Beach Broadcast: Hunter Investigation is Still Ongoing, Mysterious Twitter Account


Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing

March 24, 2021

Hunter investigation is still ongoing! Mysterious Twitter account









Immigrants are humans and they are now in horrid conditions.  Children are screaming because they don’t want to go to these detention camps.  This is Joe Biden’s America!  He is destroying it piece by piece.  He is allowing tens of thousands of immigrants into America and they live in these conditions.  The immigrants are better off living in their home countries and not in America!  And where is the liberal outrage?  Not on peep from them!  And why isn’t AOC down there doing her fake crying?  

AOC pulled her stunt at an empty parking lot a few years ago!  Oh the hypocrisy!!! Why won’t she go to the border now and see Joe’s border crisis?   And, notice how Biden isn’t helping Veterans, America’s homelessness, people in America?  To him and all the dirty Democrats and RINO’s, the people at these detention centers are their future voters!  But this clip is what is interesting, there are gun shots at the border and this video got censored:

Remember this headline:

But this is what is created because the children are separated!  Remember, the information shared about hunter Biden’s laptop contained human / sex trafficking and Joe Biden was fully aware of it, because Hunter had to pay his dad a portion of what he earned!  

Yet, Hunter Biden is discreetly under investigation for crimes such as his “Tax Affairs” and Hunter’s laptop is part of this investigation which could expose Joe Biden too! 


No wonder Dan Scavino posted this post, he is alerting Border Patrol help is on the way!

Remember, our beautiful First Lady, Melania Trump, made several trips to visit the children at the border when President Trump was in office.  

She wasn’t afraid to face the children and the conditions the Trump Administration had for the immigrants.  But where is faux doctor Jill Biden?  Joe Biden?  Kamala Harris?  And even AOC?  They aren’t visiting Joe’s border detention centers!  One has to ask…why?  Is it that horrid that they can’t be seen?  Does it not fit the fake news narrative? 

Dan Scavino posted this picture!  Twitter account @ildonaldotrumpo (who gets RT by Dan and loves Catturd) shared this comment:

This Tweet above “WORST pRESIDENT* IN HISTORY!!!” decoded:

Oh my gosh…we miss you President Trump!!!  So much!!!  

Our Bossman is just getting rested and prepared!  And he is having a little bit of fun, if that is him or his team handling that truth bomb Twitter account!  

Yet, he does miss us all and we miss him!!!  So we are doing another collage of 10 second videos to send to him!  

Please Click this Link to send President Trump a 10 Second Video.  Once this link is removed, then we have reached the maximum capacity.  



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