Greatest Social Engineering Punk?


Reader Post | By ScarlettRed

Are we living the world’s greatest Social Engineering punk?

Irregular warfare indeed…  in the context of information security social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.

“Trust the Plan” I’ve heard that so many times I am seriously beginning to wonder, is that today’s plan or yesterday’s plan or last year’s plan. I’m utterly confused because there have been so many Plans and clearly a new plan is created daily.

Why just last summer Gen. Milley was the world hero for running Ops to allegedly “save our children” however, now he is a treasonous yellow-bellied liar that reportedly turned against the White Hats in the final hour and is likely a cannibalistic pedo himself. Seriously… anyone who believed that a General in the US Military, especially the Joint Chiefs of Staff is not a political retard yes man has definitely not been paying attention in this life.

This would be hysterically laughable if innocent people were not being affected more and more daily by being jailed for free speech, targeted by the government for believing in “The Plan” and singled out as a threat to this country for believing and wanting a better life, the life that GOD himself promised and my Ancestors sought to achieve when they kicked this country off in 1776.

Military Generals are renowned to be nothing more than a “YES MEN” these career Generals have never made a hard decision on their own in their life. They follow and carry out orders, they don’t create orders. Anyone who has a family member or is a Veteran themselves will tell you the same. I LOVE Veterans, but anyone above the Sgt level is a political retard, they had to become that to be successful in the US Military, it’s a fact.

I personally worked with a former Joint Chief of Staff in a civilian job and the man was so helpless he couldn’t even work the fancy coffee machine in the kitchen…likely because he had been waited on hand and foot for most of his adult life. I witnessed daily the absolute lack of management skills he needed at the lowest level of management in corporate America to be successful. It was completely beyond his grasp because he had followed someone else’s orders and had never been anything more than a YES MAN!


Clearly this is NOT GOD’s plan, as that Plan is perfect. This PLAN is laden with half-wit idiots who are still trusting these Generals, and BANKERS of all people to do the right thing. Read that again, the Paymasters are all BANKERS…how does that even make sense, and who actually thought that was a good Plan?

If you look at it logically many of the minions of “The Plan” or “PAY-TRIOT’s who are alleged TRUTHERS as they are now called on the various channels whine and complain that they have to talk in code and “can’t say the truth” for fear of getting banned from YouTube and/or Twitter and how absolutely terrible the censorship is….Nope it’s because they will lose their monetization. Seems like being a PAY-TRIOT is paying better than real work these days and they have a vested interest in dragging this out for as long as they can! Read that sentence again, those who are allegedly the “Truth Speakers” because they can’t get paid ARE COMPLYING with Communism.

We have to call these PAY-TRIOT’s what they are and its definitely Capitalism with a Communist twist or maybe “CAPITALMUNISM” Seriously, am I the only one who sees this? Why not try Rumble, several of the actual Patriots who are Truth seekers and are NOT in it for money and free swag seem to be able to manage just fine without getting banned or canceled while others claim it to be some sort of war medal that they were banned from YouTube and Twitter…seriously is that really the biggest news of the day, it’s laughable and oxymoronic when PAY-TRIOTS do that and we are laughing at you all the while crying at the same time while our country is being sold down the river.

Ask yourself what is wrong with that picture, maybe because they are PAID “CAPITALMUNISM’s” to do this Social Engineering exercise to continue to create doubt and “Social Engineer” you just like they did in their former Military careers in other countries with social media to “influence” outcomes of elections, people’s thoughts and sway hearts and minds?  It’s the clear definition of SOCIAL ENGINEERING people, wake up and smell the country burning to the ground while everyone focuses on making money and spreading half-truths while getting PAID and accepting their medal of honor for being censored by Communism.

Ask yourself, how the US Military knew that Dominion rigged the election…well likely because they were expert users of Dominion and have been doing it for years in other countries. Funny how those same people are now allegedly running the country and in charge of “The Plan” it stinks, every part of it stinks yet we as humans want to believe that someone left here in this world is actually a good human and in our haze of believing in “The Plan” children are STILL being kidnapped, women are STILL being trafficked, the Southern border is pouring over with criminals, drugs and coyotes smuggling humans while We the People continue to get poorer, more censored and are in the worst position citizens of the US have ever been in since 1776.

Ask yourself these things:

How is it “WE HAVE EVERYTHING” except of course, where HAARP lives …Nick Fleming 7/2/21 “so-called hurricane Elsa a weak cabal half-wit creating, will not be allowed to interfere with FL exchanges. …”Texas’ historic winter storm may have killed up to 702 people more than four times the final death toll shared by Lone Star state officials…”


We can read a license plate from space but can’t get clear surveillance video of the suspect in a crime a little girl in TN just vanishes off the face of the earth. We can’t get clear surveillance video of where the half-wit Cabal is with their HAARP, but what we can do is allow the halfwit yes men at the FBI to implement “Their Plan” to capture as many Trump supporters and throw them in jail for crimes they didn’t’ commit all the while using the Patriot act to steal our rights, freedom and human dignity. Oh you bet they can hunt and track those people down while they cover up how they’ve been weaponized against We the People for years up to and including their tactics to put people in jail for saying what they believe, which use to be a basic tenent of American society, but no more my friends definitely no more.

Happy 4th of July everyone says… my response is not negative, it’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD.. I’ll pass on celebrating 4th of July again until we actually do live in the free society my ancestors sought to create and I can be certain that I won’t be jailed in this “CAPITALMUNISM society for pointing out the cold hard truth and being brave enough to say it out loud and write about it.


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