Starship Earth: Obstruction in Arizona and Other Tales from the Edge


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April 23, 2021

April 23, 2021: Obstruction in Arizona and Other Tales from the Edge [videos]

As the astute crew pointed out, this is Week 17 of 2020 and we are interested to see if Bo Polny’s “Noah’s Ark” prophecy about the 23rd to the 26th of April will be biblical.

The biggest news I’ve yet seen today, 1 pm my time, is not really surprising when we know the enemy and their delay tactics.  That’s what the halt in the election was on November 3rd, 2020, after all. They needed time to come up Plan B and counter the unanticipated red tsunami created by 80 million Trump supporters.

This, then, is no shocker. The deep state election thieves got a judge to call a “pause” in the Arizona ballot audit. They are crapping themselves and have to stall to come up with a way out. Or be exposed. Which they will be. Patience, everyone.

Ghost Ezra then shattered that with this AZ audit update post on Telegram. It’s all off. No pause. Roller coaster, indeed. Like we said, things change fast these days.

There is plenty of suggestion on Telegram about this weekend being “biblical”, with arks, black swans, etc.


We expected distractions and false flags and they’ve created another police murder in Paris. I’m sure they would like a distraction from the Ghislaine Maxwell in person court appearance this afternoon in Manhattan where she and her legal team asked for what? A DELAY in the trial date slated for July 12. Of course they did.

In court, Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty to new charges

Macron would know all about terrorists and their devices.

Attacker fatally stabs police employee near Paris, Macron calls it terrorism

All we need is a few more percentage points to get what the Earth Alliance needs to go forward, according to some sources. One big event might do it. Or a few small ones. We’ll see how it shakes out.

For any techno-weenies like me who wanted a video to watch the Chris James/David Hawkins jaw dropper so they could rewind if necessary, here’s the Bitchute version I promised. I’ve included the show notes, as well. It’s a must listen.



David goes into massive RICO crimes surrounding Trudeau family and Gates family.

First KNOW YOUR ENEMY…. that is the BAR [private society of parasites feeding off the peoples ignorance]

the BAR HAS NOW BEEN EXPOSED … The Parhar Court brought the evil out and into the light ….
Sekulvoski Court in Ontario is the other common law court nailing the BAR exposing their massive corruption!

Once the ‘Supreme Court Civil Rules… used in BC and the ‘rules of civil procedure’ used against the people in Ontario see and remove it from blocking truth and access to our public courthouse…. then look out…. no man is above the law and this is when every head of ever service corporation will be brought into a court and under oath are toast in 4 simple questions… it is in that moment we can stop all this evil and police and military can round up the people world wide who have committed massive genocide against mankind…. this is our moment if we can just take hold and bring truth forth.

The evil in this world is TERRIFIED the people will LEARN what you are about to hear.

The round table we featured yesterday with Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Mel K and David Nino Rodriques was excellent, and Charlie is a poster child for Hydroxychloroquine. In 36 hours his nasty chest cold was gone thanks to a liquid HCQ concoction a German doctor made for him.

Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions

The CDC (a private vaccine company) held an emergency conference this morning to discuss bringing back the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine. Not surprisingly, the outcome was:

CDC panel recommends resuming Johnson & Johnson vaccinations

Why take ANY vaccine? It’s obvious this is no “pandemic” folks because there are many safe, effective, rapid cures with ZERO negative side-effects and they’re super cheap, too. They just wanted everyone fearful and vaccinated with Big Pharma toxins and under the vicious thumb of tyrants they paid off in nearly every country to go along. Off with their heads!



(and you know I rarely use exclamation marks or red) You’re about to be red-pilled.

The next portion of this post is very important to innerstand. Something to think about from the crew.

First, read this. If you can’t make it out, it says that in the future (post-1917 when written) a vaccine will be created to sever the connection between body and soul so the body would forget there even is such a thing as a soul. The crew sent me a meme but I found it here in a legible form, from Rudolph Steiner.

A Future Vaccine to Prevent Knowledge of Soul and Spirit

Now this next bit is an assessment from an energy healer/practitioner about a client. They had treated them prior, and now saw them again but didn’t know until after the fact they had accepted two vaccinations since the last session. It explained the detachment they encountered between the client’s heart mind and the subtle body. They were unable to add light to the body as before and felt the consciousness had been separated. Coincidence?

You can read more about this on Before It’s News.

I find it fascinating, but not surprising, as the monsters running the world know all about the Human body and taught us nothing so they would always have the advantage as predators.

You may recall we shared reports recently that a couple of people who had C-19 shots experienced dramatic personality changes. It all makes sense in a transhumanist agenda, does it not?

They give us all these rabbit holes to go down about destroying the immune system and implanting nanobots, and telling us to fear the viral shedding from vaccinated people, etc. but it’s just distractions and the real story is always so much worse than we originally think when we learn of their agendas.


They are indeed creating a zombie nation in every country and as I said before… we need those med-beds yesterday.

Questions are raised about so many things now that the patriots are super-observant. LT pointed out the Frankenstein neck on Kamala Harris in yesterday’s And We Know video. Gruesome, but appropriate for these monsters, don’t you think? But is it a mask or the result of surgery on his Adam’s apple. (Some claim she’s a he.)

I must say I’m growing weary of the drama and I’m also sick of talking to ‘dead people’ who don’t seem to have two brain cells to rub together.

“It Will Be Bloody” – Philippines’ President Duterte Threatens to Send Naval Ships To West Philippines Sea as China Threatens

Let’s go forward, rip off the Band-aid and GET THIS DONE. I need to be watchful of what I ask for because the manifestation has been working incredibly well lately. It’s blowing my little mind.

It’s seeming like a rather slow news day, but I found a new Gene Decode and I’ve not yet listened.

Gene Decode Is Back 4-23-21 Many topics and more info on the ship EVERGIVEN and Prions

There is another lockdown in Perth, Australia so perhaps there are arrests going on there.

Perth COVID lockdown confirmed after former hotel quarantine guest tests positive

Mica won’t wear a mask. Or boots or a hat. He’s not crazy about his backpack, either. He prefers au naturel, with the wind whipping through his hair… and his nostrils.


To end on a lighter note, check out the tiny clip at this Telegram post.

I’ll leave you there. I know you’ll be watchful. The world is indeed watching Arizona. Have a great weekend, my friends. Stay safe, and big love to you all.  ~ BP


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