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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

The article “After the RV” (https://operationdisclosureofficial.com/2022/08/12/reader-stefan-after-the-rv/ ) has generated some very nice reactions. And one of them I would like to share with you. All of us who get doubts about what we are told so to exchange, learn so that they are not alone. That there are also others, who imagine everything in the meantime much more uncomplicated and above all without the rules and regulations of an old world, which is about to pass away. And there are really only these two options left: Either I cling to the old world and want to take as much of it with me as possible, because it’s familiar. Or I let go of as much of this world as possible, relax and wait to see how it really goes. I’ve long since stopped believing in any restrictions on exchanges (small bills only, large bills only, AA serial numbers only, age of exchanger, etc.) or in one person having codes for the RV all by himself and still being able to stand out in the public instead of being safely hidden away. But this is my opinion, you can believe what you want.

The following story (better vision) was sent to me by a friend. Don’t mind the name of the alliance contact mentioned there, he may as well be called something else. I think in this respect we are beyond the Harry Potter fuss with “The one whose name must not be mentioned!”, aren’t we? When I say, write or speak God, for me it is Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit. And many people in the world have many names for the Creator. Only MY attitude towards the name is important. If it is positive, the name is also positive. And in the future it doesn’t matter anyway. Gold scales, on which words are put, and hair-splitters exist only in 3D. Enough of that, here is the vision:

Allianz knows our hearts, knows about our “projects” and we will ALL be “taken care of” the same way ….. I saw the “appointment” like this …

My smartphone rings at 11:08 in the morning and I’m just back from my walk with my dog Robin. I missed the call, but I get a text message that reads :

“Good morning Sigrid!!! We (Sananda from the Alliance and two others of us) will be at your place at 12 o’clock! Can you please put on some coffee for us? We love your coffee!”

I write back, “Sure thing, I’ll just feed the dog. But the coffee is just instant, I’m afraid.”

Next text from Allianz: “OK, that’s no problem, see you later then, we’re looking forward to it!”

It rings punctually at 12 o’clock directly at my front door and I open in jeans and T-shirt (and barefoot, because I put the dirty shoes from the walk in the corner). Three cool guys (one of them is Sananda /soul brother and one of the highest spirit beings in the universe) also in jeans and loose shirts, smile and enter. My Robin wags joyfully at everyone and we sit down on my old sofa that is totally covered in dog hair.

I quickly make the coffee and spill the creamer out of excitement.

They don’t seem to care, they even smile when my Robin licks up the cream. Sananda has a suitcase with him and opens it. The three look at each other, grinning broadly and warmly, then one of the attendants asks me if I have my ZIM bills handy.

“I have them hidden, between the dog food, give me some time please” and I go into the kitchen. I hear the three of them talking to Robin and he is visibly excited about the “petting” he is getting. After a few minutes I hand Sananda my ZIM bill and he smiles again.

Now I can also see the contents of the suitcase. It’s not much:

1 bank statement (which makes me cry out ) with a cash card for immediate disposal.

1 certificate of purchase of my desired object.

And “last but not least” a certificate of ability. to speak to and understand all animals from now on….

No “paperwork”, folders or presentation folders. My heart was apparently “read” and found to be good.

The three finish their coffee, pat Robin on the head and one of the angels gives me a business card of sorts in case I have any questions. Sananda says, “Bye and see you soon. We have to go, because we still want to see Stefan…….”

A nice performance and most of all very polite, because of the “Ladies First”. LOL. There are some people among my contacts who had such or similar dreams or visions. Sometimes they were picked up by aliens for the appointment, sometimes it was the military, in each of these cases it was much, much easier than we have been told so far. Much simpler. And that makes me wonder if the Alliance would really think that way, “Why make it simple when you can make it cumbersome or complicated?” I just can’t see that, especially when I imagine advanced technologies in the hands of the Alliance, why they would fall back on our complicated and cumbersome way of doing something so important.

My “vision” or my dreams look a little different, related to the exchange:

We already have a day or two of lockdown (whether because of “C” or “monkey pox” or because of “energy crisis”, I can never see) here in Germany. In the morning, the doorbell rings. I open it and find myself face to face with three soldiers, one German, one American and one Russian. All three greet me friendly, look me up and down and ask, “Stefan Reichardt?” I nod and also say, “Yes!” after a tiny pause I add, “What can I do for you?” “Well, we will pick you up for your exchange appointment, you are next on our list. Could you be ready in 5-10 minutes?”

Not a question, right? Just a quick cat wash, into sensible clothes, grab the briefcase and not five minutes I’m back at the door. The Russian indicates to me that we go to the car. “Military Police” is written on both doors, We drive off, through deserted villages, only in the larger towns we drive through is a large military presence around the administrative buildings and police stations. “Seizures and arrests” the German soldier answers my unasked question.

“Oh, I guess we’re going to Büchel?” I exclaim as we take a path I know. “You know it?” the U.S. soldier asks me. “Yes, I know the air base, I worked there, at the nearby dog school and at the troop housing for just under three years as a guard and as a dog handler.” I stick to German, all three understand me.

There are no civilian guards at the gate of the barracks anymore, only American soldiers. They look briefly into the vehicle and wave us through. In front of an inconspicuous building (a modernized company building of the stationed US soldiers) we stop and get out. “Stefan, please go into the building, there are comrades standing there to help you. We will wait here, you have to go back.”

I go into the building and am kindly directed to the second floor. Into a bright room, where a woman and a man in uniform are already waiting for me. We greet each other, then sit down at a round table. Coffee is offered to me, then the “negotiations” begin.

“Stefan, please give me your application and your ZIM or currencies. We will count them in a moment. Janine will do it” I dig everything out of my suitcase and hand it over. We are at the YOU, insanity!

“I’m Chris. Janine and I have been working with and for the Alliance for a few years now. We’ve had the task of monitoring all the ZIM and currency holders in the area and also their advancement. We are happy to see that you have passed our tests that we “put” on you. I can tell you that not everyone makes it, although everyone has an equal chance.”

No question about IDs or other verification documents, I don’t ask for them either. Janine, in the meantime, has counted everything and entered it into some kind of laptop. She now turns it over to me and begins to explain, “This is your QFS account, to which you have full and sole access from now on. You’ll get a Q-Phone later that you can use like a wallet. And don’t worry, it’s all simple and self-explanatory, you’ll figure it out quickly. Money will be deposited into this account every quarter, which you can spend as you wish within the framework of your private needs and plans. Basically, we granted your request, even though you didn’t really need it. Like Chris said, we know you!”

“If you still have questions, you’ll find a hotline number in the Q-Phone’s caller ID memory that you can always use to reach me or Janine. The Q-Phone has your number from the smartphone as its phone number, and as you can see your old account number at X-Bank is included in the QFS number, it’s just gotten shorter again,” Chris adds. “Oh, and before I forget, the Q-Phone also gives you access to the Quantum Internet with all your existing devices at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a computer or a laptop, they sort of take the Q-Phone as a hotspot.”

“Yes, Stefan, there it was. We look forward to seeing you get to work soon, if one can still speak of work. You’ve got a lot going on, but don’t rush it. In a few days, the U.S. military will open some medical centers around here, and we’ve already made an appointment for you and will pick you up again.”

I say goodbye to Janine and Chris, thank them both and can’t believe how uncomplicated it all went. Downstairs, the three soldiers are indeed waiting and before I know it, we are out of the barracks and on our way to my home. All three are happy with me, they have already been through all this and are also well taken care of. Once home, they say goodbye with a “Good luck!” as I exit the vehicle. I still wave until I can’t see the jeep anymore.

I start my laptop right away, and look, no more dial-up, no more provider sign, and I’m on the Internet. Very fast without response times, so hardly clicked and already further. And what I see makes my mouth drop open. Everything has been revaluated. Gold, silver and the ISO20022-regulated coins and tokens. The waiting and evolving has paid off, now it’s time to distribute and share. And a meeting needs to be organized. Pure joy!

So or so similar, as with Sigrid and me, I often get it communicated from contacts. Why is it like that? Why are an increasing number of people dreaming, visualizing or daydreaming a much easier way to exchange? Could it be inputs for us to say goodbye to 3D trade right regulations and 3D trade right restrictions? And thus manifest a simpler more straightforward way?

With all due respect to all the truther, whistleblowers and their sources, but I think we are leaving the old world completely and taking the first steps in the new world, starting with a foolproof exchange procedure.

You don’t have to follow our thoughts (those who dream the easy way) and you don’t have to believe them. Everyone does what he wants to do, the main thing for me is still that he has started his awakening process. That is the most important thing for me, everything else will come, how and when it comes. And then it’s on to our tasks, isn’t it?

Continue to have faith, remain calm and observe at a sufficient height what is happening, much of which serves to distract or awaken. At this point my thanks and respect to ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter, the positive rock in the confused surf. I hope he reads it!

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!

Please use the temporary bank account: DE20 5866 0101 0001 0938 51.

A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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