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Submitted on April 8, 2021


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The problem Germany faced in World War Two as now is that it did not have sufficient fuel access within Germany or Europe other than some in Romania. In World War Two England controlled the seas so that after Dunkirk Churchill felt he still had Germany by the throat by blocking their oil by sea. He did not have to make peace. Germany’s position is no different today and must rely on Russia for its natural gas and oil which is why Nord Stream Two is so vitally important to Germany as it cannot keep open the Straits of Hormuz if Iran blocks it and nor can the US as we see in footnote one. Thus, Germany faces total economic destruction if it is cut off from its fuel supplies which it cannot control. In a sense Germany won World War Two afterwards by negotiations totally dominating Europe not by force of arms but by its economic power. This is what Napoleon wanted in his Continental System and Germany has achieved it. In the same sense, Germany cannot risk its position over the Ukraine unless it wants to commit suicide as it will lose the oil forever to China.

Germany decided to solve this problem in World War Two by first evicting the Anglo-Saxons from Europe to protect its rear, then the plan was to invade Russia for the oil which it did. That was the only reason for the invasion which was stupid as Stalin was cooperating in every way. In fact, Hitler offered to Stalin India which he could reach by land and leave him Europe as now. The primary target was the oil in Baku and the Caucuses but Germany first wanted to knock out the Russian transportation networks centered in Moscow though that was not the primary target. Germany failed as the US had built up Russia for that reason in the 1930s and massively supplied them through Alaska for half their imported supplies and 25% through Iran and the other 25% through Murmansk.  

Zhukov stopped the Germans at Moscow and later at Stalingrad. Goering guaranteed Hitler he could supply Stalingrad by plane but could not as he was incompetent. Truth be told, Milch was the brain of German air power and could have done it if brought in in time.  

It is important to note at this time that these military failures on the Russian front came about because General Fellgiebel had given the Enigma codes to Britain and since the signals on the eastern front were too far away for the British to pick up Fellgiebel sent the military planning of the German High Command to Stalin via the Red Three in Zurich using the wireless. Later, it worked wonders for the allies at the Normandy invasion.


Here is an example of the Enigma decoding: these are the exchanges between Hitler and Field Marshall Gunther von Kluge which were read by the British giving the exact details on Hitler’s plan to cut Patton off from his communications (supplies) at Avranches and thereby enabled the allied armies to cut off the retreat through the Falaise Gap. This is worth quoting as it is the most important use in the war of Fellgiebel’s treason:

“As Patton’s XX Corps raced toward Loire and his XVth Corps dashed toward Le Mans. Field Marshall von Kluge and Hitler conducted a strategic debate decoded at Bletchley (where the intercepts were decoded) revealed day to day to Churchill and Eisenhower, Montgomery and Bradley. Hitler ordered von Kluge to pay no attention to Patton’s breakthrough but to collect four Panzer divisions from Caen and to retake Avranches in order to divide the Americans at the base of the Cherberg Peninsula and roll them back into the sea.” This was a very brilliant plan and would have worked. Patton would have been defeated and routed as he would have been cut off from his supplies. Patton was ordered to stop, send his forces back to protect his lines of communications (supplies). Hodge’s first army was sent toward Mortain to protect Avranches, and Montgomery to move south to cut off the Falaise Gap. Even the military genius Napoleon Bonaparte could not have won his heroic battles against such spying, and Napoleon said that it is a truth in history that espionage has outweighed in many major battles the greatest valour and boldness and genius. Such words of Napoleon were prophetic as he was defeated at Waterloo by the bribed Field Marshal Emaneul de Grouchey which transaction was handled by (later Baron) James de Rothschild. The Germans argue that Field Marshall Gephardt von Blucher won the the Battle of Waterloo, and the British say it was Wellington, but the reality was that it was the Rothschilds who were the only victors at Waterloo making so much money on the London stock markets using the Landgrave of Hess’s riches that they attained complete control of England, Europe and later the US from that time on. 

Hitler wanted to design a duel purpose fighter and bomber somewhat similar in concept to our F-35 all purpose fighter for Navy, Air and Ground armies which took twenty years, a trillion dollars, and has been a disappointment in the sense that it is less a fighter jet than a technology platform for advance aerial warfare. This is what the planners wanted and this is what they achieved.  It is pointless to criticize the fact that the F-35 is not as fast or manoeuvrable as the last fighters. The truth is that it was never intended to be a jet fighter in the traditional sense. Milch stood his ground with Hitler that it was wrong and lost favour. This delayed the jet fighter that could have cleared the skies over Germany.

As it was, Goering testified at Nuremberg that Germany needed six more months to finish their coal to fuel oil plants underground, that is synthetic fuel, and roll out the jets, and they would have beat back the allies by superior air power clearing the skies. It is hard to move Panzer Armies around if allied planes controlled the skies. It is even harder if the panzers run out of fuel as happened at the Battle of the Bulge. Much air power had to be grounded at critical times for lack of fuel.

Werner Heisenberg sabotaged the German nuclear bomb program presenting false a mathematical analysis of graphite as a conductor saying the idea was worthless instead telling Albert Speer that the heavy water requisite as the conductor was exorbitantly expensive and so time consuming to develop that it would not be delivered in time to win the war. Japan figured that out as the math is easy and detonated a nuclear bomb just as the Russian forces were arriving at their testing facility in North Korea. If Russia had not invaded China to conquer the Japanese forces there Japan could not have been invaded based on a Japanese nuclear bomb. The Russians seized the scientists and equipment in North Korea and brought it to Russia to work on their program.

Japan’s Secret War: How Japan’s Race to Build its Own Atomic Bomb Provided the Groundwork for North Korea’s Nuclear Program Third Edition: Revised and Updated

The nuclear bombs the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not stop the war but the fact that the Russian invasion of China had also cut off the Japanese supplies from China was a major influence. That was more important than the nuclear destruction as the Japanese had weathered by then a similar conventional destruction of most of their cities. Only it required more planes. Another important factor was the bombing of the last oil refinery in Japan though they could have relied on storage for opposing the invasion at least for a while.


There is a myth that the nuclear bombs had a significant military significance to Japan as the only difference between the conventional bombing of Tokyo and Hiroshima was that it took one bomb that otherwise took many to incinerate the city.  The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a form of war crime as its only ostensible purpose was to kill women and children as there was no military significance to those cities, and General MacArthur vehemently opposed its nuclear bombing as well as other generals and Admirals.  There was some morality left in the military as even General Doolittle vehemently opposed the European purposeful bombing of civilian targets of women and children to draw off German fighter jets from the front. There was some chivalry left in the US Army then. There is none since it was sodomized by Congress.

What was not widely known was that the Secretary of State James Byrnes was afraid Russia would invade Europe and the US and British armies were not strong enough to stop them. Byrnes thought that if Stalin saw this bomb go off on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that it would deter Russia from invading Europe. That was behind Truman’s decision. Beria’s son in his “Memoirs” says that an invasion of Europe was recommended to Stalin who said that it was a stupid idea when the US had nuclear bombs. That does not mean he would have done it anyway.

Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell

“The Cherwell memo described in quantitative terms the effect on Germany of the British bombing offensive on Germany between March, 1942-September, 1943.  This paper laid down the strategic policy.  The bombing must be directed essentially against German working class houses. Middle-class houses have two much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs; factories and “military objectives” had long since been forgotten, except in official bulletins, since they were much too difficult to hit. (The meaning here is that more women and children could be murdered per bomb for lower classes as their homes were closer together.) The paper claimed that–given a total concentration of effort on the production and use of bombing aircraft–it would be possible, in all German towns (that is, those with more than 50,000 inhabitants), to destroy 50% of the houses.”

The US General George Marshall started planning for future civilian killing by other methods after the nuclear bombing as nuclear bombs were of no further value as there were no more cities left in Japan that had not been destroyed and was contemplating the reintroduction of poison gas for the mass extermination of the Japanese women and children using gas warfare to kill every community as had been used for military use in World War One. It is important to note that these are war crimes but were precluded from being prosecuted at Nuremberg as it was said both sides were said to have used it. The truth is that Germany kept warning England to stop bombing their civilians and it was the Anglo-Saxons that invented this war crime. Germany finally retaliated when the British would not stop bombing civilians which was originally based on a German plane bombing one civilian target by mistake which gave Churchill the excuse to start bombing Germany. He was glad when the Germans started bombing England as it would rally the nation behind him.

As to gas chambers in concentration camps, in the David Irving trial in London the exhausted judge exclaimed near the end of the trial that there was no physical evidence that there ever was a gas chamber but decided the case on “parol evidence”. The Auschwitz gas chamber showed today in Poland was built in 1946.

The serious question of World War Two is the concept of proportionality.  Japan killed mostly military men in their sneak attack on Pearl Harbour, or 2,400 service men and civilians and yet we inflicted on Japan 672,000 civilian casualties in the bombing campaigns including the nuclear bombs, and over 2,000,000 Japanese military personnel. This was under the concept of unconditional surrender also imposed on Germany that did not attack the US and Japan. The concept of unconditional surrender was idiotic as it prevented internal elements in the government from making a change in policy that might lead to a fair negotiated settlement.

One of the key areas of the prosecutors at Nuremberg was the so-called Commissar Order of Hitler where non-combatants were killed by the Germans who were communists. It is interesting to note in the war against communism in Vietnam that the US adopted a similar program entitled the Phoenix Program that replicated the German program in Russia if not in copying it.

Phoenix Program

This is not to deny there were atrocities on all sides but the main point is that the western countries by secularizing have become as barbaric as the ancient pagan queers they are following. The Christian concepts of chivalry are gone out of the west almost completely as Christianity has just about been totally destroyed as in that totally corrupt and rotten Weimar Republic.


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