Operation Barbarossa, Part Three


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Submitted on May 24, 2021



Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

I would like to conclude my answers to Thomas Anderson with the following recording of June 4, 1942. It is very clear here that Hitler is saying that he intended to invade Russia even at the time of the invasion of France in 1940. Stalin had trusted Hitler’s word and did not invade Germany in 1940 when the German forces were plowing into France as he could have. Germany would have been crushed. Stalin kept his word. The German invasion of Russia was outright deceit on Hitler’s part and Stalin remarked the same when the death of Hitler was reported to him saying that the deceitful scoundrel who did not keep his word met his fitting end. Suvorov was a Russian traitor who played into the west’s cold war by saying Hitler’s actions were defensive and now is being resurrected in the new cold war against Russia.

The Hitler and Mannerheim Recording in Finland, June 4, 1942 (Subtitles)

The most colossal blunder of Hitler was his declaration of war against the US which under Henry Ford was producing 75% of the world’s cars and was the greatest industrial power in the world. Panzer General Guderian exclaimed what on earth did he get for this from Japan? The truth was nothing.


There were three main allied supply routes to Russia, who was reeling back from the German attack, which were at Murmansk 25%, Iran 25% and the US via road through Canada via Alaska and then by freighter to Russia for 50% of their supplies. The initial problem was that if the freighters flew the American flag Japanese submarines would sink them. It was doubtful that this was in Hitler’s mind at the time of his declaration of war against America but when the freighters were reflagged with Russian flags, the Japanese refused the German requests to sink the Russian flag ships based on the 9-15-39 Khalkin Gol Cease Fire Agreement and their 4-12-1941 non-aggression pact between Russia and Japan.

What did this colossal blunder mean in the war?

American supplies mobilized the Russian army by 1943 with 400,000 lorries. Deliveries included 17,000 aeroplanes, 51,000 jeeps, 12,000 armoured fighting vehicles, 8,000 anti-aircraft guns, 105 submarines, 197 torpedo boats, 50,000 tons of leather, 15,000,000 pairs of boots, 3,700,000 tyres, 2,800,000 tons of steel, 800,000 tons of chemicals, 340,000 tons of explosives, 2,600,000 tons of oil products, 4,700,000 tons of food and 81,000 tons of rubber. It is no exaggeration to say that without this American support, Russia would scarcely have been in a position to take the offensive in 1943.

Alas! Alas! America was the greatest industrial power in the world and now half its industries lie destroyed in a rust belt as though it were bombed by a nuclear attack. All of this was created and sponsored by the Trotskyite traitors on Wall Street who supervised the currency rigging of their lackeys at the Treasury Department to make money by destroying the US as they did in Russia under Trotsky in 1917-1918 and in Russia in 1991. Here is the evidence:

Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz

Stalin’s moves during this period were brilliant. He did not want a two front war. He, thus, came to an agreement with Germany on 8-23-1939 in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact paving the way for the 9-1 German invasion of Poland. Germany was to take care of Japan by persuading it to come to an agreement with Russia. Stalin was then to move into Poland after the Khalkin Gol Cease Fire Agreement on 9-15-1939. Now that he was free in the east, he proceeded to invade Poland on 9-17 in the west. All Poland’s forces faced the German Army and the invasion by Russia totally outflanked them. It was all over. Stalin now had treaties with Germany and Japan whose purpose was to avoid Japan invading Russia from the east and Germany from the west.

Now the question in the west was to whom to declare war on for Poland. France and England declared war on Germany but did not declare war on Russia even though it had invaded Poland too. In fact Churchill went on the radio to say that wonderful Russia came into Poland to seize part of it to protect it from Germany. Obviously, this was part of an Anglo-Saxon master plan to set Germany and Russia up for a war against each other as they did in World War One. England feared Stalin might take India from them and they could not project sufficient force by sea to protect India from Stalin’s land armies.


Stalin proceeded to follow up on his Japanese treaty on 4-13-1941 signing a non-aggression pact between Japan and Russia as Richard Sorge in Japan and the Leopold Trepper’s Red Orchestra were warning of a June 22 invasion of Russia despite Stalin keeping his part of the deal by providing huge amounts of natural resources to Germany.

What is most important about the recording of Hitler and Mannerheim’s discussion is Hitler’s fear of losing the Romanian oil. This is no different than Germany’s fear today of losing the Russian oil and then having to rely on the US to keep the Middle East oil coming. The US does not have the power to keep that oil coming as outlined in the essay below on the Straits of Hormuz in footnote one. If Germany does not come to an alliance again with Russia now they will be destroyed as a nation as Bismarck realized with his Reinsurance Treaty with Russia and that is why Blinken blinked. The US will not block Nord Stream Two as this will cause them to lose Germany and the thieving oligarchs in the Ukraine now understand that their jig is up. Poland, who drove out the 99% German inhabitants of Danzig, now tremble as they are in the middle as the world balance of power shifts.

The deep state got rid of Trump as he did not care about these issues but only wanted to end the imports of German cars and other industrial products which as in the case of Japan via rigged currencies had left half the US in a rust belt. He could not care less about NATO or the ghost of SEATO but America’s industries so he was called a Russian agent to defame him. The deep state rigged the election against Trump exercising their control of the Supreme Court, Congress and the new President. The deep state is trying to restart the Cold War though the opponents are no longer communist and they are having a hard time doing it based on the present collapse of the Anglo-Saxon power.

See footnote one below on the inability of the US Armed Forces to keep the Straits of Hormuz open.

The US Strategic Interest in the Middle East

David Lifschultz


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