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Reader Post | By Meme Coll

Where are we, today, do we even know, or are we being told?

We think about two and a half years ago our crazy journey started, but did it?

Did it really start decades ago? In reality it started in the day that Lucifer fell from grace.  He made it a game of power, but God made it a choice. Lucifer will chase you to the death, but God has always let us know that He is always there for us to call upon. He does not chase us to the breaking point instead He waits for us with open and loving arms. As much as Lucifer puts fun, ease, fake peacefulness, gain, sex, and even power not only in our reach, but a sure thing…as long as you follow him.  Lucifer never reviles his end game. What is his end game, eternal pain and suffering known as the pits of hell, what is hell, only God, Lucifer, and the people there know? I have never look into hell other than what The Bible tells. I rather think on the brighter side of my long history of family that has passed down the words of God.  However, we are experiencing growing pain, death pains, separation pain, fear pains, unknown pains, and at a loss pain. Deception is in full force. The Bible tells us everything good will become bad and everything bad will become good in the eyes of the people. Isaiah 5:20

Who has failed us other than ourselves? Our churches, our government, some parents, school systems, big box stores, the adults and parents that are still sitting on their laurel’s.

God is not dead, but is He real?  You better believe He is!

Our American Leader (Biden) is making a fool out of our country and himselfAnd his puppet masters are in full control of him. This is America so, we ask, how could this happen here on the free land, the country all other countries look up to, look to, and wants to be, or they used to want to grow up to be like us. We have to turn the clocks way back even before anyone living today was even here. It started way back when a handful of power families known as the elite got together with a hunger to make everyone lesser than, maybe even to defeat God and thinking they could. After all many miracles happened before Jesus and after Jesus walked the earth. Jealousy kicked in and Satan raised his ugly head again to those elites and powerful families to use all of them to bring down God’s people, to own the earth and defeat God. Satan will never win, and I am not so sure he knows that he will not win, but Satan knows he can break God’s heart and ruin families all the while the elites he has doing his dirty work here on earth think they will rise and win over the world under the guide of Satan.

Satan got to work years/centuries ago when there were evil armies rising up and changing their names and religions so they could go forth and become more powerful and rule the world, only they did not change in their beliefs only in name. Fake Christians if you will. Looks like fakeness started many, many, moons ago. 


How many of us have questioned our very existence here on earth? At some point or another we all have. We have all felt that we are a pawn in some chess game played by the elites. Seems like we have become harder workhorses with less pay and more taxes. Remember when only one parent went to work, and the mothers stayed home to care for the family and home making sure dinners were cooked and, on the tables, children played outside all day with not a care in the world. Most of us did not have what all we wanted, but we did have what we needed. The days we sat down and ate together, praying over our meals before we ate, and we all know the bedtime prayer “now I lay me down to sleep” and we did feel that everything was going to be oaky. Then the days came that for most of us two parents needed to work just to make ends meet. Not that a lot of gadgets came out as they do today, but taxes, gas, food, clothes, and schooling cost kept going up. I remember 50 years ago when there were gas wars, I mean really gas wars? I recall thinking, why is everything going up in price and the only reason I questioned this to myself is because I seen the worry on my parents and other adults faces. No, we did not set at the table when adults talked because that was adult stuff and not child’s play, it was not for us to worry about. I recall thinking that our parents would get extra money to buy the things needed because working meant you were not only feeding and providing for your family but helping the business owners get the things needed out there. I never realized that they were charging more for their products but not sharing it with their employees. Remember the gas wars I spoke about I never understood why they would take money from families to move their products that they could not do if they had no employees. Looking back, I see now that the trap was set at least in my world. Here I am 50 years later realizing it was and still is all part of the elites now playing a very evil game.

Is it end game-time? Over a year ago covid-19 came upon us. A lot of people already including myself knew that it was not the virus to end all, it was the vaccine that was to come after. I remember walking outside and feeling the air was so heavy and I called a good friend of mine and told him that there was pure evil in the air. That evil remained there for a few days maybe a few weeks, so much has happened that the timeframe slips my mind. I dove into research as to what was going on in the world around me. As I would watch TV, I knew nothing was to be trusted coming over the wires. I started looking at everything in the background of speeches and knowing there was clues, but I did not know what the clues meant or how to put them together or how to find the answers.  Finally, I could feel the good vs evil in the air and I know God wins and yes I want to question that in a sense, but I don’t.

I started following other people that seem to be in the know at least I knew they knew more than I did, but it was a start. A lot of the things they said I had felt myself. I am not a well-educated person and thought I was lost in my journey of research, but I kept digging and watching. There was so much talk about Trump winning the election and we all knew that was the truth. I felt hope, but my hope started to fade out of frustration as so many peoples did. I was already in it to far and had brought other people into my world of hope therefore I knew I could not let them know I was losing faith and hope. I would reach out to Jesus even more to get me through and back on track. I had many social media battles and even lost a few friends over my personal opinion and cussed out more times in the last year than I had been my whole life combined.  As may other people, I could not understand why it was taking so long for Trump to be put back into office.

I understand about the children and wish there were something I myself could do to help. I followed the children rescues daily. I heard at one point that they had rescued all they could. That was heart breaking because that meant there are still children out there that need to be found. As the months have gone pass and I watch our world be torn apart breath by breath, I have to ask why are we still living through this?

In research daily I hear everything about the people that have been arrested and had trials or awaiting trials, the people that are supposed to be dead already after their judgement in Gitmo. We hear that the Cabal has fallen, there will be a new banking system and law and order will be restored…soon. However, every morning we get up to the same news from research telling us it is just a matter of days.

I realize everyday that the White-Hats are cleaning up the world we are losing so many to the dark side or even death. I ask myself if this is not trading one life for another and where is the justice in that?  Before we were in what was a game now, we are in the middle of a joke.

Who are the good guys anymore? Is the cabal so big and powerful that they are still playing us all? If they have taken down all the people, they say they have, why haven’t they got all of them by now? All the names they throw out are names from the top of power. We are told to enjoy the show, The world is running out of popcorn.


They have been killing us for an exceptionally long time, killing our minds and bodies for their own gain. These people are sick, extremely sick. Why has it taken so long for people to realize what abortions were all about, why did parents not pay attention to what was being taught in schools, why are parents still to scared to monitor their children’s activity on the internet or the others they hung out with. Why did they stop putting missing children’s pictures on milk cartons, all the why’s?

It was not enough for the cabal to censor our speech but now they want us to turn on each other to report whatever they do not agree with as domestic terrorist? It is reported that they already have four or five hundred people in jail over the January 6 breach which the cabal did. So, who or what is going to stop them from storming our homes and taking us away too?

I want to give up at times, but like I said, there are people that I drew into this sense of hope, and I have to hang on at least for them. I tell them to pray and that everything is going to be alright soon, but will I be able to hang on long enough to keep their hope and faith alive, I have to be because if I am not, I will never trust myself again and they will lose me into myself.  I know I am not the only one out here that feels this way.

I only started watching the TV when the G7 was going on and then it was only Newsmax News. We put the fool out there for the whole world to see. I thought to myself how many people are thankful they do not live in America in these days?  I realized that the whole world is still watching and looking to American for help.

I had watched a show on Netflix called The Handmaids Tale only I could not watch it all until my sister told me I needed to finish watching it. Then I watched one called Barrier and went on to watch a few more and it was as plain as day that we are being shown their plans. I cannot be the only person seeing this.

How much longer and where do we go from here?


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