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Submitted on April 16, 2021

I don’t often mention the QFS and RV/GCR in my posts. I am happy to allow it to unfold in Divine timing.

I make an exception for this new channelling from James McConnell. I have followed his channellings for many years and respect his messages.

Here is the excerpt from the channelling related to the timing for the Quantum Financial System…

Guest: I wanted to ask about the Quantum Financial System. From what I understand, it is ready to go in all the steps, and it is just a matter of the go switch being turned on by Spirit, if I’m correct. Can you expand on that a little for me?

OWS: What we can tell you is you are accurate, what you are saying. It is ready to go at a moment’s notice, you might say, a switch being turned on, or whatever it might be. And it is there. It is ready. It just needs to be implemented. When the vibration, not the time, but the vibrational frequency, is right for it. We cannot give more on that at this point. For if we were, then we would be getting into the prediction realm of things and, as you know, we do not get into that. We deal in potential and possibility. But the potential and the possibility of your Quantum Financial System being turned on is very, very great at this time. Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We wish to share. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we will ask you a question if we may. Why do you wish for the Quantum Financial System to be implemented? Why do you wish this?

Guest: Well, I would love to see the humanitarian projects roll out. That’s No. 1. No. 2, I have decisions and things that I’m kind of in the middle of and am teetering on which way to go with it—should I wait, should I not wait, that kind of thing.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we will continue, if we may.

Guest: Sure.

Shoshanna: May we continue?

Guest: Absolutely, please, yes.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, to go forward with a new idea, there must be those that embrace the new idea, you see. So one must be crystal clear why they would like this new idea or this new process to take place. The more clarity that the humans have, the faster this will manifest. This is why we ask questions, you see. When one just wishes for something and does not know why they are wishing for it or what the projected result will be in their mind, it does not manifest. It is very important that each that wish for the Quantum Financial System to be implemented to understand completely why they want it.

Now we will tell you that there is never a reason to hesitate. It does not matter what system is in place. It does not matter what you are working with. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a dollar or a bar of gold, it is your hesitancy that creates the movement and consciousness not to take place, you see. All things are movement in consciousness, even if it is a dollar bill or a bar of gold. It represents a movement in consciousness. So when you hesitate to move forward, you hesitate to move in consciousness, if that makes any sense at all. We are trying hard to clarify our thoughts, here.

So now, you must make a decision to go one way or the other, to stop or to go forward. There is no middle, you see. This is what you must do.

And additionally, the humanitarian projects are going forward anyway. There are many on the planet of humanitarians that are using dollars to go forward with humanitarian projects. You, and all who are true humanitarians, do not wait for something to occur for them to move forward. Namaste.

Maintaining a positive attitude (high vibration) is a critical factor in the timing for the RV/GCR.





The Quantum Financial System is ready now behind the scenes. The RV/GCR will manifest in the blink of an eye when humanity has reached the critical level of vibration to handle the energy of massive abundance.

Your thoughts create your reality. If you are constantly focused on the idea that the RV/GCR ‘is taking forever to get here’ – guess what? In YOUR reality, it will take forever to get here. Instead, if you focus on staying in the moment, being positive and joyful and of service to others, before you know it – the RV/GCR will suddenly be on your doorstep.

I am speaking from personal experience. I think of the RV/GCR far less now than I did months or years ago. I TRUST in its manifestation, and I get on with my life.

We Light Warriors have the capacity to maintain faith and trust in the Divine plan.


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Where We Go One We Go All.




Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


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