(Reader: Rich) Response to Jared Rand Excerpt from Earth Alliance and Patriot News for March 23, 2023


Reader Post | By Rich

My Thoughts, from Rich,

While reading the article from tonight, I saw this bullet point and wanted to put out some thoughts about it:

  • The R/V GCR will NOT happen until the corrupt banking/fiat system is gone. In other words, until we have the QFS. The R/V GCR will NOT happen until the major evil on this planet cannot interfere with it!!

This point about the R/V GCR is dead on point. There is no possible way, that after so much hard work and strategizing, we could possibly see the Good Guys say, “Well we got most of the Bad Guys dealt with, let’s stop there and release limitless funding into the system, while the old fiat system and its founders are still in play.” NOT!!

For ages they have been experts at stealing funds from humanity, through all kinds of illegal practices. Any hydration of funds at this point in time, would simply be finagled and bamboozled out of humanity’s hands and bank accounts, through any number of the usual siphoning methods the Bad Guys like to use on us now. Until it completely crashes and is wiped away, there will be no funds.

But Mark says, from his sources and contacts, that he has good feelings for this week, this weekend, next week, 7:00 tonight!!! Bruce says, his high up sources say, the funds are flowing tomorrow, and tomorrow, and at 7:00, at midnight, in 48 hours, in 72 hours, at noon today…. yada, yada, yada, ad nauseam. High up sources….high up his a _ _. No doubt, disinformation sources, as their track record only proves.

Let’s take a reality check, shall we?

First of all, I want it to be today or tomorrow, as much as the next guy, but at what cost? Rehydrating evil, will only put us right back where we were. So, let’s put on our big boy panties and put away all the endless hopium and really discuss this thing.


Now please understand, I am a humanitarian, with extensive plans for aiding humanity with all kinds of projects and support structures. In 1990, I was first started on the path to this undergirding of humanity, by a vision that was given to me. In 2007, I was told to invest in Dinars, to fund the vision I had been first shown in 1990, and that is long before all these Guru sites started popping up, with their claims of liquidity any day now. While I realize it is important to keep the troops motivated, like when a farmer hangs a carrot in front of the donkey so he keeps pulling the cart, we need to have realistic expectations. This event will occur………just not tomorrow. When? Only a few know.

While there are so many elements in play right now, I would like to offer some thoughts on several items that are not yet completed, which must be, for our beloved day to arrive.

The first is the war in Ukelele, as Dr. Kia Pruitt likes to call it. While many listen to the mainstream narrative, the real situation is the cleaning out of the khazarian strongholds and trafficking infrastructure that exists there, in addition to the adrenochrome facilities. They need to be shut down completely, along with all the deep underground military bases (DUMBS) around the world, by the other elite forces performing this immense task. Have a look at the USGS website for earthquakes around the world at the ten kilometre depth, on the list of recent quakes. These are the DUMBS and tunnels, that the best of the best are cleaning up for humanity. Thanks you unsung heroes!

Secondly, Iraq is still reviewing their three year budget in parliament, and with Ramadan starting now, this could be a while getting read, edited, reread, voted on and eventually approved and implemented. Additionally, the Iraqi Dinar is still not exchangeable at your local financial institutions, but is slowly being raised in value every three or so weeks. It was almost 1700:1, then around 1450:1, then 1350:1, and now around 1130:1, approximately. Great progress from what it was, but still weeks or possibly more, before getting to 1:1, or 3.80:1, or any other expected value, to be considered tradable on forex, and competitive and comparable with it’s neighboring Middle East brothers.

Thirdly, NESARA GESARA, has not been announced, to set the stage for the prosperous future for humanity. 120 days after it is announced, there must be elections around the world.  When NESARA GESARA is announced, it is supposedly to be when the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) is implemented, with a potential three days (of communications) darkness and ten days of exposure of what has been going on in the world, as we stay safe at home, while martial law is enforced. This hasn’t happened yet, but we have had lots of system tests lately, haven’t we?

Fourthly, an interesting note was quietly put out today, that there may be elections in America in November, when a certain somebody would be elected as Commander-In-Chief, of a certain Republic. Now this article may be disinformation, as so many articles lately are, but what if it were true? If this election were around the beginning of November, and what if it was scheduled 120 days after an EBS, martial law, NESARA GESARA announcement? That could put the EBS, martial law, NESARA GESARA, somewhere around the beginning of July, maybe close to around a big July holiday we all know, plus or minus a few days. Also, if ISO20022, which started a few days ago, gets finished on schedule at the end of June, so all financial transactions are fully functioning on the QFS, then maybe that would be a good approximate time for Iraq’s Dinar to be up around it’s neighboring countries level, oh possibly 1:1, or close to 3.80:1, give or take a few. Then Ukelele, the DUMBS, ISO20022, EBS, NESARA GESARA, and many other things I haven’t touched on, could all potentially be in alignment for our Blessed day. Or maybe I am just way out in left field. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, or end of June/start of July. Thanks for listening to my meanderings folks, as all is IMHO. Be Blessed!





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