We are Not Dealing with a Contagious Virus


Operation Disclosure | By Jens, Guest Writer

Submitted on March 26, 2021

We are not dealing with a contagious virus but a 5G crisis and the beginning of the New World Order

At the time when the plague was raging in Europe, the mayor of a small town received a visit from the Grim Reaper who had come to take his share of the village population. The mayor asked the Grim Reaper to spare his town but the Grim Reaper refused. They finally agreed that he could take 1,000 people. However, when 5,000 had died a short time later, the mayor complained that the Grim Reaper had not kept his promise. But he replied: “I really only took 1,000 people, the other 4,000 died of fear.”

At the moment the world seems to be hit again by a pandemic. Media and politicians of all kinds use every opportunity to warn of the dangers of the corona virus and how deadly it is. Measures were taken to protect the population, which have completely paralysed public life and pushed the global economy against the wall.

If one looks back, however, it has never been about protecting people. Indeed, in recent history there does not appear to have been a single major event where the media and politicians have not lied. Just think of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (staged to have a reason to enter World War II), the murder of John F. Kennedy (who wanted to disband the CIA and put the Federal Reserve under state control), the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Vietnam (to stir up the Vietnam War), 9/11 (where allegedly two towers were brought down by aircraft and the third tower, WTC 7, collapsed out of sympathy with the other two towers and without reason), weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (again, to justify starting a war), etc. For this see:

In all cases, media and politicians have only lied. From this alone it can be concluded that also this time, in the context of the so-called corona crisis, they are not telling the truth. Everyone should notice that for about six weeks hardly any people have died of heart attacks, pneumonia, cancer or even old age, but that almost all deaths are due to the corona virus. Even victims of accidents who were tested corona-positive post-mortem are considered corona-deaths according to a WHO directive. However, anywhere in the world no more people have died this year than usual at this time of year. Justin Deschamp summarizes this in the article quoted above as follows (12/042020): “The world we live in today is the product of years of mass media influence and manipulation.” One can only guess the extent of how bad the mass media are. At a commemoration in Baden-Baden, Germany, in 1991, David Rockefeller thanked the mass media for 40 years of silence: ”… it would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government …”

The corona virus is not particularly contagious and not particularly dangerous either, at most it leads to a severe cold or mild flu. See:


a web site where numerous doctors and virologists express themselves and which is updated almost daily. In addition, the general public should understand that a virus (or exosome) is always a reaction to an illness, but never the cause, as illustrated in the video by Dr Andrew Kaufman:

Viruses can hardly be transmitted, and there is little risk of infection in the current situation. This also means that in general virus vaccinations will never work in the desired way, but only produce countless, sometimes dangerous side effects.

Now that we know that it is not a corona crisis we’re facing, the question is what purpose this crisis serves. Again, a quote from David Rockefeller from 1994 to the United Nations Economic Committee provides the answer: “We are at the beginning of a global upheaval. All that’s missing is a major global crisis before the nations accept the ‘New World Order’.” He repeated this statement at the Bilderberger conference in Rottach-Egern, Germany, in 2005. To trigger such a crisis, a corona virus was developed by Bill Gates and patented in 2007, just as before with HIV, Ebola, SARS and other pathogens in the US. Thus, the corona crisis obviously serves as a cover-up for the following objectives:

  1. To introduce a vaccine against the corona virus, which is neither necessary, nor serving the purpose announced, but which is to be globally mandated for being able to participate in the public life, see Bill Gates:
    It is planned that the vaccine will destroy the immune system and permanently change the body’s DNA; in addition, a chip is to be implanted together with the vaccination so that people can be monitored around the clock. Interesting in this context is the statement made numerous times by Bill Gates that he hopes to exterminate approximately 1.2 billion people through the vaccination:

  2. Introduction of 5G, a frequency range that is necessary for the monitoring of humanity as mentioned in the previous section. The symptoms of 5G and corona disease are very similar, so that the corona crisis can be used as an ideal Trojan horse. Ultimately, 5G will lead to the extinction of all life on this planet, see interview with Dr. Barrie Trower on the “Destruction of Humans, Animals and Nature by 5G Radiation”
    and here:
    The people who actually become seriously ill in the current corona crisis are predominantly radiation sick, where the oxygen cannot be absorbed properly:
    In such situations treatment with ventilators is even counterproductive, possibly even life-threatening, as oxygen is forced into the lungs, though these cannot absorb the oxygen at all.

  3. Introduction of the New World Order (NWO) as described in Agenda 21/2030 and the Codex Alimentarius:
    and here:
    The NWO is about
    – the culling of approximately 7 billion people, the so-called “useless eaters” via vaccinations and 5G, see above or the inscription on the Georgian Guidestone:
    – Enslavement of the remaining 500 million people, the so-called “useful idiots”
    – Destruction of the global economy, eliminating all small and medium-sized businesses
    – Concentration of the remaining population in large cities that cannot be left without permission
    – Destruction of families, separation of couples and children
    – no freedom of travel
    – no freedom of speech
    – Introduction of a “social credit point” system, as implemented already in China today
    – Satanism as only world religion with glorification of torture and child sacrifice for the extraction of adrenochrome, as the elites have practiced for centuries until this very day
    – no tolerance of other religions

To sum it all up: The corona virus is not really contagious and not dangerous, the corona crisis is a 5G crisis. Ultimately, however, Bill Gates and the forces behind like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushs, Clintons, the Zionists, Jesuits, black noble families, the church and many more are concerned to establish the NWO. The corona crisis perfectly fits the following quote from Jean Claude Juncker: “We decide something, then put it to the public and wait a while to see what happens. If there is no big opposition and no uprising because most people don’t even understand what was decided, then we go on – step by step until there is no turning back. “(In The Brussels Republic, Der Spiegel, 27 December 1999).

What we are currently experiencing is a bifurcation, the future will definitely be very different from the past. Either we will find ourselves in the deeply fascist NWO, as outlined above, or in good and peaceful times, which can be characterized as follows:

  • Use of electromagnetic field energy according to Nikola Tesla (often also referred to as free energy)
  • Anti-gravity technology which can be used to transcend space and time
  • Sonic healing methods based on natural frequencies and biology instead of patentable chemistry
  • NESARA / GESARA, see:
    and thus a worldwide debt jubilee as well as an unconditional basic income, so that nobody has to suffer financial problems anymore
  • Reflection on honest values, cooperation and appreciation of nature (instead of materialism and exploitation)
  • Closure of all international organizations such as WHO, the most criminal institution on earth, the UN, BIS, World Bank, IMF, EU and many more

The way it looks at the moment, the forces trying to establish the NOW will not succeed. More and more people are waking up, even though Mark Twain once expressed it so brilliantly: “It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.” Vaccinations are increasingly being exposed as harmful; instead vitamins and hydroxychloroquine plus zinc are used as effective agents against corona and electromagnetic pollution, see



In the end, hardly anyone in public life today, be it media representatives, politicians, churches, CEOs of the big companies, the royals or representatives of the entertainment industry will emerge from this situation unscathed.

Given the current situation with absurd curfews and social distancing, as described here,

and the short story at the beginning of this essay, we’d like to close with a statement made by Benjamin Franklin: “Those who give up freedom to gain security will in the end lose both.”

15 April 2020


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