Future Projects for Europe and the World


Operation Disclosure | Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 25, 2021

Future Projects for Europe and the World

Dear people,

I have mentioned before that there will be projects for all of Europe and the rest of the world.

The goal is to bring people together to give countries an economic boost again, share and respect traditions and culture.

Therefore, I have developed the idea to build health parks where Med Bed will also come, the parks with different themes like learning and development projects, where in each park there will be about 2000 jobs.

Each park will have different architectural designs of nostalgic designs from all over Europe, decorated like the Garden of Eden the paradise, by man, animals and plants.


With the knowledge and inventions that I and various contacts have designed, to build an energy neutral park with the resources available in the environment of the parks.

Clean water, healthy food and clean air must be the starting point for the plan that will be realized in cooperation.

I have stated in the past that the torn Yugoslavia is one of my goals to start humanitarian projects.

To give orphans and the homeless a roof over their heads and to promote work with an education through knowledge transfer.

Barber stores to become social meeting places in the villages and towns, to never again give MSM the opportunity to spread globalist propaganda.

Food production to take back control and distribute to the people for free, to eliminate hunger or bad multinational feed.

No one can or should claim water rights as Nestle does, water is a birthright given to the earth at creation.


Before in was removed from Facebook I already posted about this, so several people from the torn Yugoslavia had sent a friendship request.

What I am describing here is applicable throughout the world.

In order to get started I do need help from people in the region where plans can be further developed to revive the economy of small and medium sized businesses.

I am in need of people who will advocate with local governments for support, so that jobs can indeed be created.

The aim is to promote high quality of life, happiness and respect with and for each other, in order to enable good cooperation.

I am looking for landscape architects, architectural architects, craftsmen who can transfer their knowledge to young people, farmers who want to start a modern food production through environmentally and animal friendly technology, with 95% water savings, fish-breeding installations for the Aqua farm that will be built in large lake floors doom.

Construction of infrastructure and airport if not available.

Construction companies in woodworking and steel building.

Teachers to teach and workshop in glass art, sewing skills for decorating the cottages in the parks.

The goal is to keep the parks so radiation free from harmful telecom services or oversized police state surveillance.


All projects are managed by a non-profit foundation, with the aim of giving everyone a good income.

See the table for income, where with 1 person in a family a very good living can be obtained, because the basic income is for everyone, and hours worked are paid tax-free.

Hours example of 40 or 50 hours in the table, one can calculate back to working 18 or 20 hours a week to determine your own income.

Free health care, and risk insurance is in the basic income package, so Insurance companies are eliminated, and we transform the formula for anyone who wants to participate.

Everyone who works with us receives the basic income from the Foundation just as long as the basic income is settled over by the world funds.

I can’t do it for you, but I can give my talent ( and support, to be self-reliant the people will have to do it themselves.

It is also not so much that I play a role in it, as just co-starting in the background.

Various fund holders unite in the foundation as investors for all projects, it is the power of bundling projects that also brings other humanitarian projects together in the foundation.

As a human race we have been indoctrinated that we need money, it is the very lack of money that has gotten us into trouble, the people were left to fend for themselves how globalists enrich themselves on the labor of the masses.

Now that GESARA is going to start and the Globalists are going to be eliminated it is our chance to restore the planet, shape our living environment ourselves.


We have to do it ourselves, and we also have the talent and capabilities for it.

The investors who are participating or want to participate can unite, keeping themselves anonymous, precisely for their safety.

There will be a central planning office that will outsource the projects and make payments in order to prevent fraud.

People who work for companies can be put on the GESARA NL payroll, so that the companies for whom they work can make much better offers for their services, and less TAKS has to be paid.

Countries and municipalities, in order to continue to function, can submit their plans as projects, in order to provide for the entire community in their needs and infrastructure.

To take stock now and meet the needs of many I ask that people who want to support this send me an email at

There should be consultations and intake meetings, project couches should be appointed who will also supervise the projects and check for the correct use of resources and money, to prevent fraud and guarantee the progress of projects.

If there are unstated needs, one can ask, no one needs to be dishonest, be open and ask if there are wishes that serve the common good.

Universities may cooperate as objects of study for the future of all of us on the most diverse plans and inventions for now and the future.

In this way we create a higher standard of living ourselves through the use of talent and decisiveness and the transfer of knowledge.


With the advent of Med Beds, there will be a transformation in health care, eliminating positions in hospitals, but by retraining medical personnel to a higher level.

I had a plan to compile a cookbook of 365 days of world dishes, anyone who has a healthy and tasty recipe or meal proposal is cordially invited to contribute to this.

Because of the international character there will also be a need for a lot of translation and communication work, there are so many opportunities that we can think of and execute ourselves by joining forces.

I hope to encourage people who are motivated to work together with this call.

Furthermore, I am open to suggestions and or questions, which I will have answered when the staffing of the team here is realized.

Everyone who reports will get a response, but give me time to be able to organize it, the release of funds is leading in this.


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