Starship Earth: Truths are Getting Bigger and Badder as the World is Forced to Watch


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May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021: Truths Are Getting Bigger and Badder as the World is Forced to Watch [videos]

The biggest news so far today (it’s not even 8 am yet as I put this together) is this confirmation from Simon Parkes.

On the QFS.
There is now only one financial system in operation on the planet.
And it ain’t the swift system.

That was slick, wasn’t it? I had a feeling it would be seamless. This means the banksters can no longer hack the monetary systems and use black screens to hide what they’re doing. Everything will be known and transparent and the global El-ites will be broke as more and more of their assets are seized due to their crimes against Humanity.

They don’t have access to our funds any longer unless we give it to them—so think carefully about who you do business with and spend wisely. Think small, and as much as possible, avoid the big brand corporations when you shop.

I keep forgetting about Mike Lindell’s Amazon alternative, “My Store” which is just now getting off the ground and will be expanding.

Since the nasty globalists have removed his products from so many big box stores like Costco, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and more, he needs a place to market his high-tech pillows, dog beds and bedding. Great idea, Mike.


We are not limited to using the enemy’s greedy, monopolistic corporations. As our economies turn around, we’ll “build back better”. Ha!

We also just got this before press time: Link to post.

JUST IN – Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has failed to form a new coalition government by a midnight deadline, putting his political future in question (AP) @disclosetv

Trump just pre-empted the demonrats’ program and confirms his own social media platform to tell us the truth. He doesn’t need Facebook or Twitter or any other platform. Soon he can communicate unimpeded and uncensored with we, the People. I hope he’ll bring back Uncle Rob so we can have some fun. No one told the truth like he did.

See the  current Trump messages here.

Trump Launches New Communication Platform

There are some interesting notes on the Q The Storm Twitter account today, including this one:

From Telegram, further explanation. There’s a lot more there if you’d care to see it.


What we are seeing in Myanmar right now is a preview of what will take place here in the United States once the rule of law plays out.

The White Hats are using Myanmar as a test run just like Globalists used Venezuela as a test run. Just wanted to let you know!

The People have to get off their duffs and DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE. It won’t all be done FOR them. They have to learn how to run their country themselves to know when it’s not being run properly. It’s not only for today, it’s for the future.

We were off to a good start this week and the following news piled on the other child sex trafficking headlines that came up on the weekend. The champions of children never stop, and according to Q, “those who know don’t sleep”.

Former Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt cited in sex trafficking sting

This update video from Agent A1 tells us about the hunt for the world’s pedovores. The police pretend to help keep children safe but in reality, many of them are pedophiles and protect the pedophiles. 4 min.


There are more explosions in the Middle East and we hear from Democrats themselves that some received 4 ballots in the mail so that explains in part why more votes were cast than there were registered voters. So far, no Republicans have come forward to report getting multiple ballots.

Heads up! This was equally as interesting. See the Q post related to this decode here on Telegram.

For those that dont know On The Clock means Cyber to shutdown all systems on the Planet. I believe the NSA will Flood the internet with a whole heap of incriminating evidence.

The SpaceForce will turn the whole planets power off. Switching over to Free Tesla Energy.

Mr Pool showed us all Trains will be halted. They work on big Electrical Grids.

All Social Media Platforms will be removed and New Ones will be replacing them with the new Quantum Internet controlled in space. It is Unhackable.

Download your Data if you don’t have 2nd copies of photos etc. We have been warned of the Global CyberSecurity Crisis.

Simon Parkes also provided this update, and I remind everyone that we’ve been told the BLM/ANTIFA organizations have been infiltrated by White Hats so their moves are known in advance and can be mitigated. You’ve heard CNN and the other demonrats spewing their venom about the audit and those involved. When the truth is known, the game changes.

Arizona situation still high as deep state move in.
BLM and ANTIFA getting ready to riot if audit gives AZ to Trump.
Black Lives Matter organized crime. AP photo.

We can’t seem to find the end of the George Floyd string as this sweater continues to unravel. Turns out a juror is part of Black Lives Matter so it’s looking better for the defendant, Derek Chauvin. The left will do anything they can to ensure they win. Cheating is expected and always part of their game and I’m no legal expert but this might lead to a mistrial or some kind of “do over”.

At least one other potential juror admitted to feeling backed into a corner and if they didn’t want more riots, burning, and violence at the hands of the psychopaths, they would have to vote accordingly and deliver a guilty verdict to Chauvin.


Chauvin Gets Massive Gift!

Humanity will learn that every game on this planet has been tipped in their favour due to the Illuminati lies and trickery. It was all rigged and we never had a fair shot, but now that we know… we will use every trick to outwit, outplay, and out last the dark magicians. All’s fair in love and war, as they say, and sometimes ethics have to bend slightly to save millions of lives and allow the Human race to survive.

Q told us early on this isn’t a game, and it won’t always be clean. The Light will do whatever is necessary to save Humanity. They have been engaged in this war for a very long time, know the future, and that is how they can say they are in control. All that’s left to deal with is the dark’s free will. Their tech has been eliminated for the most part and it’s a level playing field—or chess board—at this point.


Jan 13, 2018 10:18:18 PM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 9
We are at WAR [@].
Do you TRUST the US Military?
Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?

We are no longer the pawns in the game and the spoils of war will be unimaginable for us.

I finally got to this video from the crew which explains a lot, but at the point where we begin watching they discuss how the controllers duped us, and how it continues today. Many people are resistant to information suggesting a “conspiracy” that would trick or harm us, and they turned away. They ignored the clues and considered it strictly entertainment. Despite the overwhelming evidence today that we are being deceived, many are still in denial.

It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled, as the saying goes. No one wants to look the fool, but there are going to be a lot of sheepish people in the near future when the whole truth is told; when they no longer retain the option to wear blinders.

You can watch the full video here if you wish.

There has been mention lately of the “Clinton body bag” and some may connect this next item.

Civil rights attorney Rocco Galati brings us an update on the Police lawsuit in Canada.


Physicians are entrepreneurs and as such, provide their unique services, opinions, and protocols that best support their patients and ‘DO NO HARM’. The Government does not have the right to tell doctors and nurses what to say.

Until now, the government has been licensing brainwashed doctors to apply unscientific protocols and push Big Pharma drugs. That is changing. Doctors are learning they were misinformed from day one at med school and henceforth will be learning how to truly heal and maintain a healthy body.

Nurses are beginning to speak up as well.

What I want to know is, when are dentists going to come forward with the truth about fluoride? When are they going to tell the world the controllers put highly manufacturing waste in drinking water, toothpaste, mouthwash, and tell dentists to prescribe it to patients to prevent cavities—when it’s highly toxic?

When are they going to tell us the Nazis used NaF (sodium fluoride) to keep the prisoners in their concentration camps docile and easy to manage? When are they going to reveal that they’re doing the same thing today to maintain an apathetic public while they scheme to orchestrate our genocide?

These psychopaths tell us that sodium fluoride occurs naturally in drinking water.

It doesn’t occur naturally anywhere. It isn’t healthy for plants, and has discoloured our teeth. (fluorosis) It is toxic to our brains and the amount of fluoride in a tube of toothpaste can kill a child.

Most of the world does NOT add fluoride to their drinking water—so why is it done in some areas including the United States, where fluoride toothpaste, etc. contain it and dentists recommend it?

As Q so often asked, at what point does it become mathematically impossible for it to be a coincidence? They’re doing whatever they can to kill us. Maybe it’s time you changed dentists? There are holistic dentists that don’t resort to the extermination tactics of the indoctrinated ones.


A lot of us were on the same page yesterday. It was about recognizing and seizing our power and exercising our rights to effect change. Most of all, it was about holding the line and never giving up.

Corey’s Digs featured this article for parents about how to make important changes to school boards and create a better world for our kids; a world that instead of imprisoning their minds, will expand them and set them free to blossom into a unique gift to Humanity.

PARENTS: You Have The Power

The axis of power is shifting with another story of corruption that is unraveling but not publicly enough in Florida. Some of the information is held back, they tell us. But why? Does it involve related and ongoing investigations?

Q referenced Godfather III a number of times. It’s not easy to get out of the system once you know the secrets. The massive web of corruption always leads to other players.

Being part of the globalist web of control means you live at the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave—at least, not alive.

Elderly South Florida mobster Thomas Farese at the top of $93 million healthcare fraud, feds say

My other half has just informed me that he got a Covid vaccination without consulting me. Despite what I have said about the deaths occurring, he believes the vaccination requirements will be in place for the next five years and he wants to travel. So I’m pretty pissed right now and this killer vaccine nonsense had better have a happy ending.

Mike Adams keeps bringing us the bad news, but in this last update he had me laughing out loud when he got to his silly portion.

Unfortunately, Dr. Mercola is under attack along with several other medical truth-tellers and he discussed that as well at the beginning of the video which you’ll find at this link along with the article.


EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, Pfizer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon

When over 100 holistic health practitioners have died under suspicious circumstances if not outright assassinations, we don’t take this news lightly. I don’t imagine this article compiled by Dr. Mercola’s wife, Erin Elizabeth, will remain intact for long, either. My search didn’t pull up this old article on her site like it used to.

Dr. Mercola deletes all articles about Vitamin D, zinc and covid after being personally threatened

We’ve done enough damage for today. Over and out.  ~ BP


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