Operation Disclosure: Important Website Announcement


Dear Readers,

A major change with the website will be made shortly due to G[oo]gle’s recent actions against me.

It seems Operation Disclosure has also become a victim of Big Tech’s censorship. My ad account was disabled because the content of this site was against their “policy”. This means that I can no longer show their ads on this site. I cannot keep this site running without the ad revenue. However, I am able to transfer this site to another account but a change must be made first to avoid getting the other account disabled as well.

All posts will become password protected meaning you can no longer view posts without entering a password. The password will only be available to subscribers. This change must be made due to the current political climate. Big Tech won’t be able to access content posted as it would be password protected. This also allows all content posted to be totally uncensored.

UPDATE: Thank you all for your support. You can now subscribe on the site instead of with PayPal.

If you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, please email us at (

This is the only way to keep this site safe from Big Tech censorship.

Thank you for understanding.

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter to receive the password, please go to the PayPal Subscribe button located at the very bottom of the website. The TETELESTAI Package also includes the password, for more information please see:


— Operation Disclosure Team