Beach Broadcast: Ohio Bryant Video, Mayur Saves Child, Silver Linings, Joe Schmoe


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21 April 2021

Ohio Bryant Video /Mayur saves child/Silver Linings / Joe schmoe







Two video clips combined of the actual incident and post shooting.  The 2nd lady (that did not get stabbed) tells all!  And the news seems to ignore the man kicking the 1st lady that was attacked by Bryant, that was on the ground.  What a cheap shot, truly kicking a girl while she is down.

Sources: New York Times and

Oh the fake news media won’t like this…Bryant’s neighbor said more people might have died if Officer didn’t act.

This is a critical time when people needed help from law enforcement, and when law enforcement came to help to save lives of other people, the media melts down and so did a basketball player.  I wonder if the cop was their same race, if he would be hailed a hero for saving the lives of others, from a person that is attacking people with a knife? 

This headline just broke…maybe after CNN’s exposure to admitting they report ridiculous propaganda coupled with losing the Airport contract reduced their ratings significantly!  What in the world is up with Lemonhead and th



The bigger question should be…if it’s not a state, then why is the White House, Congress and all USA Federal Government agencies in DC regulating America?  

Vatican City was never a part of Italy.

London City was never a part of the UK.

Washington DC was never a state in the United States.

YET, these 3 empires once ruled the world!  So is this vote a sign that the dirty DC and Deep state have acquiesced and realize DC is powerless?  Will it get voted as a separate state in preparation for the Republic America to take place?  Republic America is ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE!  We the people have the power, not DC!  

Did the cabal fall down?  Is this a sign that DC Swamp rats / Deep state is no more?   

With the fall of Vatican City and London City…did they acquiesce as well? 

I look at 51 and read Q51:



Certainly ties in to what the data today

Remember last year about 10 months ago, the Dollar to Silver ratio was in the $3,000’s and now it is in the $5,000’s per ounce?  July 6, 2020 data showed this:


Mayur Shelkhe did something so extraordinary.  Watch this video:

This young child life was saved within seconds!   This is such an extraordinary act of heroism and he is humbly happy for saving the life of the little boy!  


This heartfelt story makes me think about how often I lurk posts and read about someone has helped a stranger’s life.  The news will not share that because they don’t like Good news stories.  The media is all about making people get emotionally angry and of course…their ratings!  

There is a HERO is each one of you!  I am seeing something extraordinary about you all!  You all say hi, help, encourage and have connected with perfect strangers, only to help build the other person up.  

When you look in the Mirror, I sure hope you see a beautiful person doing extraordinary works.  God in Heaven is pleased with you!  You all have developed strong friendships with one another…to the point, they have become family! 

This love and strength is something that is growing constantly!  And each day you do this, the more you you are paying your soul!  Think about this, the kind gesture, the love you give to others, the time you spend talking to a friend in need, or writing a letter, or picking a perfect card….to give to someone else is paying your soul.  

Remember, President Trump when he was Businessman Trump did random acts of kindness that paid his soul:

And then he gave up his life and lifestyle.  And gets treated so horribly by the left, yet now the left is beginning to realize, Trump was doing good for them!  I really don’t like this part of the movie, but I sure do wish President Trump and his family enjoy this time away from the media spotlight, so they can enjoy the life they deserve. He’ll be back stronger than ever before.  Changing the world takes a lot of time and strategy, thanks to our heroes, the Military, White Hats, Trump Teams and yes, President Trump! 

This man holding this powerful message is what I highly recommend:


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