Is the US Nearing Civil War?



Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

February 25, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Crime in major northern cities and California is driving the exodus to the south. Even in New York the sale of guns is skyrocketing as a reign of terror sweeps the us. [B]iden floated the idea of stopping interstate movement of people due to the coronavirus really to end the exodus and Florida said their national guard would keep their state border open. Ray Dalio, the head of the largest hedge fund in the world, is predicting revolution or civil war in the us. He says it is starting with the mass exodus of northerners to the south.

While [B]iden is guarded by thousands of troops, there is deep unrest in the military.   

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes—”Who Will Guard The Guards? Juvenal.

What could be the spark that detonates a revolution?  Biden plans to end the second amendment right to bear arms which would place all the suburbs in the US in the line of fire from marauding bands of terrorists coming from the northern cities and they would have no way of defending themselves against the rape of their wives and daughters and murder. That is why gun sales even in New York are booming. There are not enough troops in the US Army to protect all the suburbs even if they were called back from their World War Two occupation of Europe, Japan and other Asian countries.




It is important to note that if the US erupts in revolution the EU states and London may soon follow as their cities as London, Paris, etc. are under lawless reigns of terror based on unbridled immigrations also as the western societies break down as in the 1929 to 1933 period from economic tribulation. The fall of the US could wake up their populations as the fall of Rome at the end of the empire. This is not a reset that the Bilderberg group was counting on.  The moral breakdown in the west has a lot to do with this, though the effort to break down society to build back better in a new reset by constant imprisonment of the western populations in lockdowns is creating an unintended backlash.

The fake PCR tests over 40 to 45 cycles multiplied what was more than likely the usual influenza outbreak catapulted into a fake pandemic. Now it is being cut back to 35 cycles and below so the cases reported will drop 90% at least probably to be attributed to the untested (two months test for a vaccine is absurd) genetic vaccine. The horror of this is that all five year genetic vaccines up until now have be proven unsafe and dangerous. This is purely an experimental rollout and the rulings of the Nuremberg Tribunals are being violated in a Dr. Josef Mengele ((so-called angel of death or todesangel) manner by not telling each party to be vaccinated that they are involved in an experiment that may cost them their life or serious illness, and that it should be required that each adult must sign a waiver saying that they understand the risks and want to go forward. Children must not be experimented on even with parental consent.  This is what the Nuremberg Tribunals ruled.  Instead, western governments are threatening their citizens (slaves, really) with passport requirement to coerce them to take this dangerous vaccine and employers are firing their employees if they do not take the vaccinations as might be expected in totalitarian states which we now live in.

It is noted that there are almost no influenza cases now being reported as everything is now categorized as coronavirus whatever that may be as it has never been isolated. It appears that the 28.3 million infected and 505,000 us dead would have paralleled the influenza if we had the fake PCR test and did not call excessive numbers of deaths due to other causes coronavirus.  As hospitals were incentivized to lie based on higher federal reimbursements for coronavirus, these mortality figures were massively increased under false pretences.

While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

Police in Italy sympathetic to demonstrators whose businesses have been destroyed.

It was a public demonstration of the restaurant owners, quite fully bankrupt due to the lock-down:

The policemen, charged to protect the parliament here in Rome, took off their helmets in sign of solidarity, but didn’t allow the protesters to advance towards parliament.




No official television or newspaper in Italy reported this fact, the only video is the YouTube attached one.
This is the only thing I know up to now. 


‘Don’t come back’: Billboards mock New Yorkers who left amid pandemic

New York gun sales spiked 121 percent in June, study finds

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