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Sooo …
For All Of You Truth Seekers …
What Is TRUTH ?

The Industrial Revolution Was Created To Pollute and Destroy Mother Earth. And Generate Great Wealth For Our Enslavers While Establishing A False Timeline.

What Became Of The Advanced Civilization That Existed Before This Destructive, Dirty and Rapacious
Technology was Introduced ?
Who Were These Giants Of Old ? Historical Resets Still Leave Physical Remnants Of Their Existence …

Were The “Science Fiction” Stories of H.G.Wells and Jules Verne But Historical Truths Hidden Within ” Fictional”Stories To Entertain The Masses ? …
Art Imitates Life Or Life Imitating Art Or More Lies Generated To Create A False Con-cept Within This Con-struct.

Why Then Was The Hunting Of Whales Required ? Beautiful Sentient Beings Who’s Only Use Was To Render It’s Fat To Fill Our Lamps With Oil And It’s Bones To Be Utilized To Create Corsets ( How Fashionable) And Therefore Possibly Atrophy These Women’s Reproductive Internal Organs?
For That Matter, The 10’s of Millions Of Bisons Only To Take Their Pelts, Cut Our Their Tongues and Deprive The Native Americans Of Their Food Supply… As Is Occuring Again… Nothing New.
Or To Spite Creator !

Refer To What’s Been Refered To As The Mud Flood ,When A Reset ( IMO ) Was Created And Truth Was Buried …

Why Create An Industry Such As The Petroleum Industry ? Wood Burning, Coal Burning and The Internal Combustion Engines ??
The Age Of Mechanization ?
To Hasten The Destruction of The Planet and Its Surface Dwellers ,While Making Life Easier For A Few Elite Families…


Of Course , Then Came The Chemical and Biological Destruction Which Was Preceded By The Nuclear Age.
The Age of Mechanization and Its Factories Utilized To Mass Produce Products and Create An Army Of Factory Workers and a Lifetime of Mind Numbing Labor Until The Age Of Office Workers Can Finish Whatever Creativity Humans Can Aspire To.
Then Came Computerization and 200 years after Electrical and Solar Power Already Existed.
BTW Edison Did Not Create The Light Bulb…
He “Improved “What Was Already In Existence… The Incandescent Bulb
Benjamin Franklin Did Not Discover Electricity… He Simply Enjoyed Playing With Kites.

In Retro-$pect
This Green New Deal, Who’s Research (Funded ) by the Slave Class-Taxpayers- To Re-create Was Was Already Created and Bring Untold Wealth To The Same Families That Acquired Wealth By Controlling The Above Referenced Technologies …
How Regressive is Progressive ?

What Is The Past , The Present , The Future ? These Recycled Cycles Of Time Which Seems That Humanity Must Endure In Order So That This Creation Can Be Course Corrected And Humanity And This Planet As Well As This Portion Of God’s Creation Reset On The Path Of Alignment With Creater/Source.


As We Await Our Pending Release
We Will Continue To Find Ourselves Experiencing This Concept of Mine Describing That All Is In Divine DisOrder.
Hang Tight Fellow Time Travellers as Humanity Must Be Pushed Towards The Abyss In Order To Awaken…
Lemmings… Don’t Jump!!


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