(Reader: Roxy) Transference After Vaccine


Reader Post | By Roxy

According to Pfizer’s protocol, they warn of transference from skin contact with the vaccinated as well as inhalation and other types of passive transference.

That’s a clip from Americas Frontline Doctors. Here’s the article;

Most of us have heard about the magnet challenge… Despite what CDC & CNN reported, they said it’s not true. Guess what? They are not being truthful and I can prove it. 

Both my daughter and I did NOT want the COVID-19 Vaccine. It appears that we are BOTH victims of transference! We have been very careful with protecting ourselves. Evidently, not careful enough. BOTH of us are magnetic, especially the forehead and chest area. I SWEAR TO GOD, I’M BEING HONEST!!! 

When I first realized the magnetism, I called the nurse hot line. I was asked to come to the Oakwood in Eau Claire Wisconsin immediately, so I did. The nurse came in and asked what’s going on, I asked if she heard of the magnet challenge? She said, “That’s not true.” I had my paper clip and showed her, she handed me one of her paper clips and said; “Try this one.” That one stuck too. She then left the room. A short time later the Dr. Emerson came in, she saw it then gave my area a good scrub with an alcohol pad, we let it dry, and the paper clip still stuck. She actually yelled at me; “What do you want me to do about it?” I said; I don’t know, maybe a blood test. She yelled again, “I don’t know what to check for!” I knew she was upset, so I apologized for wasting her time and left.

The crazy part is…I can actually feel it moving thru my body! I get this tingling zap and that area is magnetic! My daughter can not feel anything moving thru her body, her entire body is tingling! She says that she doesn’t feel normal. Both she and I have had a foggy brain. My head feels like it’s full of bugs! A battery operated Stanley Stud Finder goes off on 90% of my body, including my head, it shows different levels but it goes crazy around my head…Grrrrrrrrr

Here is a short video of a brave Doctor explaining her hypothesis on the magnetism.


We are now learning these mRNA/nano-bots/spike proteins are targeting the organs and brain! Looks like we’re going to have MANY people losing their minds, mad cow disease for everyone!?! I believe, because it is self replicating, his vaccine has the potential of wiping out mankind.

I’m beyond furious, by distributing this “Self-Replicating Vaccine” they are ignoring EVERY part of the Nerumberg Code!!! 

My heart is totally broken for my daughter. She’s an amazing 37 year old woman. She’s a hard worker, paid her own way thru dental and medical school, she is working on her bachelor degree now, and maintains her job as a registered nurse. She is a very productive, selfless, kind, compassionate, well rounded,  respectful and respected woman that usually wears a smile. She’s not a drinker, drug user or smoker. Always takes good care of herself and her mother too! The world is a far better place with her in it 🙂 

There has got to be an antidote for this crap. I’m praying for my daughter as well as the other people who chose not to be vaccinated and are now vaccinated by simply breathing! It’s so unfair!!! 

I never thought I would ever be writing a letter like this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’m praying for a miracle!

Wishing You & Yours Health & Happiness,  God Bless Us All,
Thank You, Roxy



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