Starship Earth: On the Brink and all Systems Go


March 8, 2021: On the Brink and All Systems Go [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
March 8, 2021

Good morning; Monday morning. Today is my birthday and I’m giving away a free blog post. Okay, so they’re all free but still… it’s all I have to give. In 30 days Starship Earth: The Big Picture (originally 2012 The Big Picture) is having its 10 year birthday, too. Where does the time go?

Thanks to all the little treasures from the crew. I love them. Nuggets of truth are the best gifts, aren’t they? And crewman Sarahtonen sent us some memes which I will share like little sweets as the days progress.

We’re gonna have fun today. Check out these beautiful seniors on Tik-Tok. They’re not afraid. 15 seconds

I listened to a March 5 update from Charlie Ward with Nick Veniamin and he was beside himself with glee due to the trove of QFS (quantum financial system) information he’d been given and asked to digest. He said it was much more than he was expecting, and when he was finished absorbing it would find out how much of it he is permitted to share.

Charlie could hardly hold himself back, it’s so good. He also said he was voted as the messenger to deliver the news of the QFS details. As soon as he could he said he’d do a video update because there’s some mind-blowing stuff in there but I don’t see one yet for the public. You can listen to that short update here if you wish. Note that Charlie says Trump looks younger than he did 4 – 5 years ago. Hint-hint. It’s coming.

Charlie also discussed David Icke and his apparent disdain for Donald Trump. I felt that while David sacrificed everything over the years, was called mad as a hatter and got nothing but ridicule until just recently and was finally getting the recognition and appreciation he deserved, suddenly Trump came along and stole his thunder, in some respects. Overnight, all the awakened people in the world worship Trump—people Icke helped to wake up! I see the irony.


Trump has the connections to take this where David can’t, and it’s perhaps a bitter pill to swallow. Just my personal take on it. For me, David Icke will always be the “crazy diamond” and he is shining on and glinting brilliantly now that the shrouds are being ripped from the pillars of Truth.

In another video Charlie said the whole Covid hoax and everything associated with it is going to end abruptly at a certain point. In the end, Charlies says it’s going to be a mad, mad, mad, mad March and April will be very entertaining.

I lie awake at night wondering if people really are dying from the vaccines, hoping it’s not true, but Gene Decode and Charlie have both said it’s a war and there will be casualties.

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