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Amicus Curiae for Appellant

Facts of the case

The Appellant hereby address the court and respondent to redress the following: not judgement of the previous trial; but assess the citation of findings that will arrest further injunctions to the followers of Christ, followers of Yeshua/Jesus and the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel. The previous judgment was passed, and the Appellants are still being persecuted for following what is in their hearts that is here-to-fore covered under the United States Constitution, and these same statues and laws have already been presided over in other court proceedings all of which rules in favor of the Petitioners and yet the followers and descendants of the twelve tribe of Israel are still persecuted albeit under clever disguises, such as racism; police brutality; notwithstanding a violation under constitutional law all the same.


Opening statement

Plessy Vs. Ferguson 1896 This court case gave rise to the separate but equal clause. A clause that permitted segregation so long as there was equal treatment of both “black” and “whites”. However, this very case proves that segregation in America was not about race. Homer Plessy was 7/8th white and 1/8th black; based on this description this man appeared white. He did not want to ride in a train car designated for “blacks”. This court case was the legal precedent for using the color of skin as a reason to segregate. When you couple the time frame with what else was going on in America at the time will notice an interesting pattern. A pattern in which the Courts were apart of.

Civil War 1861-1865

Reconstruction 1863-1877

1865 the 13th Amendment abolished slavery

1865, and 1866 the south imposed “Black Codes” these were codes that still allowed slavery to be practiced, by arresting “black people and using it a pretense for slavery to continue. The Republicans at the time sent the military to the south and created the 14th amendment in 1868.

Plessy Versus Ferguson, in 1869 this case allowed for segregation. On a state-to-state bases.


In 1870 and 1871, The Federal government created the Enforcement Acts or The first KKK Act or the Civil Rights Act that protected the rights of all people in America to vote. With Ulysees S. Grant as President, congress set forth the action that would prohibit discrimination by state officials in voter registration on the basis of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Established penalties for interfering with a person’s right to vote. Gave federal courts the power to enforce the act. Authorized the President to employ the use of the army to uphold the act and the use of federal marshals to bring charges against offenders for election fraud, the bribery or intimidation of voters, and conspiracies to prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights. It also prevented any other persons or group from intimidating voters. Note the wording; it says nothing about African or African Immigrants and why would you protect the voting status of an African Immigrant? What we can further tell is that these Amendments were written in order and here we are at the 13 and 14th amendments talking about slaves but not immigrants or other people from another land.

This was not even about race but in fact this was about a people’s faith. We know this is not about color because Homer Plessy did not appear black, if it would please the court we will submit into evidence the following image.

This was not about race or skin color as you will see.

This case was a test case to test the waters so the speak of a people at a time. His parents were white, his grandmother was supposed to have been from Africa but there is no record of her. But he and his parents were from New Orleans. This case made it all the way to the supreme court…a shoemaker. He lost the case; the court said that his civil rights were not violated but still used this case as a basis for continued segregation. The court also stated, “that although the Fourteenth Amendment established the legal equality of whites and blacks it did not and could not require the elimination of all “distinctions based upon color”. How interesting that at the Supreme court level that is where the laws of the land change. It is even more interesting that this case and its subsequent ruling stayed on the books from 1896-all the way to 1954. Where the next court case that ushered in a new wave of reform would throw out the old one. Brown Vs. Education overturned the separate but equal clause that allowed segregation, just 13 years earlier. It was overturned to desegregating the schools. But with that desegregation my clients learned about the transatlantic slave story it was no where previously. Not even written in the laws of this land. The concept of segregation stayed, however not only did it stay, but it was also modified to include all people who looked a certain way, as a pretense for further reform, all under the guise of Civil Rights. Which by no means are civil or right? During the same thirteen-year time span there was also in play the dreaded Jim Crow era. Who was a fictional entity. Where many churches were burned, homes were burned, and crosses were burned in front of residences and not to mention the very insignia of the KKK which was a burning cross. This was about Christians not being able to practice their faith openly without fear of prosecution under the clever guise of systemic racism. It is for this same reason that the same political party that funded the existence of such a clan; still has a (losing) control over the same people…their descendants. It’s the same reason why no Civil Rights Organization in the history of America has ever helped these same people. The Civil Rights movement has not moved toward them but away and now includes almost everyone else but them.


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