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Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

March 5, 2021

My apologies for my cryptic message “Free at last… Free at last… Thank God almighty, we are free at last! I wanted to give time to Trump and the Patriots to announce their accomplishment. No announcement came.

In 1871 a 10 mile square Fort called Washington DC was established to seize the Law of the Land (Common Law) and replace it with the Law of the Sea (Admiralty). Admiralty being the Law of War, and War being a Racket (Criminal Enterprise) as proclaimed by Gen. Smedley Butler, America was being occupied and the inhabitance made Collateral, Free Range Prisoners, and Enemy Combatants. Think Occupation under the Roman Empire. This Capture the Flag was communicated with Gold Fringe (Mutilation) and Gold Tassels (Admiralty) Law.

Washington DC was a Fort the same way the US Calvary would establish Forts on Aboriginal Land and then carryout a program of Genocide exterminating American Indians. This Fort was run by Foreign Agents (BAR Mafia / Attorneys / Esquires) and their Mercenaries (Police) who ignore the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. However to keep the people from uprising the Mafia must maintain the illusion of Common Law. L. Frank Baum pointed to this deception with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). The Wachowski Brothers also pointed to this deception with The Matrix (1999).

Under Admiralty Law persons (Fictions in Law) Corporations are Guilty until proven Innocent (Presumption of Guilt) a clear violation of the Law of the Land (Common Law). When Benito Mussolini (WWII Italian Dictator) was asked; “What is Fascism?” He replied; “Corporatism!” A Corporation is a Fiction in Law, an invention of Hypocrites (Psychopaths) seeking to control the World. In a Court of Legal Fiction there are no men or women, only Persona / Persons (Legal Fiction) with no Rights, only debts and obligations to the Fraud which created them (Intellectual Property) of the BAR Mafia. The Accused can enter a Plea of Guilty of Not Guilty, but no one can prove a Negative (Not). No one can prove “-3” (the evidence is not available). It’s a fraud pure and simple.

Under Common Law; We the People are Men and Women. Innocent until proven Guilty (Presumption of Innocents). The burden of proof is on our accuser. Police have to show proof, not simply make up a False Nutritive where their claim is fact. Our Rights are Unalienable (impossible to take away or give up). Not suspended by clever arguments or contracts by members of the BAR.

By removing the Fringe and Tassels from the American Flag America is declaring it’s Sovereignty (Free and Independent) from our Occupiers (BAR Mafia and Police). The Sheriff is supposed to be Elected by the People, but we need Free and Fair elections for the Sheriff to work for the People. Police work for the Corporations (Fascism) City of _____ / State of _____ / FBI, DOJ, CIA, DEA, DHS, ATF, CPS, etc. Police do not need to be defunded, they need to be abolished like Slavery, BAR, and Federal Reserve.


Peace, love, blessings,



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