Waiting on Med Beds? Get Healthy Now, Miracle Supplement


This is the first supplement I have ever taken and FELT it right away ! 1 & 1/2 weeks of taking this my neuropathy is going away ! I can feel my feet !

As a senior I am waiting for the Med Beds too. I do use supplements, takes up 1/4 of my kitchen counter ūüôĀ .. I make my own colloidal silver, Lipsomal VitC, Herbal Remedies, I owned a Health Food Restaurant in the 1980’s Atlanta GA. I never took my son to the Doctor, I used Bee Propolis whenever he caught something the kids passed around at school and sleepy time tea to relax him. 

My son is grown now, I wish I knew back then as much as I know now, forced vaccinations to attend school, unfortunately he developed odd symptoms, not as bad as children with severe autism these days. But my son still has issues as an adult, bi-polar, ADHD. 

I also have issues with Fibromyalgia and a few other things, most are Dental problems, they filled my teeth with mercury silver fillings, then proceeded to root canals & crowns, its been a Dental nightmare my whole life. Everyone has their story because everyone was poisoned when the Monsters got into our health systems. 

I recently found a formula made by Dr. Rouse that is reversing autism in children ! Vax injured children are speaking after two weeks of taking this Amazing Natural Supplement !  ADHD children are calming down, all these children with Vax injuries are returning to normal, healthy lives. 

There are testimonies from adults too, reversing Diabetes, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Auto-Immune issues, you name it this “Miracle Pill” as I call it, is helping everyone ! And people can continue the medication they are on while taking this supplement called; Lonicera Longevity, that has a Lonicera Caerulea Berry antioxidant base which supports healthy DNA. It removes the build-up of toxins, supports the liver and immune system, so your body can regenerate and heal. Some of the ingredients, Glutathione in a form that reaches the mitochondria of the cells, Selenium, trace minerals from plants and more, please refer to the web site for more information, ingredients and the other supplements by Dr. Rouse.

I had a spiritual experience when I found these Miracle Pills. All of a sudden I was wishing I could get these to every innocent child who was suffering from Vxx diseases; an aroma of clean sweet soap and fresh medicinal sage surrounded me ! Holy Spirit touched me i …          I knew this was a gift from God and the good people carrying out Gods work and it would save as many as we could reach.

Here is the link, the company works similar to shaklee, you can be a representative too, it is becoming available world wide ! (this is the only company I have ever wanted to work with, because I know this works and it will save many children’s lives and adults) 


Have a look at the web 

site, read the testimonials, see what’s in the products, place an order and become an advocate if you want to.

Watch the Youtube channel, testimonials and Dr. Rouse explanations;

If you have questions, I will try to answer them you can email me, I can also guide you through getting the best pricing at;

You can friend me on Facebook, my name is Cheryl Whitestone and I can link you to the Modexus group there also.

Here’s to Everyone’s Health and Well Being ! God is Great ! wwg1wgaww Lets go in Health !

Cheryl Whitestone



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