German Reinsurance Treaty with Russia Coming


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 25, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The Reinsurance Treaty was a diplomatic agreement between the German Empire and the Russian Empire that was in effect from 1887 to 1890. Only a handful of top officials in Berlin and St. Petersburg knew of its existence since it was top secret. The treaty played a critical role in German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck‘s extremely complex and ingenious network of alliances and agreements, which aimed to keep the peace in Europe and to maintain Germany’s economic, diplomatic and political dominance.

The issue Prince von Bismarck worried about was a war on two fronts. France then was quite powerful and so was Russia, and Germany could not afford a war on two fronts that the Kaiser’s foolish estrangement from Russia by cancelling the Reinsurance Treaty created. This was the purpose of the Reinsurance Treaty to ally with Russia and it worked while it was in effect. The treaty was allowed to lapse by Kaiser Wilhelm when he succeeded to the throne and Russia immediately made a treaty with France so that it did not stand alone against Germany. Germany was now surrounded. 

In those days Germany had large coal reserves for their industry and there were not millions of cars on the road requiring gasoline. But Germany was not self-sufficient in food that either had to come by sea controlled by the British Empire, or from Russia in the east. When Britain, France and Russia went to war against Germany in World War One, Britain starved them to death by their naval blockade aside from the fact that Germany had to face enemies who in the aggregate could field a far larger group of armed forces. The Schlieffen plan was to first knock out France while holding back Russia with limited forces, and then knock out Russia which plan was sold to France around 1906 by a traitor for sixty thousand francs. The problem for the French is that they hardly used this key intelligence. If France was knocked out Britain would have to withdraw its forces from France as they did in World War Two at Dunkirk and nearly had to in World War One. Instead, Germany knocked out Russia using Lenin, and transferred its troops to the west to face Britain and France just as the United States was landing two million troops to offset the victory of Germany over Russia.

In World War Two Germany faced the same situation but there was an added dimension of oil for their Panzer Armies and and Air Force which came via sea controlled by Great Britain and Romania for the most part.  As Germany conquered most of Europe driving the British out, the British cut off oil to their conquered territories requiring Germany to supply oil from their meagre supplies that were largely drawn from Romania. Hitler’s Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty had been set up by Germany to obtain Russia’s natural resources, and was signed by Hitler and Stalin as both saw the British goal was to create a war again between Russia and Germany to protect its empire in India from a land army of Russia. And in fact, Hitler encouraged Stalin to invade India. Stalin did not as he concerned about a potential two front war which might have later included Germany on one side.


In fact, Hitler offered the Crown Jewel of India to Russia as related by Molotov in “Molotov Remembers” on page 15 if Russia left Europe to Germany.  


“What’s happening? An England, some miserable island, owns half the world and they want to grab it all – this cannot be tolerated! It is unjust!


“It surely was intolerable and unjust and I sympathize with you.”


“Russia has to have a warm-water port. Iran, India, that’s your future”



“Why that is an interesting idea, how do you see it?

While Hitler then expanded on his desire to see England liquidated (which the US carried out after World War Two), and Russia should thrust its way into Iran and India, Molotov comments how naive Stalin thought Hitler to be that Russia should have trapped itself in the south leaving its west open to German aggression against Russia. Russia then would be confronted with war on two fronts as Germany eventually found itself. Stalin understood that Germany needed oil and that the British were blockading his oil. And Stalin understood that Germany could well invade Russia for the oil as it did.

This was the British goal in World War One which was to use its ally Russia to destroy Germany while in the meantime desiring Russia to destroy itself in the process. Stalin and Hitler clearly saw this. Once Germany had conquered western Europe, it had to decide whether to knock out the British Empire first by taking over control of the Middle East oil and then taking on Russia, or invading Russia first before taking on Britain. Hitler wanted Russia’s natural resources and their large oil reserves in the Caucuses and Baku though he could have worked the oil part out with Stalin as now. Goering wanted to knock out Britain by taking Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea first, and then the Middle Eastern oil but Hitler wanted to knock out Russia. 

The US now is trying to reinvent history by saying that Hitler invaded Russia in self-defense as Stalin was planning an invasion of Germany to make out Russia as an evil nation as they say they are now. A Russian traitor named Suvorov has written extensively about it but we have the verbal testimony of Hitler himself in the next link that when he was about to invade France he planned to attack Russia afterwards. Now, if Stalin had wanted to invade Germany he would have done it when most of he German Army was invading France leaving their eastern front stripped of troops. But he did not showing this to be a lie. Stalin kept his word to Hitler and Hitler did not keep his word. Stalin commented on this when he heard about the scoundrel’s death.

Hitler and Mannerheim Secret Recordings

The US controls Germany and China and the world today by controlling the sea and thus their access to oil and natural resources having supplanted the British Empire that went bankrupt in World War Two that they should have avoided.  The US plan is to use front organizations as the United Nations, IMF, Bank for International Settlements, World Bank, etc. for the purpose of exploiting third world labor pools while at the same time eliminating those higher paid jobs in the US as it serves its financial interests and not its own people. So all the factory jobs by and large in the US were farmed out. But this only works if the US controls the seas. Hence the trillion dollar peace time military budget as the instrument of control. In a sense, the US is always at war.

The problem the US sees today is the Russia threat of jointly with Germany and China take control of the Eurasian land mass having sufficient natural resources to be self-sufficient. Even in oil Russia can supply most of the Eurasian land mass once it takes back its eastern provinces thereby controlling 25% of the world oil supply. Now, add to the alliance of Russia, China and Germany the Iranian nation, and you have the power to shut down the Straits of Hormuz blocking 22% of the world oil supply, or 52% of the supply if we count 5 million barrels a day production in China. It is by this alliance the US has lost control of the world but the world does not realize it yet. Germany has not joined yet but they will.

Germany was and is a vassal of the United States because of its control of the sea for the natural resources that Germany needed. This is why the US is horrified by Germany seeking the security of an alternative oil and natural gas supply from Russia so Germany does not have all its eggs in one basket and it was China approaching Russia in 2014 for natural resources that turned the US against China as this could make it independent of the US controlled sea. If the US cuts off its oil by sea, then Germany can obtain it from Russia. If Germany is not allied with Russia who can provide them with just about all the resources that Germany needs, then it is at the mercy of the United States who rules them by ruling the sea. 

The US concept of freedom of the seas is the absolute control of the seas for the US to rule as dictators China, Russia. Germany and all other nations most of whom require trade for resources that they do not have. Democracies or republics are just ruses as can be seen in the quote on the US at the end of this essay and the dictatorship is not of the proletariat but of the Trotskyite financiers that Bismarck identifies. Germany must have Nord Stream Two for its natural gas as insurance to complement its oil and natural gas requirements or it faces utter dependence on the Straits of Hormuz for their LNG from Qatar and oil from the Gulf States that can be cut off as well as most of its oil that travels through those Straits.  


The nations of the Eurasian land mass have seen through the US propaganda fog and an alliance between Germany, Russia, China and Iran is coming to rebalance the power of the world against the US. That is why the US is frantically scurrying around the world as it sees itself losing its grip.  If this were not enough for the erstwhile world hegemon, the Chinese, and Russians are building submarines like there is no tomorrow who based not on torpedoes but missiles will end the US control of the seas. It actually has already ended but the US does not know it yet. The erstwhile world hegemon that controls half the world through its 25% GDP of the world and its financial octopus that owns another 25% of the world, or half of everything, finds itself torn apart by its own internal contradictions visibly seen in is internal strife where diversity means chaos.  The US is in the process of self-destruction ironically as the Soviets were in the 1980s.   If Germany had listened to Bismarck, it would have avoided two World Wars that they lost and we think they will listen now. 

Here are some priceless quotes of Bismarck germane to our discussion.

The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.

Do not expect that once taking advantage of Russia’s weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russian has always come for their money. And when they come – do not rely on an agreement signed by you, you are supposed to justify. They are not worth the paper it is written. Therefore, with the Russian is to play fair, or do not play.

The following quote by Bismarck describes the internal dissolution of the US today that is being sponsored by the US Trotskyites.

The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed… Therefore they sent their emissaries into the field to exploit the question of slavery and to open an abyss between the two sections of the Union.

David Lifschultz


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