Grave and Imminent Danger: Using the Article V Convention to Move us into the NWO or a Communist Dictatorship


Please watch the video and look at the Flyers and start fighting with the real weapon – the TRUTH – against an ArticleV Convention. Here’s the video and the links to the flyers:

In this 35 minute video, I show what’s really behind the push for an Article V Convention: to move us into the globalist New World Order or impose a Communist dictatorship. Our peril is imminent. Do not fall for the false propaganda put out by those pushing for a convention [and repeated by people on our side!] that it will be years before Congress gets 34 applications; that this will be tied up for years in litigation; and that the operative concern is whether Congress permits State Legislatures or State conventions to be the body which ratifies or rejects proposed amendments.

All of the above are false assurances which are used to conceal the danger and emergency nature of the threat which faces us.

1. As we have been pointing out for years (in our blast alerts, flyers and articles), the power to “call” and organize the Convention is delegated exclusively to Congress – see Article V and Article I, Sec. 8, last clause, US Constitution. Accordingly, the functions of judging and counting the applications, determining the number and selection process for Delegates, calling the convention, etc., is entirely up to Congress to decide. Congress may aggregate the various different kinds of applications to get 34 States (as the convention lobby is urging them to do). If Congress decides to lump all the different applications passed by the various States together, then we are on the verge of Congress’ calling a convention.

2. Take no comfort in the equally false assurance that this will be tied up for years in litigation. The fact of the matter is that the mechanics of organizing and calling a convention is a “political question” which is delegated exclusively to Congress, and the Courts are unlikely to intervene. Consistent with the Principle of “Separation of Powers” and the “political question” doctrine [ LINK] , the Judicial Branch of the federal gov’t has no lawful authority to substitute their views on these issues for those of Congress.These are “political questions” granted to Congress to decide!

See, e.g., Georgetown law professor David Super’s paper here, where he cites Coleman v. Miller (1939) to show that as amending the Constitution is a “political question”; the courts are unlikely to intervene. [This is a clear Principle of Jurisprudence which law students are supposed to learn their first year in law school.]

3. As we have also been pointing out for years, the Delegates to the convention may once again invoke that “transcendent and precious right” of a people to throw off one gov’t and set up a new one, and thus impose a new Constitution with its own new and easier mode of ratification. To adhere to the false assurance that the Convention can do nothing more than propose amendments; and that the operative issue is the mode in which any proposed amendments are ratified, is to ignore Reality, our History, and the Declaration of Independence. As one of the flyers spells out, our Framers knew that the real purpose of an Art. V convention is to get another Constitution – “getting amendments” is merelya pretext!

One of the moral problems plaguing modern day Americans is the refusal to learn. We want to do what’s easy and so we go with what “everybody says”; and we think we know all about itand nobody can tell us anything we don’t already know. But that is suicidal as well as false; and if we don’t stop it, we will deserve what we get.

Joanna Martin (Publius Huldah)

Here are the flyers referred to in the presentation:

For the Exhibits – original source documents – go here:


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