(Reader: Melinda Siebold) Regarding Some Information from Simon Parkes


Reader Post | By Melinda Siebold

January 15, 2023

Regarding Simon Parkes Message.

Simon said a few things that caught my attention today.

One was that he revealed that it was a group of psychologists – “probably German” – who had decided that the human race could not handle hearing the truth.

Well, if that was supposed to supplicate me, it had the opposite effect.

Freudian trained psychologists are determining our fate.

Of course, the fact that Sigmund Freud was a card carrying Sabbatean Frankist fake Jew Synagogue of Satan member – should not give anyone pause.


Or maybe it should.

And Simon also said that the fact of the matter (my wording), was that the “white hats” did not necessarily have an antidote to the vaccines ready, and that was the reason why they weren’t “doing anything” – my words.

So…..let me get this straight; in America, the Covid – 19 vaccine agenda was brought out under contracts signed by President Trump, distributed by the U.S. military – a plan that had been put into place under the Department of Defense under the Obama administration. The so-called “white hats’ knew this was in fact the Satanic Globalists genocide agenda – yet the “white hats” under President Trump enacted this agenda – without having an antidote to the known poisons they contained. It was as Pompeo or whoever it was, I can’t recall his name –  let slip – a “live exercise”. A “live exercise” where doctors and nurses and medical facilities were told to lie about what was actually happening. And where they were forced to enact the Satanists kill and cull agenda.

Of course, no one knew exactly what poisons they contained, because evidently the Department of Defense thought it would be good for Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson and Johnson to just leave their safety inserts blank. And evidently President Trump and the Department of Defense thought it was fine to just disregard rules put into place governing the for profit medical industries owned by the Deep State Satanists that required safety inserts.

And of course there is the bold faced lie that the vaccines were rushed into production under Trump as they had been manufactured in the Obama administration in 2018.

So is everyone getting a picture of what is actually going on here, and what is actually causing the delay to planetary freedom?

It appears we have “liberators” who are intent on being another form of our captors.


They have adopted all the strategies of their supposed enemies. Disinformation. Lies. Propaganda. Psychological warfare. Information warfare. And they still engage in “divide and conquer” strategies such as Insiders Clubs – Exclusive access if you pay to play – VIP tickets – Exclusive meet and greets.

How 3D of them. They have adopted the practices of their Phoenician, Cainite and Edomite ancestors and relatives.

Congratulations on your enlightenment.

And yet, I am supposed to just “sit back and enjoy the show”. “Eat some more popcorn”.

No, I am an angry Light Warrior, and I am not happy. You can shove your popcorn down your throats or up your asses – I don’t care.

I was raised a Southern Baptist and now consider myself a Gnostic Christian, so it might come as a surprise to some, for me to say that I now invoke the wrath of the Goddess Kali and of Shiva the Destroyer upon this Earth.

There is a purpose to their destruction. They bring about the destruction of the old worlds, so that the new worlds can be born.

So Kali and Shiva, I call upon you now. Destroy this old world and its outdated concepts. Destroy all those who would stand in the way of the rising of the New Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven. Destroy the destroyers, Kali and Shiva. Bring your wrath upon the unrighteous. Exterminate the ungodly. Dissolve and make disappear all the dark ones and their darkness.

I invoke the New Earth and the Kingdom of Righteousness. I call forth the Kingdom of Heaven to be established in full upon Terra Christa.

Father Sabaoth, unleash the armies of Heaven. End this now.



By the authority vested in me as the 333 Key Holder

So be it, it is so.

Melinda Siebold


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