(Reader: Frank) Open Letter to the White Hats, President Trump, and General Flynn


Reader Post | By Frank

Open letter to the White Hats, President Trump, and General Flynn

My name is Frank, I am from Germany, I do not have a military or intelligence background and consequently I am at the very end of the information food chain. I have been lied to by the Deep State for all my life and I have been told (necessary) disinformation by Q since Oct 2017. Honestly, I don’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore. Please bear that in mind when you read the following lines.

The internet is full of rumors, speculation and fake news about all sorts of things such as President Trump still being in power, the military in power, mass arrests, underground bases, child trafficking in tunnels. Maybe at this very moment soldiers are losing their lives fighting for me while I sit here safe and physically unharmed. Unfortunately, none of this is verifiable so right now I have to focus on what I can see and experience.

What I see and what I experience is that we are losing our country. We are losing the information war and Germany is about to turn even further into a deep state sh** hole. You, the White Hats, are going to inherit a powerful enemy – a European Anti-America, a [Globalis] power house.

General Flynn has been urging the American patriots to take back their country by getting politically involved and we are seeing the first successes with these school boards where parents got rid of the mask mandate, audits in Arizona, investigations into Cuomo etc.  Sooner or later America or at least parts of America are going to be free again.


Please let me explain why:


1) Germans are not like Americans! 90% of Germans are a bunch of historically intimidated, hopelessly gullible, self-hating, slave-like obedient, consumed-by-guilt, politically immature and brainwashed zombies. The ONLY possibility to make these zombies wake up would have been to take over the state media. Unfortunately this did not happen and the truth remains hidden on Telegram. Unfortunately you, the White Hats, have underestimated the depth of brainwashing. Unfortunately you, the White Hats, have forgotten that it is not only the information itself that changes peoples’ minds but also the medium by which the information is presented.

2) Donald Trump!! During his four years in office President Trump successfully managed a resuscitation of the American soul to the extent that even beyond Jan 20th 2021 he gives the American people hope, strength and guidance. In Europe Hungary had Orban who fought for his people. Italy had Salvini who fought for his people. Germany had [Merkel] who fought bitterly AGAINST the people. German patriots are fighting the government, the judiciary and the Constellis mercenaries who have replaced the police all over the country.

I believe that you, the White Hats, had good intentions. You thought that any human being would fight for freedom. You were wrong. Germans love enslavement because it gives them stability. Take the face masks as an indicator. 90% of German love it. Moreover, you thought that people would look for the truth and that topics like child trafficking would cause indignation. You were wrong. Germans are apathetic and complacent. You thought that exposing the lies and atrocities of the deep state would trigger people. You were wrong. PEOPLE HAVE LONG CHOSEN THEIR SIDE AND NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER WILL CHANGE THEIR MIND. You thought that at some point of time reason and common sense would get the better of it. You were wrong. This is not a question of reason but of defiance.

In a nutshell: As long as you, the White Hats, leave the [MSM] untouched PEOPLE WILL NOT WAKE UP!

Political activity is the RESULT of the awakening and NOT the other way round. Mass awakening can only occur when the truth reaches a mass of people. If the truth is only available on Telegram it is still the truth but there will be no mass awakening. 90% of Germans ARE STILL BELIEVING THE [MSM] NARRATIVE! Trump is bad, Covid is deadly, masks work, vaccines cure.

People have been killed, inner cities have been burnt and economies have been crashed. We are now a step away from getting poisoned or lose our jobs and our existence. All this to show the truth to a bunch of brain-dead zombies who willingly followed their [Globalist leaders] into dictatorship. These zombies have forfeited their democratic say. They must not be allowed to determine the direction nor the speed of our journey any longer.

In Sept 2021 the German general elections will take place and the DS has already positioned its puppet from the Green Party. A woman compared to which Joe Biden is a cognitive genius. Since Nov 3rd 2020 we have suffered defeat after defeat after defeat and in Sept we will be given the death blow. We really need a sense of achievement. We really need an honest election in September.


On Nov 3rd 2020 100 million Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the world have given you a mandate! Your mandate is to KEEP AMERICA (and thus the world) GREAT. You were not reelected to allow the zombies a soft and comfortable awakening.

We thank you and we love you!

Frank from Germany


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