Starship Earth: MOABS Incoming all Week? All Month?


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June 15, 2021

June 15, 2021: MOABS Incoming All Week? All Month? [videos]

You might say ‘The Plan’ is going very well. The gentle, coddling wake up is over and we now have a more urgent and insistent shaking with the tinkle of pitchers of ice water at the ready for the really stubborn snoozers. More on just what that may entail, below.

It’s looking like the Patriots are going to be dropping bombs all week. I hear the FBI building in DC is boarded up. That’s a great start.

The deluge of incriminating information exposing the New World Order’s agenda is increasing, and will soon be inescapable. Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? It’s hard to ignore, too. You can be drenched from the spray alone.

HUGE! Revolver News Breaks Report on Likely Deep State Plants Inside Jan. 6 Uprising — WAS IT ALL PLANNED?

Melania Trump posted this image on Telegram on Monday and I believe it’s meant to be shared.


Simon Parkes posted this on his blog this morning:

With reports growing that the deep state is trying to organise a civil breakdown by starting riots and blaming Trump Supporters. 
Military are being moved to DC and other key locations…

This Telegram post alludes to similar.

Katie Hobbs here in AZ is losing her shit.

Is Katie Hobbs gubernatorial material? Hardly. But someone really wants her in office. Link to Telegram.

We are indeed witnessing the changing of the guard.

Q stated they were saving Israel for last, and you probably heard by now… Bye-bye Bibi.

Benjamin Netanyahu


Naftali Bennet Sworn In As Israel’s New Prime Minister

Oh-oh… Project Veritas is about to strike again. The corrupt, corporate, cabal-controlled media is getting exposed. Gutted and filleted. We’re going to cut off the head of the snake.

You know what they say; “Don’t mess with Texas!”

As expected, this is the update from James O’Keefe this morning. He asked the PV Army to put this out, so I did.

Mr. Pool shared a bizarre video this morning and some intel about a false flag and Three Gorges Dam. Link to Telegram post. The video seemed to contain visuals of old attempts at flying machines.

This is intriguing, too.

This is odd because Hubby flew to Phoenix from OKC early this morning without issue but a couple of Telegrams show multiple people are reporting this problem with Southwest Airlines.

Just before press time Southwest says they are working to get things back on schedule and claim to have it under control. Expect delays.

We are aware of system issues and are working quickly to resolve. We will share more info soon.
— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) June 15, 2021

We also have this interesting bit of news directed at Texas—who already suffered massively from a recent power outage in a winter storm that was completely unnecessary. It was purposeful, I believe, but we know there is a Tesla tower (Nicola—not the car manufacturer) and we are going to be switching over to a new energy system any time now so we’ll see what happens. This sounds like a threat; a clue to another planned hit.


Did you hear about this collaborative video the patriots made for President Trump? Tom Numbers kicks it off with some Gematria/Numerology which for me dispels any “coincidences” when you’ve heard the litany of “decodes” Tom and others like SerialBrain2 have done.

(Like Q, SerialBrain2 has left the building, but their legacies live on. They are no doubt still supporting the war effort in other ways, other formats, other platforms. The students were ready and the teachers appeared and it was a fascinating curriculum.)

The video is a lovely tribute to a historic man of whom we’ve not yet plumbed the depths. 34 minutes.

I saw this yesterday but was distracted before I could look into it. Rockton is NW of Chicago proper. What do you suppose they were doing at this “chemtool” facility? Is this another example of trying to eliminate incriminating evidence, or something else?

Firefighter injured, mandatory evacuation in Rockton from fire at Chemtool facility

Senator Wendy Rogers Tweets her support for Cornville, Arizona in the high desert… a hot spot at the beginning of this “hot summer” and we’ve five days to go until the Summer Solstice. I mentioned a spate of fires in the past couple of days here in an already hot state, made more incendiary by the election audits. The forecast for Tuesday calls for 117 F.

It was very cloudy yesterday but I sensed some of it was smoke although I couldn’t smell it. The late day sun confirmed when it peeked out from behind as that tell-tale, neon pink  ball and there was definitely smoke aloft this morning giving the sun a pink hue.

RT dropped a Telegram about “incendiary balloons” starting fires in Israel. I’ve never heard of this, but apparently the same tactic occurred in 2020.

Perhaps Q meant it’s ALSO going to be a “hot summer” again this year. Yes, again. Of course we’re not told everything in the near future, Humanity’s dark night of the soul, but what we are told is cause for concern.

It seems to me that a few influential patriots are given a heads up so they can prepare us and coach us through. I’m wondering if President Trump will be back before the intense “existential threat” part comes.


From what we can glean from the information available, (there’s always disinformation, too) the military will not be stepping in until the situation is extreme and demands it. Does that mean we will be put in a position of defending our sovereign rights and property?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is putting out that the “zombie looters” will be arriving, particularly in cities; stripping store shelves of food which may already be in short supply or extremely expensive. He’s been prepping again, he says. See his report and video here.

Scott Kesterson of the Bards of War podcast is another that seems to be in the know and has said it would get to the point we will be hard pressed to defend our right to be the never vaxxxers; that we will be forced to “pick a lane” as Juan O’Savin has said. Us or them. Good or evil.

Do others know what’s coming, too?

Why Are Hordes of Wealthy People Hitting the Escape Button and Heading to Montana?

Or will the biggest threat be from the toxic cocktails pushed as “vaxxxines”?

Romana Didulo has instructions for Canadians on Telegram which we shared for getting through power outages, food shortages, and the like.

It certainly seems as though the Earth Alliance will scare Humanity to the point they will never go to sleep at the wheel again or invite the serpent in.

There are now warnings going out to New Yorkers who got an expired jab in Times Square June 5 – 9th. But it’s not what you think: It’s not, OMG these people could be in danger if the concoction expired—but no, it’s you’re not protected so you need to come back for another injection of poison.

899 people got expired vaccine doses at Times Square site


You may have seen warnings about our “tainted” meat. This Telegram video shows us, once again, that some meat is magnetic.

They are adding toxic spike proteins into our food supply, which will cause Prions (Mad Cows Disease). They also add the magneto proteins containing magnetic nano particles which force the spike proteins through the blood and brain barrier into the brain.

Remember last week when Biden said “Every single hospital bed will be occupied by Alzheimer’s patients”? Prions is similar to Alzheimers mixed with Parkinsons and severe vertigo- so severe that it’s no longer possible to walk without falling.

Bring magnets when you go to the grocery store and make sure you test it on the food you’re getting. If the magnets stick to it, it’s contaminated. Do not buy it.@DismantlingTheCabal. Why am I not surprised???? Magnets stick to food from grocery store !!!!

It gets worse. Now there is a list circulating of all the FEMA camps they’re going to put us in if we refuse the jab. Same old fear porn going around again… and again…

We know what those empty FEMA camps will be used for. Psychopaths and New World Order minions. One day they may actually get a trial but with so many of them it will take awhile, don’t you think?

This interview should be shared to advance the knowledge of the atrocities committed on our planet. Shaun Attwood gets a profusion of facts directly from the mouth of Kevin Annett who has dedicated his life to the exposure of the genocide and massacre of what amounts to hundreds of thousands of people.

Regardless if you know about the crimes, I believe you’ll learn a lot more here. MK Ultra mind control. Pharmaceutical experimentation. Torture and pain threshold testing. The Indian people betrayed their own, as well. We have to see these monsters put away. Be brave and listen, my friends. Kevin says if people knew what put the children in the ground they wouldn’t sleep at night and the Canadian people are at fault for funding the organizations still engaging in these activities.

It is not limited to Kamloops, and it’s not limited to Canada. Article and video at the link. 51 min.

The criminals responsible are hard at work destroying the evidence and subverting justice. Church and State have burned documents, silenced eyewitnesses, and destroyed the graves of their victims, as is happening right now in Kamloops. You the taxpayer are funding these crimes, in violation of international law.

Auschwitz Concentration Camps in CANADA: Mounds of Mass Murdered Children Discovered-Over 60,000! CIA RUN NAZI OPERATION!

We understand the front of the Manitoba legislative building in Winnipeg, Canada is being dug up and the parliament buildings in Ottawa have been undergoing renovation as well. Perhaps it’s not what it seems.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at the MIT
— Sandra Knulst (@mariusknulst) June 15, 2021

The purging is increasing dramatically at Twitter.

I think this is an interesting development. Now that the White Hats have shown the democrats had no basis for accusing Trump of colluding with Russia, we appear to be past the interval Putin was asked to remain in the background and he is speaking out.

Simon Parkes pointed out that the imposter Biden is to meet with Putin shortly.

Tomorrow Biden meets President Putin in a one on one talk…..

It will definitely be worth a watch, ok so the media will protect Biden as much as they can.

But surely Putin can walk all over him?

Is Vlad gonna make the old pervert cry—or will Creepy Joe just freeze again? Or—will he even show up? Whatever happens, we’ll enjoy the show.

Vladimir Putin Asks NBC News Who Ordered the Assassination of Ashli Babbitt by the Capitol Police

Of course there is plenty more and I could go on all day but we’ll pause here as I’m 3 hours behind the East Coast. It’s getting more interesting by the day.

Thank you, as always, to the crew for the excellent material and support.

You will notice the drama in the independent news community amping up. So far from what I’ve seen it’s involving Cirsten W, Nicholas Veniamin, and Romana Didulo.

The controllers will try to divide us and distract us. We are all free to believe what we choose and the Light will win regardless of the petty stuff stirred up. Q warned us that our thoughts may not always be our own, and the dark will reveal themselves.

I’m not giving anyone a platform to attack anyone else so I won’t be approving comments doing that. If it’s remarks from the crew it’s one thing; if it’s from people we’ve never engaged with before just dropping in to poo all over others, that’s another story and I don’t want to deal with trolls. People can individually research anyone they choose. I’m tapped for time. Stay strong, patriots and starseeds.  ~ BP


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