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Reader Post | By GK

Inevitably a post like this will get the crocodile tear outrage of an actor/agent… “I KNEW THE FAMILY!!!!”

The chances of someone who knew the family seeing the post is 1 in 7 billion alone. But beyond that, the purpose of this post is to say, this PSYOP along with many, many others… School shootings being a huge one…Begin with a drill of all law enforcement… (Homeland Security Patriot Act Solution)Then the drill ends up with media footage sent over the broadcast news to convince your gullible family that crazed right wing gun owners, or Muslims are stalking their kids. Who would want to frame Muslims and Christians? Hmmmm. Buddhists?

My main point today is the people they say are dead, are not really dead. Sometimes the face you see on your TV is morph tech of different faces to create a victim that doesn’t exist. Often the grieving parents are D list actors who play bit roles. Their crying improvisations are usually terrible acting.

Not to mention actual investigations don’t put witnesses in front of cameras before they have been quietly interviewed. That destroys the case before it begins. Secondly, paramedic ambulances don’t park like a taxi stand waiting their turn to tend to bleeding bodies. And every law agency doesn’t show up early and have lunches delivered. I have a picture of that in Aurora.
And yes it appears some of these drill psyops have gone hot by psychotic killers because they knew the game needed some real blood but those are generally hits or extractions of pesky whistleblowers. Many of these things happen in towns where it is heavily populated by those who share certain blood oaths and the training to play the parts and disappear afterwards. Who has mandatory military training for both the male and female 18 year old kids? Yep, Buhddists again.

A small minority of 70 million right wing Christian gun owners get to see the truth but the other 7 billion people on Earth aren’t tuning into the same feeds. We choose our echo chambers. Even our chosen echo chambers contain red herrings we repeat.
Ultimately we look crazy to the other 7 billion people.


Try– burying ourselves alive.

There is an endless stream of dead people who aren’t really dead. And some dead people were fake invented characters to begin with, who get cremated because they were the type of fake person who was humble and unassuming and non-religious. Written off the show.

No crime is ever solved unless it is a suspect with no value to those who run the charade of justice. Sometimes they use actual guilty people as actor/agents for other crimes and some go to prison and stuff envelopes for the private prison industry.

My advice, stop trying to be the wokest person with the latest link to the conspiracy and patiently and quietly gather evidence to the real con in the larger con.  Frame things as possibilities not absolutes.  But make it clear what your real thinking is without actually saying it, just as CNN does. Make people think they thought of it themselves.

Have video and screen capture ready to use in a seconds notice, then archive your folders.  Maybe a future mudflood survivor will dig it up. Don’t tell me you don’t know about the mud floods that buried history that wasn’t really all that old. Sort of like the Las Vegas shooting.

Boy we woke folks really got played by the january 6 Capitol op didn’t we? We look like idiots don’t we? The moral of the story is broadcast TV TRUMPS link sharing.Remember that if there is a next time.  Next time someone wants us all to converge somewhere.
Why do they really want us all in one place? Got that? Write it on the palm of your hand in indelible ink.  “Remember, avoid patriot gatherings and bring home milk.”

I want to address my post from earlier this week (wow so many coincidences) but what it did was get me thinking about all the missing trillions.


Trillions compared to the quadrillions in derivatives is like the liquidity on the bathroom floor but hey, let’s ignore that for now. By the way, to count to a trillion would take 36,000 years so the idea that a trillion is even a number anyone can count or misplace is quite ludicrous.  If it doesn’t fit in the bank building it should not be counted at all. Let alone be in an individual’s checking account. Wow look at all these zeroes. I want to buy me some human being slaves.

Okay, someone has the money right, or it was spent on DUMBS or space cons, but I suspect the missing trillions like when Rumsfeld announced 2.3 trillion on September 10 2001, and the 15 trillion Lord James of Blackheath rambled about at the House of Lords in 2012. Or the missing Leo Wanta trillions, or trillions that never got paid to CMKX or whatever… Are in actuality all part of a collective ripoff that traces back to the same culprits. Of course the Fed, the Rockefellers/Rothschilds, Switzerland Zionist banksters and royal vampires but do we know it isn’t them repackaging the future we await?  After all, all our favorite moviemakers who are at Gitmo are still making movies almost as if they weren’t at Gitmo or executed. Oh yes I forgot their clones are still allowed to be celebrities so we don’t alarm the popcorn and raisinets consuming public.

Meanwhile back on the internet, Bitchute trending or wherever…we are hearing scripts and actors entertain the eagerly gullible with tales that aren’t quite true. They admit that someone stole the money and point at shady cabals like Bush, but that isn’t the full story. In fact it is maybe 1% of the full story. Hey this is a work in progress, LIVE improvisational war…

Certain actors deserve Oscars and for now I won’t elaborate.

But isn’t it interesting that a scriptwriter named STORY is part of a legendary pile of mystery novellas. Who of course mysteriously died and went on to do voiceovers for Fish and chip restaurants in Wales or whatever. Actually that team of MI6 writers are working on a sequel.

But remember the Ewok? Someone should ask John Woods about the word he uses to describe currency reset gurus as “Wookies.” And why is it he calls out yet protects the conniving system simultaneously? In fact all the law enforcement agencies protect the con job psyops under their giggling breath.  Why not call out the con? Why only hint at it?  Were you waiting for someone like me to finally say WTF and make the connections? I tried not to. I really tried. Increase my monthly allowance and I’ll spend less time on the internet noticing these glaring flaming piles of horse turds.

Big old club and you ain’t in it.

But they want us all to have trillions. Christ, it would be laughable if it weren’t so demented.  And maybe that too is a way to hide evidence. All the missing trillions ended up in the hands of Christian Church group Iraq war profiteers. Sounds like something they would do doesn’t it? When everything collapses, blame us? I can see my sister’s posts on Facebook now.

My brother collapsed the world wealth with his Iraqi dinar. We are ashamed.


Imagine dirt was money and a guy had the biggest hole ever dug on his farm. People asked where is the dirt slash money and he shrugs and infers he saw George Bush Sr. on his land one time.

Well I guess that would pretty much explain everything wouldn’t it?  If only poor old wheel chair bound George and Barbara had lived longer he could have cleared the family name. Poor guy does a couple hundred reprehensible things and gets blamed for millions of reprehensible things. So not fair. Everyone knows off world aliens did some of the bad stuff. And Buhddists.

Like wheelbarrows of dirt being rolled off.  Hey where you going with that dirt slash money? We are converting it to.. to… uhhhh…. gold backed…uhhhh…. gold backed rocks… yeah that’s the ticket. gold backed rocks.

Scherf that dirty Buddhist. He made the mistake of trusting his own plan.

Tell me about the rabbits again Ron. Will we all have trillions of rabbits Ron? Can we pet them all… George… Shouldn’t we vaccinate some of the rabbits Bill so they don’t overpopulate all the best dirt fields? Vaccinate, circumcise, castrate the Rabbis george. Typo intended.

Damn wookies and ewoks know the truth.  Amazing resemblance to one of the all time great Ewok actors of our generation. And he isn’t a wookie, he is a pro.
A pro that somehow got asked to write a treatise.

But don’t worry about me, I’ll accept my payoff too. No one has ever listened to me so why would they after the big alliance abundance jubilee woohoo…

I just want to make some movies before I kick it and not about any of this crap. Why would I relive any of this? It would be like reliving my morning constitution as if it were worth remembering. Although it was a good one.

The Alliance… Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. Just as if Hogan fooled Colonel Clink again. Oh Hogan with that smug knowing self loving smile and sparkle in his eye. They all believed your story. Come and go from the prison camp as you please. Get all the girls, make dirty movies… reality and fakery blurrrrrrr…

Isn’t it odd that people who never stop crying about concentration camps made a sitcom about it exactly 20 years after the fact? And by fact I mean highly questionable full of holes fact. But that’s Buhddists for you. Big tubby smiling liars.

Help, I’m caught in a vortex of sarcasm and actuality.


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