Utsava Intel: We are Watching a Movie Right Now


Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

Date: Sunday, 9-May-2021 00:16:46

Utsava Intel – We are watching a movie right now

The White hats have found a lot more gold than it was anticipated under the Vatican city. There is a lot more money coming back to people all over the world, than it was originally anticipated.

‘We are watching a movie right now.’

Trump is in charge and ultimately pulls all the shots. When Joe Biden was in the senate the other day, the senate was almost empty. DC is gone, DC is dead. The DC criminals are arrested. Remember Donald Trump has always been president, since last year, he has never left us. At some point he has given the power to the military to run the country. JFK junior has been VP actually since last fall, after Mike Pence was arrested, he became VP while Trump was still president. JFK junior has been going in and out of the White house like we said it would be happening, while he was wearing a face mask.

Even on Fox news, Hannity and Waters, have been telling us that the Biden Administration is a studio production, a virtual event and a fake presidency.

The clock is ticking now, the EBS is getting closer. I remember at some time when we knew that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many others would be arrested, many (not me) had expected dates in October and November of that year. Whenever something was supposed to happen, we had a shooting hoax or other event, designed to distract the news media from covering any possible arrests. When the series of dates whereas something could have happened, and as a result, the deep state had planned those events, where exhausted, the criminals behind the hoaxes were arrested and in the end none of the actors were left who had planned the counter attacks. These arrests then happened on Christmas and there were no counter attacks as no actors where left. This is no different now.


We already had some shooting hoaxes that were staged and planned events as a sign to counter the EBS. The dates as to when the EBS is exactly happening will not be published in advance, and I also believe that the date is somewhat flexible. What I do know, however, is that we are getting closer and by end of June it will be done.

Nesara or what we know as Nesara, will be announced, the Reset has happened as well as the EBS. The currency reset is this month, and we already are on the gold standards. It is just a matter of making it official.

Natural remedies like Hydroxychloroquine and med beds are expected to be in hospitals by June. Also Ivermectin will be over the counter by September.

Trump is expected to be back in summer and when he is announced as president, JFK junior will be announced as well.

‘We are watching a movie!’

The fiction the world has become is getting to a breaking point. The world is about to change forever, the New World/New Earth is here, I keep saying. Our world will change forever. What will change? The way we do things for instance. We can say our previous system of courts, schools, government etc. was based on an agreement that was made by Satanists, also called the covenant. We have become slaves of the system and the goal has been control of humans. The new system is the opposite.

Be prepared for the EBS-it is world wide. Have enough food at home for ten days, as well as water, cash at hand, your car filled up with gas, pet food and store you favorite movies on your computer as you might not be able to watch online.


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