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May 22, 2021

May 22, 2021: The Greatest Show on Earth is a Circus [videos]

The clowns in this “movie” are far and away more bizarre than anything the shows under any big top or in a midway have ever presented as entertainment. We actually have bearded ladies walking our streets.

In high places in DC we’ve had Hitlary Clinton, pencil-neck Shifty Schiff, Jerrold “the Penguin” Nadler, Nazi Pelosi, and now the Biden clown who has been characterized in many different ways—none of them good—and portrayed by at least one exceptional actor—and possibly clones.

We can see the Earth Alliance is preparing to remove the dottering fool from the script.

Simon Parkes points this out:


With Arizona and Georgia days away from an official election audit release,

The question is… How long before Biden steps down ?

It’s been a rich tapestry of characters in this theatrical production. We’ve had The Squad, (not the Mod Squad), the Justin Turdeau dancing puppet, Rob Ford, Toronto’s crackhead mayor, and choice evil governors and mayors in America. Europe’s players are equally interesting with France’s ‘let them eat cake’ Macron, Hitlers’ daughters in Germany and the UK, the lizard queen Lizzie, and now BoJo in London.


Now celebrities like Geraldo Rivera are coming forward and telling us they’re Zionists. Ellen (Allen) Degenerate is stepping down because he’s bored, and we hear Big Mike Obama and Barry have already been rounded up and dealt with for treason while doubles parade around being obnoxious. Big Mike to replace Ellen? Give me a break. And we still have to deal with Governor Andrew Cuomo and his pierced nipples.

We’ve seen possessed FBI traitors like Peter Strzok lying under oath in court challenging Linda Blair’s performance in The Exorcist.

The news of some completely insane and X-rated Zoom calls take the cake, however. How can the public fail to stop and wonder about these things?

This is in the NEW YORK POST, folks. I can’t believe I’m even sharing this. What has this world come to? Is this what it will take to get the somnambulant masses’ attention? The military have a wicked sense of humour. I don’t think even Jerry Springer would touch this.

That’s not all. For real? I’ve no idea.

Interior Secretary’s staffer caught on all fours during live interview


Is this how you destroy the mainstream media and Hollywood/Pervywood?

It’s the kind of thing that makes me demand they stop the ferris wheel and let me off. This is a friggin’ looney bin. An asylum.

For those of us who know what’s going on it’s excruciating to watch, but there are a lot of people who are so programmed that the show they are seeing is completely different from what is really unfolding.

It’s difficult to grasp how we can look at the same situations and interpret them entirely differently. Soon, we must bring about a meeting of the minds and the deceived ones must see reality for what it is.

There is a lot of disturbing news, but we don’t know how much of it is true. We’ve always had a lot of “fake news” and material designed to instill fear but we also know the military designed this time to grab the attention of the programmed minds still deep under hypnosis so it’s unclear how much is really happening this way and how much is fabricated.

There is a lot of press time allotted to the discussion of the gas pipeline issues, coal, etc. We don’t need to worry because we’re going to Tesla energy. Free energy. Ceasing to use the cabal’s oil and gas will suck their central bank accounts dry. They’ll be broker than broke. I wonder what sort of infrastructure is needed to share the Tesla energy? I would think some jobs will be created. We’ll see what happens. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the 4G and 5G towers were retrofitted for Tesla?

It’s 12:12—time for lunch.

Just in is yesterday’s news from here in Arizona where there are now a lot more awake people. It doesn’t appear the lies about Matt Gaetz’ sexual behaviour bothered anyone. They had an overflow crowd.

TRUMPESQUE: Thousands Rally in Arizona as Gaetz, Greene Lead National Tour Blasting Biden and Destructive Democrats

The most recent NH update suggests major inconsistencies in their election.


New Hampshire Audit Confirms Voting Machines Results Unreliable

Trump is NOT out of the picture, and indeed is inching his way back in. All part of The Plan. Watch his OANN interview with Chanel Rion at this link. We hear it was very difficult to find due to a Windows issues with—“extensions”. You’ll see more about that below. I’ve never encountered this before and now twice in one day, but perhaps it is due to a recent Windows “update”?  42 min.

Exclusive Interview with President Trump and Chanel Rion on OANN

Another loco mayor in Chicago, Illinois has decided to run things her way rather than through a mandate from the People.  How will they respond to this outrageous tactic?

I assume this is because technically, Trump is no longer flying AF1 because Biden supposedly is, but isn’t. It’s complicated, so let’s just chalk it up to “optics”.

Read Trump’s statement on his 757.

Trump Announces He’s Bringing Back Iconic Plane From 2016 Rallies

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Grant Interviews Only to Black, Brown Journalists

My Protonmail account is not cooperating so I’ll grab this next one from Twitter.

Getting to news that can’t be refuted, after torrential rains in China, followed by a devastating tornado near Wuhan, there was then an earthquake. It certainly appears that certain parties may want to destroy evidence of… something. Criminal activity? Crimes against Humanity?


Updated today:

China earthquake: Powerful 7.4 magnitude quake rocks central China – latest updates

How bad is the big VX situation? We don’t know, but many doctors are telling us this could be very bad news for the gullible or those forced to get “inocculated”. It’s anything but an inocculation, from what we’re hearing. Let us hope it isn’t destroying our immune systems as some fear.

What is interesting is that a magnet in proximity of the injection site appears to cling to the skin. The image below is just an illustration, not a genuine microscopy version of what is going on after someone gets the jab. It’s not real. Don’t panic.

Operation Coronavirus is Working Hand-in-Hand with the Nanotech Agenda

Aren’t viruses mutating all the time? I don’t know. As long as we have a strong immune system, I don’t believe we need to be concerned about a virus. The problem remains that we just don’t know what the VX are doing.

Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’

We see big retailers getting pushy with regard to their employees, mask mandates, and the big VX. It is time to push back. I think we need to think about how we will respond to the heavy-handed, Nazi tactics and law-breaking when we decide where to spend our money.

Peggy Hall of The Healthy says of some retailers she has frequented prior to the pandemic…

I plan on going to Sprouts and TRAITOR Joes to linger and show off my God-given bare face… and tell them that I am never going to give them another penny, and I will encourage others to do the same.

What of that, my friends? How do we go forward in light of the way many of these outfits treated us—some of them even after mask mandates were lifted by governors, as we’ve discussed?


Do we go running back like a jilted lover and forgive them? Pick up where we left off? Do we show them who’s boss and support smaller retailers who didn’t abuse us and suffered because of the cabal’s plans to strangle small business and profit their cronies?

When I decide who I will write off, I think I will send a nice little note to their customer relations or customer service department with the following video to get my message across and let them know “we’re done here”.

For reticent folks who are trying to connect the dots and make sense of the senseless, we have a brilliant summary video from Joe M that never gets old and is well worth sharing.

For some reason I’m getting an error message saying this is blocked by an extension. It’s been censored so many times on YouTube. Why don’t they want people seeing this, I wonder? Here’s the link to the Rumble channel so you can watch, The Plan to Save the World. 13 min.

The open comments are attracting cabal disinfo trolls and nasty remarks about our Lightworkers who bring us our information so I’m going to change the settings to hold them for moderation rather than letting them appear unmoderated. I don’t want to see this garbage in the comments and I don’t think the crew does, either.

But don’t let that stop you from sharing the great material you do. I will do my best to approve the comments often.

I deleted about 500 old posts and things aren’t too bad today speed-wise with only one error message so perhaps we’re through the challenges for now.

Have a great long weekend if that applies, and be sure to prepare for possible interruptions in anything. The near future is uncertain at this point and we could see a dramatic upheaval any time now.  ~ BP


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