Thomas Anderson’s Open Letter to President Trump and Co-Fighters


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 17, 2021

Dear Mr President,

Dear General Flynn,

Dear Charlie Ward,

Dear Stargate Newsletter Team,

Dear All those who are writing here on a daily basis,

I read today “Alliance in full control” (Stargate Newsletter)

I would like to call this wishful thinking.

From my perspective.

When I look in the sky I see chemtrails. Sometimes worse than ever.

Whoever is on control, controls the chemtrails.

I regard chemtrails as something negative, because it is kept secret, ingredients are poisons and the agenda behind it and the real purpose remains hidden.

As long as I see chemtrails in the sky, I see that somebody with a hidden agenda is control.

And I regard this as negative.

Of course I see, that the White House is mostly empty since January, of course I recognize that the FBI Building is closed, of course I see troops all over the US, in Europe and elsewhere,

and of course I recognize many different, but all negative background information about the so called vaxxines, and of course I see the mainstream pushing the vaxxine further.

Please be sure that the majority of the awakened people know: it about the money:

to deny this fact would be primitive.

its of course nice to hear that millions of children have been rescued, but so far the visible hard evidence for the masses of people has been kept secret.

and as long as it is kept secret, you can not count on it.

where does the money come from, what do the people or being with the money want to be done with the money by whom.

that is the big question.

which is kept hidden from us.


let me ask you


we are tired of backroom meetings and decision behind thick walls done by people or beings we don’t know.

the so called MJ12 are called Majestic 12.

which is wrong.

its Majority12.


because they have told aliens that they speak for the majority of people(and could therefore make contracts and sign them for humanity).

Aliens, you have been lied to.

these people, Mr. Kissinger on the top, DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE MAJORITY of humans,

they speak for the absolute majority of MONEY ONLY!

and how did they get this money? by stealing and robbing it and using secret technologies and secret methods to gain more and more and more.

who the f… gave these people any allowance to act and say so?

Try to see the situation with the eyes of someone who has come to the conclusion, whether right or wrong, that he has been lied for on almost every subject of daily life, history, politics, science and moral and ethics.

decades have gone by without any change to the positive and the unavoidable was foreseen coming and it came – and it went on and it still goes on.

now you tell me, us,

which plan?

trust whom?

on what basis?

trust is something that must be earned.

and given the belief, that you are doing great and right and there is a plan and you are successful in following that plan and this plan is a plan to change the world to the positive and remove all the negative and remove all the liars and lies – given all this , I assume you are far more worth than everyone else earning this trust.

please forgive me asking you:

where is the truth to look at?

where are the facts which we can see in daily life?

can you imagine what power WE THE PEOPLE can give you when you finally expose what was done by whom where what for against whom?
can you imagine what POWER we the PEOPLE can explosively set free to your advantage when WE THE PEOPLE anywhere on the planet finally have
CHECKABLE EVIDENCE that you are doing the right thing FOR US in the name OF US for the better future OF US?

we will honor you for all what you have done and will do.

PLEASE give us RELIEF from this agonizing pain of waiting and asking and watching and looking out and NOT FINDING ANY SOLID RELIABLE EVIDENCE that

YOUR PLAN does exist, that it is good, that it is the right one for US



we are tired of secret MJ12 meetings deciding for more chemtrails even though we humans would have the freedom to end these chemtrails RIGHT NOW

we HOPE that we are in good hands, but we do not know

because WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO FOR CENTURIES by the same circles which we still SEE in power

MJ12 are not good hands

they have been proven wrong.

hello extraterrestials, you have been fu….. by these guys. it´s time to disable this circle.

unfortunately MJ12 is FAR above President Trump as I was informed and also above the military.

Dear Mr. President,

you started great,

Biden frauded you out,

and he is doing not well,

and Europes governments also don’t do well for the people,

so, why don’t you let the real masses speak








and more and more people are waking up

and more and more people are getting the “vaxxine”

so in some months probably many people will die

and this will speed up the process: more people will search help in getting the vaxxine and more people will wake up and see the crime behind it.

up to now, without any hard evidence, this all coming from the positive side COULD be a brilliantly planned cover up for all those conspiracy theorists, to tell them to stay calm and peace full, trust the plan and – do nothing (because somebody else will do it for them)(which they shall trust in)

but at some point of time, I assure you, the critical mass will be reached and the people will stand up, because there is nothing more to loose.

there will be millions and millions who will fight until the die in battle.

do you want to waste all these patriots lives?

or do you prefer to channel their power and wisdom and love for their countries in the positive direction?


you so called plan until now only makes us waiting in the dark.

we deserve more.

we deserve better.

we want more.

we want better.


for example: why not opening a platform on the net where everything to decide is discussed in pro and cons

and then let the people decide

you still think they are not ready?


the wisdom of the masses is a scientific proven fact!

neither your consultants, nor the former nor the actual government, nor the military are “masses”.


only they have the wisdom of the masses.

LET US USE THIS WISDOM for the better of this planet.


don’t fight alone


kind regards



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