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For: My Family and Friends and Others:  Are you communing with The Spirit of Truth (John 14:15-20) every day?

[7]  May 1, 2021:  FBI seizes video ??? of Hillary Clinton hanging:

[6]  April 30, 2021:  Next GITMO Tribunal (Podesta) set for May 4th:

[5]  April 29, 2021:  Comey reaction to watching HRC hanged:

[4]  April 26, 2021:  Hillary Clinton execution:

[3]  April 16, 2021:  Hillary Clinton Conviction:

[2]  March 4, 2021: Hillary Clinton arrested:

[1]  January 30, 2021:  Trump assassination attempt:

25 previous assassination attempts: (7 min)

NOTE: The problem of presenting truth in a seriously fallen world: How do we know?  A pastor, friends, and others have responded previously, doubting, wondering, How do we know this to be true?  Here is my best response:

My thoughts: Because one does not believe something is true does not make it false.

There is enough specific information presented in the above that the truth shall be verified by many in the not too distant future.

What I have relayed to you and my family over the years is what I believe and have come to know to be true and; when I read or listen to current day prophecies from others and/or information gleaned from research endeavors, I pray and ask the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Truth) to verify what is true and what is not.

I officially presented the facts (1994-2009) about atrocities, much of past genocides {purposely orchestrated through vaccines}, committed by the “authorities of this world / satanic controlled governments” and verified their involvement {proofs legally presented in a manner established by their own “United Nations”} and the proof then publicly recorded [Evidence File 3:08-mc-00409; Document 18, Specific Admissions: Sections  40-13 and 44-4 on pages 239 thru 244 and Article Thirty-one on pages 19 thru 21 and Article Thirty and;  Document 23, Appendix Two: Introduction of Morgellons/Nano-Tech Disease on pages 543 thru 562 and purposed Vaccination atrocities and Vatican involvement on pages 585 thru 594; filed publicly at “United States District Court-San Diego”]   Family members have suffered from my truth activities: Why do you think the FBI attacked me so harshly?  Why did they [the deep state] try to quietly kill me in 2014?   What is it about truth?  If anyone reading this; wishes details on my experiences; simply [  ] email a request for “My Background” and I will send a pdf file document to you–it is verifiable.

Please think about today — in the now: Have you come to actually realize who controls such “approved terrorist organizations” (FBI, CIA, BIS, Mossad, ET AL)?  What about the fake news media?  Have you yet come to realize: deceitful governments of this world: [a] have lied to you all of your life? [b] lied to your father and mother all of their lives? [c] lied to your grandfather and mother all of their lives? [d] lied to your great-grandfather and mother all of their lives?

Are you aware of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in these evils?  And, her involvement in child sacrifices and; the same involvement of many, many, many notable others {supposed royalty and authorities and noted celebrities} actually servants of Satan/Lucifer throughout the world?  Are you aware that most are now imprisoned at GITMO?   Have you done your own research and; communicated with The Spirit of Truth?  and;

Are you aware that “Joe Biden” is not Joe Biden?  That “actor Biden” is denied access to the Pentagon?  That Biden does not fly out on “Air Force One” but Trump does-from Florida?  That “Delta Force” is protecting Trump?  Are you aware that America is currently under the control of the US MILITARY?  And,  Donald Trump is still recognized as The Commander-in-chief by the military?   Are you aware of the fleets of U.S.Military Ships off the west and east coasts of America? and Why are they there?  Are you aware that the U.S. Military has locked-in/fenced-in Washington-District of Columbia and is guarding/controlling who is allowed in and out?  Do you know why?  Are you aware that we are in the middle of a World War, right now, involving warfare technologies we have not considered before?

Are we yet aware, Trump is keeping his promises to clean-up the swamp?   That the military is now prosecuting child murderers from around the world–right now–at GITMO–not just evil people from America, but from around the world?  Are you still believing the “fake news”?   Do you realize that the fake news, too; will soon be taken down and replaced with truth???

Do you yet realize that Donald Trump is our Father’s instrument, among others, to bring one last blast of truth to this world?  That He is in the process of providing a time for us all to repent and embrace The Saviour, Jesus Christ: Shiloh–[Genesis 49:10-KJV] and His ways?

And,  will we see a temporary time of truth, freedom and plenty {a time for preparations)? And, what kind of more deceptions will we experience, before Satan is finally allowed to spill out his short time of rage of terror and fear upon this current world?  Done, just before The Final Kingdom is introduced to earth through The King of kings [Shiloh] -Jesus Christ-? (Daniel 7:13-14, 27; Genesis 49:10; Revelation 21:22-27);   

Are we yet aware that the COVID VACCINES are about population control and reduction?  Are you aware of the history of vaccines?  Are you aware of the motivation behind the creation and making of vaccines?  simply [  ] email a request for “123.ACCOUNT 7” and I will send a pdf file document to you–it is verifiable and; contains 142 years of vaccine history and the motivations for their development–again–all verifiable.

Are you aware: What times have begun?  That you and your sons and daughters have been chosen, by our Father, to live and make your witness for Jesus Christ during the most incredible prophesied times in the history of the world?  That the times which Christ prophesied about have begun?  “The beginning of sorrows” Matthew 24:4-8? and; is marked by the fulfillment of a sign in the heavens {Revelation 12:1-2: (18 minutes and remember in prophecy a day=a year)} fulfillment occured on “September 23, 2017”

Are you getting ready for what is coming?  What is The Spirit of Truth saying to you, each and every day?

Eventually, we shall all know the truth, anyway that we can cut it (1 Corinthians 13:6-13):


In the terms of this world, we do not know until it is verified and witnessed.  I pray, we all [you], will seek verification in your spirit from the Spirit of Truth, and again;

We will all eventually know.  That is one of the characteristics of truth.  The truth always comes out, eventually.  

Please read:  John chapters 3 and 14,       Romans chapter 8,     1 Corinthians chapter 13;

Thinking about eternity:  What is the importance of Truth?


And, Do you believe that JFK Jr. is alive and is a part of the “Q Team”? We shall all come to know.

Does God do His work through people?


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