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June 9, 2021

June 9, 2021: Red Alerts in the Chatter; Places Everyone [videos]

The first thing that entered my consciousness today was this. I believe those watching all the air traffic found something they think is significant. They say the GRIM plane took off from Joint Base Andrews and tailed AF1 and another plane. You can see this image up close at the Kim Shady Telegram channel.

Telegram (
Police frequency
BREAKING! Air Force One Lifts: Biden departs for his seven day, three country tour of Europe

I believe this adds perspective.

The second item was the article below, so we’ll go with these for our theme. We suspect the threats are because the truth is getting to be too much for the deep state to withstand. They are beside themselves and they are so desperate to stay alive they might do anything.

Whatever happens, I do believe the Patriots are in control and damage/fallout from any stunts the dark pulls will be mitigated if not averted. I would preface the article with a reminder that Dave Hodges is no stranger to sounding the alarm so just relax and stay calm. Prepare for anything, and expect the best.


If you have set aside a little extra food, supplies, and cash that’s all you can do other than maintain situational awareness at all times. I believe the situations outlined in this article are extreme and that we will not see this kind of scenario unfold in America or Canada except in a couple of isolated areas, if necessary. The military want to keep the peace at all costs.

The military are on our side, and will protect civilians. It’s only rogue elements that present a threat. As we know, however, they are not above dressing up in police uniforms and using police cars to pull off their false flag events. We also don’t want to see any UN people or vehicles.

While martial law may potentially involve the elements outlined in this article, they need not include all of them. The situation is managed with as little disruption to civilians as possible. Safety first, for ALL.


Mike Pompeo has only this to say:

Breaking this morning in San Antonio, Texas:

‘Active shooter’ lockdown at Lackland Air Force Base


Mr. Pool posted this, and he knows stuff.

There are other high tide, flooding and deluge images at this channel on Telegram from Mr. Pool if you care to check them out, as shared by Qanon+.

I saw a Telegram the other day that said George News folks asked for our prayers because they were under spiritual attack. No doubt.

MJ Truth said this:

FF’s imminent the closer we get to the week of June 14. AZ+++
Get some rest.
Good night!
Sleep Tight!
Everything will be alright!
Have faith. Have #UnshakeableFaith
For we walk in Faith and not by sight!
….. this little light of mine  
Love you Fam,

There is plenty of good news, so do not worry. Worrying (fear) brings down your frequency. This was all planned long ago. We’re just mopping up now.

[Forwarded from WhipLash347]
[ Video ]
Our new Internet Folks.
They are all up above Australia too.
Beta Version is ready to go.
7500 times as fast as we have
Secret Space Programs controlled
Guardians of the Galaxy. United States Space Force who only became known in 2018.
Quantum Starlink is going to control many new systems on this Planet. All the old will be gone very shortly. This is how we get New Internet, Free Energy, Med Beds, new Voting Systems,
Your Quantum ISO coins.
The Power to whole entire World will switch off briefly like Q64 says
In late December they started testing. Israel was switched off for 30 mins. Then in January they tested by turning 10 Countries off at Once. Don’t think i have seen any since. Just large internet outages.
Link to Telegram

It’s not just the US that is on edge. It’s almost “hammer time”. Exciting days ahead for Humanity—particularly those in the know.

Canada Agent A1 pedohunter has an update referencing operations by the Ontario Provincial Police. There is a brief disturbing photo, FYI, but the truth must be known. We will have to justify the removal and extermination of thousands of predators on our planet which has already taken place.


We are reasonably certain that many of the worst offenders in the crimes against Humanity have either met their fate or are awaiting their trials. We’re told there are “doubles everywhere”. See a number of examples of “doubles” at this channel. Multiple posts. Some may surprise you.

The Commander-in-Chief of Canada assures us:

Hello men, women, and children of, the Republic of Canada.

I would like to reassure everyone that through the return and redistribution of Canada’s Wealth…Every man, woman, and Child, of the Republic of Canada, will live in *abundance* of money/wealth/love/and peace.

No slavery; and no tyranny.

It will be this way in every nation on Earth/Terra. When Q told us “the world is about to change”, they meant in every way possible. Stay tuned.

The election news and Arizona’s role as well as the other states about to engage in forensic audits of this kind will change the landscape of politics. Let’s put the situation into perspective. 1: 47 sec.

Cortes: A Biden Win Was Statistically ‘Impossible’

What else is happening on the sly? Link to Telegram.

Something BIG is happening. Here’s the recent sell offs.

Walton family’s trust sold more than $750 million worth of Walmart stock the past 2 weeks.

Google pedos — Page and Brin, the eighth and ninth richest people in the world, have collectively sold about $448 million worth of Alphabet stock over the past month.

PedoDisney Chairman Bob Iger Sells Almost $100 Million in Shares.

I guess they didn’t hear: “Nothing can stop what is coming.”

LT has a brilliant new update for us today.

6.9.21: “TRUE INFORMATION” TIDAL WAVE is crushing the [DS], encouraging TRUTHERS! PRAY!

Lots of “hacking” and “cyber attack” news. “Russia.”

60 Congress members hacked, locked out of databases for weeks

As for the Kung Flu, it’s not a pandemic, and never was, except in the minds of those who watch television and listen to the lamestream media. Now we see the truth coming out to the world about the suppression of several remedies for any symptoms related to this, or any flu.


The El-ites believe they get to decide who lives and who dies, in their own words. I beg to differ.

WE will decide who lives and who dies, when we eradicate the real virus from our planet; the global elite and their minions. Ref. the G7 meeting coming up where they have always made their top plans for us. Video at the link.

COVID-19: Gordon Brown urges wealthiest nations to do more to help global vaccination effort

I hear talk of Nuremberg trials for doctors and nurses, as well.

With respect to the election audits ongoing in several states following shady activities by election officials, the news is interesting every day as we get to the bottom of the impossible and unbelievable election results.

Fulton County, Georgia: Elections Supervisor from the ‘Suitcase Scandal’ Has Been Subpoenaed

Magenta Pixie has an interesting energetic update. I mentioned the eclipse on the 10th and they are usually powerful.

She calls the liquid concoction they want us all to have, “Jezebel Juice”. 21 min. Audio only.

Ring of Fire, Golden Stargate, Solar Eclipse June 10th 2021 (Jezebel Juice Antidote)

It’s going to get interesting, folks, so hold onto your shorts. Recommend you return to your quarters and buckle up. We’ll keep the comms open as long as we are able.


Having said that, I got an error message when I tried to publish this post so…  ~ BP


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