Kat’s JC Kay Tree Whisperer Transcripts: JFK, Diana and the Blazing New Light


Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

One of my unceasing prayers for my ascended next is that I can speak Light Language and understand all Creation. 

I want to be able to listen to and speak with a tree as well as a forest. A drop of water and an ocean. A plant and a planet. A lion and a pride of lions. A galaxy and a Solar System.

JC Kay can already do that. What a wonderful gift to be your Infinite self now.

Enclose an enchanting transcript from JC Kay of her conversations, including a few prophecies, with a tree near to where she lives in Australia.

I’ve gone back and forth with myself about writing this next point, but as JC Kay brings the person up in her transcript I would like to address it.

So many in our Lightworker, Digital Soldier community long for JFK Jr. to return. 

I do not. Not in the way he was here before. 

I remember how awful it was for John in New York City to not be able to get a cup of coffee without an army of paparazzi swarming him and his new wife. Agony. To not be able to walk his dog without people leaping out from hidden street corners hungrily snapping photographs. 

I think what a relief it is for JFK and his family to be anonymous. For him to be able to live his life and do his work camouflaged. Bliss and fun.

I feel the same way about Diana. Remember the he/ll it was for her towards the end? The whole thing was insane but especially at the end. 


I remember thinking at the time of their ‘alleged’ deaths, Diana’s and John’s, that God had taken them well out of it in order to bring them peace. I’m happy to learn there may exist a kind of Q-Witness-Protection program.

When I was in school in New York City in the 1970’s, John Lennon was living there. I’d see him all the time bopping down the street. He had a unique bouncy-walk especially when he was wearing high-top sneakers.

What was wonderful is that NO ONE paid any attention to him. That is, everyone recognized it was John Lennon, and would smile or nod to themselves but everyone left him alone. Sometimes someone would flash him a Peace sign and he’d Peace sign back. But that’s it. He was free. No iPhones back then. Not even paparazzi. He was able to come and go as he pleased, which is why he chose to live in New York.

Something happened between then and when Princess Diana showed up in 1980, the year John Lennon was killed. All of a sudden her fame went into the stratosphere. She was imprisoned in a throng of paparazzi her entire “Royal” life.

One of the reasons why I love Q, Gene Decode, Juan O Savin, Global Digital Soldiers, bloggers and podcasters is that it’s all about the flow of information; a sharing of passion, loyalty, love, peace, light, wisdom, intelligence, creativity—without personality entering into it and pulling it into something it isn’t.

I don’t know who Q is, or who the Q’s are. Or who Juan O Savin is. Or Gene Decode. I don’t ever need to know. I love them is all, and thank them for sharing their wisdom and hearts.

I believe the glaring heat of fame as we’ve come to know it in the last 40 years is a de_mon construct. De/vils are empty inside and seek EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES so they need to create a Cult of Personality to feed off since they don’t have a soul, heart or being. They’re barren. Vacant. Dead.

As we manifest a beautiful 5D+ World, a Divine Heart Centered World, everyone is appreciated and loved. Each is celebrated as a special unique and wonderful creation of God. No need for idolization. What a huge relief that would be for the fugitives from global fame.

In the New Golden World, a Jesus or a JFK or a Michael Jackson or a Diana can live in peace. In a world of Highest Light they can easily pull up a chair to your table and you won’t faint. You simply offer them a cuppa tea and carry on with the conversation.


My 2 cents on fame.

With blessings unceasing,

xo, Kat


TRANSCRIPT – 29th March, 2021
Transcript for Message from the Tree – PART 1
By JC Kay

Transcribed by Sylvie

JC: I reached out and held this Branch of this tree. And what I instantly heard was:

“It’s like we’re holding hands”

And I want to explain that the voice that I heard was very ghostly almost.

It was a faraway voice and it sounded like a group of voices if that makes sense.

Like an echo group of voices and I just knew it was female.

And many people who have these connections with nature, they will feel a name or a gender for that tree.

Tree: “I am more than just wood, I am the essence of creation”

JC: “What’s coming for the human race?”

Tree: “There has been an energy shift across the planet, that sparks the new dawn of a new civilization. We have known about this for decades. We felt the vibrations in the Earth of changes coming at this present time. We hope you all can see what truly needs to be changed. 


You’ve come out of the other end of a very dark portal. Now you are coming out of this tunnel into the light; and the Darkness seeks to capture you and trap you back there again but you are all emerging as wanderers in a new era.

Hold the light within you.

Keep going, keep going forward.

We the trees, We; that is Nature, Mother Earth, We of this organic creation, we feel and see the light. We are not of the Darkness; we are of the light.

So in order to recapture that part of yourself, spend more time in nature. 

Spend more time surrounded by animals and plants. 

Spend more time in the soil, like your ancestors before you.

Birthing trees were created because of the incredible power and wisdom that comes through our essence, our energy. 

We are connected to Source directly and we are a physical manifestation of that source energy. This is untapped eternal energy, ready for you to receive. 

Connect to us and you shall never be alone. Connect to us and you shall always be safe. We will not betray you. We, the plants, Mother Nature, Earth, will never betray you. 


You were told that the Earth was conspiring against you, and it is not. You were told that the weather was unpredictable and it seeks to harm you. You were also told that YOU damage the Earth, and that It is YOU who causes the weather to create such destruction. But We that see everything; We, the Standing Trees see YOU, the Walking Trees, as one with us.

And you have been heavily deceived. You’ve had a veil across your eyes, blinding you to the reality that is within you. And we come to say: ‘Come back to Earth, come back to Mother Nature. We are here. We will support you, We will never leave you.’ Do not destroy us, we are not the enemy.

Take your children outside for a walk, let them sit in the arms of the tree. Let them climb the boughs and allow these trees to cradle you and fill you with the essence of wisdom from beyond your scope of understanding. 

When you hug a tree, when you feel its very essence, you are tapped into nature and you will receive the downloads that are free for anyone to receive; but they hinder the signal, this telegram to your brain by bombarding you by the weapons of ‘mass distraction’, the weapons inside your home: the pesticide, the insecticide, the herbicides, all of that manufactured nonsense. The Wi-Fi signal, the television and the EMF. All of it, ALL OF IT, blocks you from receiving our messages to you.

Be at one with us. You will know TRUE sovereignty, you will know true freedom of spirit.

Come back to Earth and be one with her, one with nature.

We are all one. Any answer you wish to receive, go within, but we ask you – touch a tree and feel the answers. We will connect you with Spirit.

Bless you.”

JC: That is the first message that I got from the tree outside, and it is a huge tree, an old tree. 

I have since learned her name, and she explained to me she was binary. I did not understand what that was and then, I was looking down over my balcony and I realized there were actually 2 trees [in one] stuck together.

30th March, 2021
Transcript for Message from the Tree – PART 2
By JC Kay

Transcribed by Sylvie

Tree: “We feel you, we feel you.Come closer to us.

Never mind the barrier, we are one with you, we are sacred as are you.


Hold us within your arms and teach yourself how to sing the messages of the trees.

It is crucial that you ask a question at this time. Ask of us and we will answer.”

I am told by the tree that they are able to connect with us better at Night,

that they “will answer directly at Night”.  I am not told why.

JC: What is to come in the month of April?

Tree: “There is a mass destruction of all plants and animals in the area of the Chinese province (could not hear the province name) where there is big water flowing. You will see a devastating tide rip through and destroy most of the area, infrastructure, crops, roads, people houses, cars, all will be destroyed in the month of April.”

JC: Is this in 2021?

Tree: “Yes.”


Kat Note: There has been speculation for a while in the Digital Soldier community that the 3 Gorges Dam in China will either be taken out by the Alliance’ Rod of God weapon, or collapse of its own crumbling decrepit accord. This might be the Chinese province JC’s tree is talking about. It’s difficult to choose the most ev/il place on the planet because countless places on blessed Earth have been made disgustingly horrific with child and Human traff/icking — Vatican, City of London, Buckingham Palace, Washington D.C., Libya, etc., and Wuhan is right up there with all those in diabolic fiendish activity.

On 3-2-21 Gene Decode said the Alliance already took out the 2 dams above 3 Gorges and are taking out the D.U.M.B.s in China right now. 



JC: People want to know when will this lock-down end?

Tree: “There is no lock down, it is only of the mind. People are free to move about. They are only restricted by what the tv tells them. Switch off your tv and learn to rely on yourself for the truth. There is no Boogey-man, there is no weapon that will harm you in a vial (re: Cov/id-19). You are being told a story and the people are believing it; and yet they are buying the weapon that will destroy your immune system in triplicate [vax.]  

So, hold on dear ones because you are in for a ride of a life.

This year is like no other. It has twists and turns, unlike the year before. If you think 2020 was a Watershed moment, this year is the one where everything shifts and changes.

Count the numbers: 2+0+2+1 they add up to 5.

Five is the vibration of change. 

[Juan O Savin said 5 is the # of Grace in the Bible]

Change, chaos adventure, movement, action, shifts.

This is what happens this year.

So, do not be despairing for it is all necessary to clear the old and bring in the new.


You are weak if you are believing the stories you see in the media.

What you call the “Mainstream Media” has now crept into your alternative sources of expression. See how insidious this propaganda is? See how easy it is to spread a lie, and to get people to believe it as true? This is because people do not trust their own selves, their own knowing, their own wisdom for true knowledge.

We ask of you if you do not trust yourself, trust us; trust nature. We do not harm you; we do not hurt you; we do not have a motive or an agenda. Go to us. Sit beside a tree and focus.

Allow the knowledge and the wisdom of ancient times, and the wisdom and the energy of the universe to come through the physical form of the tree and into you. Listen carefully and words will begin to form in your mind and those words will form sentences. Allow that to flow freely with you. Allow that to unhook you from within, to decompress all of the information which you contain within all of your cells, your DNA. 

You are the spark of life. You have this within you already.

You do not need to question where this comes from for it is within you… but… if you do not trust what you hear inside, go to a tree and you will hear it. You will hear it clearly. You will hear the messages uncorrupted. The wisdom comes directly from source. We are eternal life and we will harbour you, we will not harm you.

Any more questions?”

JC: Can I ask definitively if JFK Jr is alive?

Tree: “Yes, he is in the form of a man who lives by the side of a road. He will not show himself, not in any way that you’d like to see. For he is used to hiding in plain sight.

And he continues to use his intelligence and his abilities in other formats for the greater good, without the attention of celebrity status. His looks are fading however he is still the handsome man you once knew.”

JC: Is Princess Diana married to Donald J. Trump?

Tree: “In a physical form, T is married to a woman who is tall and slender much like Diana. Melania is a free spirit and she does as she wishes for the most part but do not think that she is NOT married to Donald Trump, for she is.

Diana serves a different purpose. Her essence, her knowledge, her immaculate form of understanding human nature comes in the form of a consciousness that is tapped into, and they use this to be able to understand more about the world and how it is formed, in order to deconstruct the evil ‘Matrix Weavers and Time Benders’. Diana is sourced from a consciousness machine.”

JC: Is she alive? (Diana)

Tree: “Yes, in the form of a woman who lives by the ocean in a calm beach in Florida. She is given sanctuary there and sheltered daily.”

JC: Is ’T’ the current President of the United States?

Tree: “Yes on paper he is.

They are allowing whatever it is that is occurring now to be carried out for the greater good. You cannot see it for your vision is short- sighted.  Your eyes are taught to not see the big picture and to not think critically. Because this is what schools have done to you. It has sheltered you from knowing the truth.


We love you dearly, we have more messages for you. Come to us daily for messages.

Peace be with you now.

It is cold and we can feel you shivering, we love you JC and we know you carry the truth within your heart. 

We know that you will carry this message with conviction. We know we can trust you as a source of inspiration and information for the world.

Allow them to hear the messages without bias. Let them hear it and let them speak as they are, expressing their truth as they see it, even if they do not agree with you.

Allow them to speak and let it go.

It is all part of the process of changing this earth.

Peace be with you.”



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