(Q) The Storm Rider, Romana Didulo, Icons International Community Telegram Updates: June 26, 2021


(Q) The Storm Rider 
Telegram 6/26/21


MILITARY Attacks on UK. German. NATO.. U.S. forces…  //it’s coming to this moment…. > TO TRIGGER


Mark these words … It will begin//

The most important Summer thus far of 21st CENTURY is upon us


_ END GAME in sight

>Weeks not years<


Telegram 6/26/21

The public truly has no idea…but they will. 

Facebook failed to protect against teen sex trafficking, court rules, paving the way for tech companies to be held liable when they’re used for criminal activity

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that Facebook can be held liable for sex traffickers that use its platform to recruit and prey on child victims.

As the Houston Chronicle reported, the ruling followed three local lawsuits involving teenage victims who had met their traffickers through Facebook’s messaging tools. The plaintiffs said Facebook was negligent and did not attempt to key sex trafficking off its technology.



ROMANA Didulo 
Telegram 6/26/21

How many millions of Global Allied Special Forces/US Special Forces/Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces do you think, Queen Romana, requested to come and liberate Canada and Canadians?  

They include the Special Forces working in cleaning up Tunnels and DUMBs  + up the Sky + at  the Sea + plain clothes

Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

I don’t play Politics.

HRH Romana Didulo,  @romanadidulo
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government of Canada, 
Queen of Canada

#WWG1WGA 🇨🇦 🇺🇸  


Telegram 6/26/21

Have You Ever seen the Movie “Battleship”
from the Year (2012)? 

Check This Out!!! 
Mirror Date = 2021 

Plot (Very Short Form) 
1. A Multinational Military/Naval Exercise 
that is taking Place on Hawaii

2. Aliens Attack 

3. A Battle Between Humans and Aliens… 
with (Battleships) under an Invisible – 
[Dome] that the Aliens have created, 
to Control the Situation in Their Advantage

Do You Need More? 
I Don’t think so – WE ARE AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Everything is Connected 
Everything has Meaning 

Qonnect These Dots to the Current Situation.. 
Put Everything Together and You’ll Have 
Everything You Need to Understand the Main
Keys of the Moment and to See the 
Whole Picture!!!!!!! 

The Great Awakening 
The Greatest Plan to Save the World 
We Are Watching a Movie

Telegram 6/26/21

0xFF0000 0xFFFFFF 0x0000FF

2×6 + 6×6 + 2×6
|| || ||
|| || ||
Hyperdimensional consciousness geometry for Red White Blue.
Why are symbols important?
How does 369 play into symbols?
2×6 = Avian Complex
6×6 = Full Brain Complex
2×6 = Reptilian Complex
6(6×9) = 3(6×9)3
3 = IS
6×9 = BE x IS-BE = IS-BE-BE 
BE-1 = Who everyone else sees
BE-2 = Who you see in the mirror
Government = Avian = Eagle
Medical = Reptilian = Snake
Red = Eagle
White = Color of LIGHT = IS-BE 
Blue = Snake 
Take me in oh tender woman.
6xBE Complex = Brain Anatomy & History
Who has been studying the human brain for tens of thousands of years?
Is your brain an organic computer that self assembled based on encoded instructions explicitly written out in coded DNA?
Programming language.
Universal language.
Language of life.
Expression of life.
What happens when the secret is discovered and kept from the public, but instead weaponized against the people?
Now you need F-15s and Nukes to take down the Government?
Because the 2020 Election was stolen.
And they were caught red handed.
Truth and Justice will prevail.
The battle between the Eagle and the Snake is the movie you are watching.
The Snake has poisoned many with the bioweapon made by the Chinese Military.
Take me in oh tender woman.
You bit me! And now I’m going to die.
You should have known. 

Trump reads The Snake Story at rally.


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