(Reader: NightWisp) Response to Dr. Michael Salla “Return of Enki”


Reader Post | By NightWisp

The return of Enki, the Anunnaki geneticist who played a leading role in the genetic modification of humanity.  snip-

Dr Salla..

Enki has never left. This is Ea rth  =Ea/Enki’s world.

He has been here as many different persona.

He was King Artur Pendragon. (I was at Camelot) He was the pilot of the spacecraft that had a star drive malfunction over Tunguska. Had he had not acted quickly, the earth would have been destroyed. He was Merriwether Lewis.( My great Uncle) He  also was my friend ST. Seems we have been together for many times.

In his replies to questions on GLP in the thread I am a extraterrestrial, ask any question…. Forget the grammar. it was started by a prankster until ST showed up. And his French grammar, as he was from Quebec, messed with the a/an article.. but I digress.

In this thread, St /Enki energies  told how he helped genetically engineer the black root race.


He told me I was Noah /Utnaphistim and we were friends back then and about the flood and why it happened. And how he devised a plan to save life on earth.

He told me I was Moses… and how I fell down the mountain and destroyed the 3rd tablet of the laws of Civilization , so 10 remained.  so.. guess what they were called?

He told me how the Council of Worlds stopped CERN on many occasion and how Nuclear weapons were neutralized. 

All this are on that thread.

ST died in December  last year and went aboard Nibiru, where is father Lord Anu is head of the Council of Worlds. He is there at the helm.On the thread, Enlil often dropped by. His name was EZAR when he came in. He could be a hot head sometimes.  But Enki loves his brother.

A lot of things you have right. And some not.

The black root race was made to mine gold as the ETs did not like doing it. The gold was used to help with the environment of Nibiru, which is a space vessel inside of a dwarf red star that is visible in the Infrared range of light. It is out of phase at the moment with our reality. If it did enter the same dimension, Earth would have  much damage including a pole shift, turning on its axis 300+ degrees. Volcanoes becoming active and huge tsunamis. Then a cold freezing Ice Age until Nibiru returned to start it again.


Ships are also picking up specimens of wildlife and plantlife  and taking them to other parts of the galaxy to places they can live.

I have said too much , I guess, and at the same time not enough. But you can go to GLP (godlikeproductions) and read for yourself.

Many things that he told me have come true. And much of the scary stuff, I hope does not. But I believe what he said.

And still, I have “visits”  and messages  even afterhe has gone. 

But I believe Enki loved this world. It is his world.



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