Hard Evidence to Support the Alliance Story: That FCC Letter from January is Real


Operation Disclosure | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

March 18, 2021


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The Emergency Alert System


The EAS is a national public warning system that enables the President to communicate via live audio transmission to the public during a national emergency.

EAS Participants must transmit Presidential messages during national emergencies…


Hard Evidence To Support The Alliance Story – That FCC Letter From January Is Real

by Parisse Deza

One of the many pieces of questionable info given us regarding the return of the Republic and how it might come about was that the FCC sent a letter in early January to broadcasting companies all over the country informing them that they would be enforcing their “compliance obligation” to allow the President to speak over their venues under emergency circumstances. This info came with the express idea behind it that Donald Trump was going to override normal broadcasting play to tell the public the truth about the cabal, the election, NESARA, etc. This was a very exciting thought, but following the release of it in alternative venues, there was a debunking, and it got lost in the sauce with so many other meatballs. I am happy to say that the letter from the FCC is real, confirmed by Derrick Bulawa, CEO and General Manager of the BEK Communications Cooperative, the broadcasting company that now provides us with Doug Billings’ “The Right Side” interviews, with whom I spoke and who provided the actual letter to publicize. (An excerpt is above this article and is in its entirety down below it.)

We can now add this to interesting other tid-bits like General Flynn’s wine bottle anecdote with Doug Billings.


Here is the story in brief of how I got this piece of information…

This past week, I watched the recent interview between Doug and Simon Parkes.

I noticed that the format was radically negatively altered from Doug’s normal venue, with Doug and Simon now sandwiched between thick layers of over-stimulating flags moving around. I noticed that the interview was being published by Bektel and decided to send them an email offering my observations and advice (being, the only thing of importance is the two people talking, and there should be nothing on the screen to distract us from what they are saying, let alone to be nauseated by constantly swaying movements all around them, as if we were in a rocking boat). The next day, I was surprised to find a response to my complaint from Derrick, saying he would be happy to speak with me about my thoughts. We spoke for at least forty minutes about video presentations, psychology, health, the covid fraud, the election fraud, and lots of little pieces of information which either made us question the narrative that the Alliance was doing good things behind the scenes or that they weren’t. Derrick asked me if I thought the story Simon and Charlie were telling about the military being in charge, etc., is true, and after giving him my opinion, I put the same question to him, and one of the things he said that really convinced him that something was going on is that he did, in fact, receive a letter from the FCC saying just what we were told it said, and that he had never seen a letter like it before in his 37 years in broadcasting. It was unique.

I asked him if I could publish our conversation about the letter so others could feel encouraged and he sent me the actual letter. After reading it, I wrote this to him:

Derrick,  Because I am not familiar with communications sent by the FCC to broadcasting companies, I cannot really tell what is unusual about the letter they sent you. Can you be specific about it and clarify please? Most of what they wrote sounds like it could be normal procedure, yet you said you have never gotten a letter like that. Is it unusual that they are reminding broadcasters of their “compliance obligations”?

Thanks, Parisse

This was his response:


This link   is the FCC public notice archive.   Under the Archives section you see notices from 1994 to 2021.  There is only 1 notice with the Title of “Enforcement”  – that is Jan 7 2021.  If this was a common thing, you would see notices annually or during hurricanes, Ice storms or other disasters.     I have never before seen this enforcement advisory.


Since you see the FCC Archives online, you now can say that this enforcement advisory has not been used since 1994.


So there it is. The FCC threatens to “enforce” if not complied with.

And here is the letter…

FCC Enforcement Advisory.pdf


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