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June 10, 2021

June 10, 2021: Trudging Along Our Path to Freedom [videos]

As you may have heard, June 14 is anticipated to be a significant day. Not only is it Flag Day in America, but it’s also President Trump’s birthday.

Simon Parkes posted this update yesterday afternoon, a little too late to make it in Tuesday’s post. This morning he added another 4-minute update related to the Connecting Consciousness group, seeking a volunteer for admin work now, possibly a paid slot in a few months.

Here’s how Simon sees it going from here on, including around that date and beyond. An excellent report, as always, covering a number of topics. 38 min.

It seems like the Arizona Audit is chugging along at the perfect speed to be able to deliver the anticipated results right on (the White Hats’) schedule. On Wednesday they were 80% through all the ballots.

EPIC: Vernon Jones In Arizona – Only THREE Pallets Remain to be Counted – Officials Expecting HUGE Ballot Discrepancies


Arizona Audit: Hand Recount Expected to End This Week

In Michigan, there is an upset and it goes from bad to worse.

According to DePerno the Dominion Voting Machines were accessed from the outside and remotely logged into after the election.

Antrim County Attorney DePerno Releases BOMBSHELL Report – Claims County Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into – Decertifies Entire Antrim Election

The topic of Internet outages has been introduced recently, along with power outages, news blackouts, food shortages, and all kinds of interruptions in service. Our cable was out last night and my TV music channel stopped. Today, the United States Postal Service website has stated they are having service issues and regret any inconvenience. Our trash pickup today was hours later than usual.

Here in Phoenix we’re getting “heat warnings” because it’s approaching 100F. Give me a break. That’s not hot. We have 116-117 or more sometimes in the summer. They just love to issue warnings and keep everyone on edge and in fear. Based on what we expect to unfold in the next four weeks, however, many of us may find “normal” fleeting in the coming days.

Now that the potential threat is “out there”, we’ll see where this goes next. RT shared their skeptical comments on Telegram about the biggest outage a few days ago.

WORLDWIDE Internet Blackout – because ONE customer changed settings?

The huge internet outage on Tuesday which brought down hundreds of websites across the world, including major sites like Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix, has been blamed on a single Fastly customer.

According to the U.S. cloud-computing firm, a software bug was triggered when a solitary IT customer changed their settings.

More than half of the web’s traffic is served by a content delivery network such as Fastly. The blackout has raised questions about the reliance on the handful of firms who run the infrastructure underpinning the Internet.

Now it’s our fault if we hit the wrong button???

Q The Storm Rider added this bit of perspective on the JBS meat processing hack. It’s always the deep state doing their own hacks, isn’t it?


Energy secretary: Adversaries have capability of shutting down US power grid

A lot of truth is going to be delivered to Humanity and much of it won’t be pretty. It seems that the conspiracy theories we’ve been trying to bring attention to are not actually theories at all.

Romana Didulo of the Canada 1st Party asks…

Does anyone know what happened to the Five Hundred Fifty Five $555 million dollars Canada sent to Haiti between 2006 – 2011
Link to Telegram.

They might want to check with Hitlary Clinton. It takes a village, she says. And she would know—because she did. (take a village)

We hear that Romana is an interim figure installed by the White Hats to get Canada under control until fair elections can take place. It sounds like a LOT of people are serving Cease and Desist orders that Romana made available to many organizations—and not only in Canada! They are tracking them and keeping videos when available.

You may have seen some video interviews of people who are still wearing masks and their varied and illogical responses. It’s going to be a slow process to get people to ditch the masks and forget the social distancing, etc. People are so easily programmed.

I need to get a new veterinarian since we moved a great distance and they are some of the worst offenders. One I called is still only doing “curbside drop offs” and there’s no way I’m just dumping my dog off with people I’ve never met. Our old veterinary hospital is still mandating masks. A mobile vet I called insists I would have to wear a mask in my own home if they came here. What the hell is wrong with people?

This is really all about grooming. Mica has long hair and he needs his summer shave. Mobile groomers are extra busy and won’t take any new customers. The grooming salon nearby insists a dog has to have a current rabies shot and we’re behind. I know of research that states one rabies shot as a puppy protects a dog all its life. I don’t want to vaxxx Mica again so I’m going to groom him myself. Should be fun. And messy. But fun. Hopefully he won’t wind up the laughing stock of the neighbourhood and wanting to wear a mask.

I’m hoping that the veterinary system is going to go through a major reform like our Human healthcareless system and we won’t have to deal with this nonsense any longer. Med-beds for pets!!!  In the mean time, Mica is in good health, taking Nano Soma right along with us, and doesn’t need a vet—or a stinkin’ vaxxxine.

There are no accidents, and after writing the above, I found an email came in yesterday from Dr. Presser with a new video interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Dr. Raghavan (Raghu) joins Richard to increase the exposure of this remarkable product they call Nano Soma in this part of the world. You’ll hear more background on the Nano Soma product from the researcher/developer Raghu in this interview so it’s fascinating.


If all goes well, Richard will have stock of Nano Soma replenished in about two weeks and the backorders so many of you have placed will be shipped. We thank you for sharing the news of this groundbreaking discovery with others. When a simple, safe product so elemental to life on Earth comes along it needs to be shared and from the initial response, it is as exciting to everyone else as it is to me. If you will use the links in this post to visit the Nano Soma website it will help me earn a little income.

I will do another post dedicated to Nano Soma soon, but in the mean time if you would like to learn more about this ancient nutritional miracle, you can visit the website here.  You can see many testimonials here.

Once the new shipment comes in and Richard’s empty store shelves are replenished, shipments will resume—hopefully permanently and without further interruption—but the reception has been extraordinary, as I said, and it’s flying off the shelves. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn the next shipment is sold before it even comes in to the fulfillment centres.

What I love is getting all the nutrition I need every day without struggling to swallow any pills. Spray for the tongue is the bees knees, in my opinion. In the interview with Kerry Cassidy Dr. Raghu tells us he sprays Nano Soma on his dog’s nose and he’s perfectly healthy.

The fact that this simple solution helps the body fend off the worst viruses is of course part of the attraction at the moment but when you learn that Nano Soma lipids actually trigger the body to regrow the telomeres on our DNA and return our genes to their original condition—that’s age regression and I don’t think I need to explain the benefits. No one wants to worry about either Covid-1984 OR the questionable remedy that is causing so much damage.

The truth about the whole Wu Flu hoax is still coming out and the world is going to come to their senses… eventually. It helps to retain our sense of humour.

Jon Rappoport gets into the commy situation in Canada in his latest article.

O Canada, you’ve got medical Nazis; their stench is rising into the sky

Medical professionals who have caused harm to Humanity won’t have a leg to stand on at the Nuremberg-style trials that are to come. They know what is right and what is wrong and many took money to betray us. Others simply looked the other way because it was uncomfortable to make waves. Many of us have had to step outside our comfort zone to do the right thing and those who didn’t may regret “just following orders”.

The way forward is becoming clearer by the week as those who are dedicated to creating our new world, do what is necessary to overcome the system.


Trump may be considered “the Fixer”, but Ron DeSantis has picked up the baton. Florida is a template for other states to return to a free and just society.

Jetson White has expanded on his theory that our response to our daily lives can actually modify our reality and enable us to “create”.

Synopsis of this Channel’s Message #5B – Physics of Zero Point

The United States for America is back, folks. Must listen to the sing-along. Hockey players do it better, don’t they?

When was war ever this much fun?

I hope you’re enjoying the show, my friends. It’ll only get better.  ~ BP


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