(Reader: Sheri) Regarding “Restored Republic via a GCR as of August 3, 2022″



Reader Post | By Sheri

I found the article by Judy Byington absolutely fascinating.

Thank you for your efforts that have cracked open the sealed understanding of humans at this moment in history. 

What you have done is amazing. But due to the fact that mans history isnt over yet, you couldnt possibly have arrived at the actual conclusion, no fault of your own.

I hope to fill you in on events without the need for going into time travel beyond August 2022. It’s the way God gave us that reveal patterns to help us grasp all the future He has planned for us. I do hope it helps. Brings you even more joy, more thirst for more truth.

I did find a few misunderstandings I’d be delighted to discuss with you or anyone.

1. Sons of God are angels.

The sons of God (lower case “s”) are for the moment slightly lower than the Angel’s, but only until we are changed, born as Sons in Gods family. Therefore I would probably spell it with a lower case “s” sons of God now. Small issue which I can well imagine was from an abundance of exuberance at your joy you discovered in this research! I too share your joy.




 In my personal path, I’ve found a very small group of like minded beings. They have a small church. We call it, “first love” because it’s just the beginning of an amazing relationship with who our Creator is to us in a personal way.

Our eyes open enough to recognize some truth of how much we are loved by God and its really quite overwhelming, very much like first love.

But Judy, just wait, it’s just the beginning!

We are to become the actual Sons of God. That’s the plan! Quite awesome! But being still human, we arent there quite yet.

As you understand, not all humans will chose obedience to God which = life vs death. It boils down to the path or “way” we choose. 

And some wont make a decision until they are resurrected in the flesh in Ez 37.





No politician should attempt to force something on them that God doesnt intend. He has His reasons. It’s our job to search those out and accept Gods plans.and not think we are doing Hod any service by forcing our will on others.

We must be bold as lions and faithful and steadfast in whatever Gods plan and will is.

Some will choose death. Some are that evil. It is for God to decide who has a chance to make it through. As humans we are given instructions and sets of biblical laws that determine our understanding of when and how to apply justice with them if called for that by His laws we send criminals to their Father for final judgement. And we do so with prayer and hope’s they can still repent. The final judgement always belongs to God.

He sees our hearts. He knows everything. There may be something we missed. He will know. And in spite of all, we should always pray for every seed of God, to show our respect and faith in His judgement.

Theres a book I strongly recommend you read. It’s called, “Why Were You Born, from a speck of dust to a Son of God”. Its free. 831-637-1875.

It guides you scripturally through your personal process of “conversion”.

I find its spot on, very helpful.

The bible speaks of “Great Mysteries”, but also lights the path to a personal relationship with our Father if we seek it earnestly. It begins with our repentance and submissive obedience to His laws, statues, principles,….way of living as He had written down for us in His Book.

Being very close to the end time, I feel its crucial to consider all the help from Gods Book, we can glean. Knowing where we actually are in time helps motivate us to be all we can be. We should seek to remove that motivation. And we must allow each person their own personal relationship with God if they choose to have one. Its private and personal.

This is a bit of a question for everyone. Our Living Fathers Book has been called into such question lately.




I believe the reason for that is misunderstanding.

You see. It is a mystery. Its been locked up since the days of Daniel. There is a key but who finds it? What determines that?

I’ve come to the conclusion that all will eventually find it. Just not in this lifetime. Others will experience our joy and share it then. Remember, God didnt send His Son to unite the world, but rather divide it. He has a good reason for everything He does. 

Hes sorting the sheep from the goats.

There is another life you know. Ez 37.

Maybe you hadnt found it yet?

A few did. Many will live again in the flesh with Jesus and King David as rulers.

This I believe is another misunderstanding many have. We’ve been so misled, so lied to, can you blame them?

But let me suggest you dont fall on this stumbling block but are wise enough to see it and walk around it a bit, and check out the other side.

Because I do believe hidden treasures are in This Book al to often discarded, ignored. A man I knew once would raise his voice and tell us to “Blow the dust off and read it!” We all enjoyed that. Sad he himself had such serious issues. A church never lasts long when satan gets to its leader.




I’d be delighted to share a few things I’ve uncovered. The big one is why would our Loving Father shroud it in mystery?

What is it about His wonderful plans for us that He’s hiding? Why?

After years of not qutting, it dawned on me! My Father wanted to know if I was a quitter!! At times I began to wonder if He was. But of course I knew the answer to that. He just had other things thst occupied His concern at that moment.

He also wanted to test my steadfastness and to be sure that if He revealed some secrets to me, I would forever honor, remain faithful with all He entrusted to me. He has high standards. He Ioves us.

If He reveals truth to us, we must pledge to remain faithful and obedient to Him for if we betrayed His trust, we could not be worthy of His gift of eternal spiritual life in His God family.

Our vows at full immersion baptism, the only way His Book requires, represents our death to our old man, old ways, just as Jesus died for us. Our oath to God we must not blaspheme. He gives us His holy spirit to us. To do so is death. He doesnt want quitters whom He must lose.

It’s the law.

I must repent of my sinful excuses and former ways and commit to all He choses to reveal to me in His word.

I dont think for one minute it makes anyone better than any other child of God. In fact, once we recognize our sins, as happened to Job, after much consternation, we are humbled and disgusted with our human reasoning that had been so manipulated and misled and deceived! We really do figuratively repent in our oozing sores with dust in our hair and pain and in a most disgusting state. We see ourselves for who we really are and so desire to go in and get cleaned up! Change! Repent in ashes! Kill the old evil creature.

And here is our Father, with us in our trials as He was in conversation with Job, willing to open our eyes, give us the very essence and power and bring of a part of Him, His essence into His Heavenly family forever!




Its very humbling.

I’ve found another truth, that explains the lies of the evil men who sought power over us. There are not 3 persons in His spirit, only two are involved and it’s not exactly God and Jesus either. It’s their very power, essence, not their person! “Here, let me give you my hand with this nail stick in it so you have a part of me.” No! It’s something else.

It is all completely irrevocably proveable IF YOU ARE FLUENT IN GREEK. 

That, you see was the problem. I am not. But it was brought to my awareness of some few who did. You see Greek is extremely specific. The meaning of the word “the” has many forms in Greek. The one God inspired to be used, is the neuter form, not masculine or feminine. So it’s not a he or she. It is in no way a person. That’s not possible! It’s an “it”! Very clear in Greek. And explained in original order bible second edition.


In days gone by, it evidently never bothered anyone. The original saints and Apostles, and disciples all knew it because they knew Greek, were taught by Jesus. He knew it.

What He was giving to humanity after His Sons sacrifice, was NOT His body or ghost! Or that of His poor Mothers!

He was giving those few, and any today who accept and agree, His actual power, knowledge, mind, capacity for love, essence!!!! Of course in very measured degrees. A tiny portion. As we “grow in grace and knowledge” another small portion is given. He continues to arrn and strengthen us to enable us to deal with the slings and arrows which surely come once the demons see our lights sparkle.

They know who has it. Its God who restrains them. They can only do what He allows, gives them permission to do. He keeps us in line.

So you have to ask, why are innocent children, youth, ones we love, subjected to demons?




You have to remember it’s much worse now than at any time in human history, or on a horrific scale like never before.

He knows and acknowledges this. He has awesome plns for  far better earth after about 90 or a thousand years! Imagine the trees then! Those children who died will be there. Ez 37. Read it.

There have been terrible times in history but never so widespread or to the degree we are fighting today because this is the end time. Bible tells this.

People today are stronger than any other generation and teens are more mind boggling than ever. They are the end result! And they have to deal with so much more than any generation previous.

Surely a portal for evil is open.

We must be kind. We must not judge anyone but ourselves!

Not until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. 

And we mustn’t throw the baby (our bibles) out with the bath water.

Get in there and scrub!

We will all learn and “come to the fullness of the knowledge of God” in due time, when God decodes, calls.




What I’ve learned is that He’s been assembling His govt. His servants who will be trustworthy, fearless, loyaly, and obediently serve His family and all generations throughout history and eternity. It is a calling, an election if you will. He calls the weak and the base things that no flesh should glory. If you arent called yet, you will he. Wait on the Lord. His timing is perfect. 

My oath was and remains to God at and since my baptism.

The immersion represented my death. As Christ died for me, I follow Him. Coming out and having hands laid on my head with prayer, represents my oath to God, and my newness of life in Him. 41 years ago in my case.

I have not veered far, but churches failed me. I never gave up and in time found other churches, small groups of those still studying, still faithful, also seeking fellowship.

Today most have euther died or fallen away. People do fall away. For them it may be the sin of blasphemy against the very spirit of God. I dont know. If so, they have committed the only unpardonable sin.

You dont vow to God and then sit back and celebrate satan or his rituals.

Not everyone will serve in His govt. Not all are called at this time. It’s not some kind of mark we can see or know, unlike the mark of the beast. We have a pretty good idea it.has to do with messing with our DNA, has to do with money, buying and selling, and leads to death. Many are intentionally blinded at this time. BY GOD!

Leave those poor traumatized souls (physical body) alone!

In this way, He is able to shield them from satan somehow. I dont know all the answers. No human does. 

But we all must build a PERSONAL  relationship with God at some point, now or in the next physical life. Ez 37 and Jesus either sooner or later. But ots a PERSONAL matter. God is God. We are fallible. He is not.




That’s why we get frustrated and make mistakes like the Book of Revelation being a part of some evil program when its not.

No. It really isn’t. That claim is unfounded and is not proveable. Quite the opposite. It’s our personal choice to trust God or not. He says theres another plan most know nothing of and fear instead of trusting God and searching His word for the answer. They have given up hope because they lack faith in God and maybe arent going to be given every detail of His plan right now.

I’m sure President Trump can understand that. There are reasons all things cant be know sometimes for certain people in certain cases. It doesnt make them bad people. It’s ok. To each his own. Maybe a day will come when they must face a fear. They might surprise you.

The Apostle John wrote more about LOVE than any of the original Apostles. He was the only one not to be martyred and lived to almost 100. A few years less. His job was to provide for the mother of Jesus, and to later canonize the bible in 100 AD. Many other younger followers continued in faith after his death like Timothy and others.

Here is another error. The bible was not canonized 3 or 400 years later. All of that was fake. More deception.

The Aposle John wrote Revelation and canonized the BOOK OF GOD in 100AD as God had appointed for him. The original church was not catholic. 

It’s TRUE about Constantine. But not about the true original Apostles and disciples. 

They were never lost to history. They had t hide. We can trace them by the fact that they were the ones history hunted and always sought to wipe out because they were not a war like people. The were the original truthers.

And also they were recognizable by the faith the kept what was not in alignment with Constantine at all. They OFTEN had to flee from such evil politicians and military men. At other times some good rulers allowed them to live in peace, didnt feel any threat from them. But Consyantine was The Conqueror of many nations and peoples and sought ways to unite them. Religion was a good trick.for him. That was about all it was. He never believed the malarkey. Never was baptised until his death bed!

The true believers of the Way were easy to distinguish because they kept the Sabbath, did not baptize babies, rather prayed over and blessed them, because they knew babies had no sin and couldnt  repent which is required (true repentence for sin is a condition of baptism according to Gods word. Anyone can do a study of that. Look up all references to baptism. They were reconizable by other habits such as not eating pork or anything cloven hoofed that did not chew it’s cud. As well, they had laws for birds, they would not eat birds of prey, etc. And they would eat fish if and only if the fish had both scales and finS.

People often get poisoning from shark. Or shellfish, as they are the filters of our filthy ocean and ponds. Gods laws are for a reason.

“There is a time and purpose to every season….turn, turn, turn….” was a song popular when I was a teen by a group called The Birds. I loved it. Wasnt yet “called” back then. Nevertheless…..

The early true christians were also conscientious objectors. The obeyed the Biblical laws and Gods laws if ever there was a conflict with habits or orders of governments. That’s why they were hated and hunted. They would kill unless to defend their own if attacked. Wouldnt dream of it.

However, the key as to why they never died out is found in scriptures.

“The Gates of Death shall not prevail over My church of God.”

I choose to believe “every word 9f God”. If I dont, it’s me in error, not God.

In other words, true worshipers would never die out. There would always be some alive at all times in human history to carry out the promise of God as stated and to preserve the true Doctrines and Book of God.

If you contact 831-637-1875, Mr Coulter has a free video of church history called the True believers or Waldensians of the Swiss Alps or something like that.

It’s a piece of human history, and additional historic work is being written uncovered by a descendant who’s doing amazing research on his family ancestory. What he’s uncovering, coming up with about his family of believers, their schield and flag….is amazing. 

I tend to believe in these end times, a lot more truths will be uncovered soon.

Now whether peoples minds are open enough to the truth, or swayed by politics, is yet to be seen.

I. mean, really, no. politician would want their people to find things out that would cause chaos, or alarm people. Then its anybodies guess about how they would respond. 

There are serious concerns today no doubt. If the truth comes out in this lifetime to the Ametican people and the majority of them in Gods protective blindness, that Jesus is coming to punish and eliminate them for now so Je can take them to a better place. I tend to belueve is highly doubtful that truth would be made public.

Many mean well and sincerely seek to serve Gods people with good hearts.

I caution those who do, to use very finely tuned discernment.

Dont discourage anyone. For how do you know, young man, what God has planned for those who love Him?

Personally, I wouldnt support anything that turns peoples hearts away from Gods very own written words meant to inspire them, encourage and lift our hearts to Him.

People very much need That Book more than ever. I would never discourage faith in Gods Book. To me that would represent my death. To me that would be blasphemy, considering the gift of Gods holy spirit He has given me. Besides, I’ve proven it enough to know His words are true and faithful.

Evil Kings in days gone by would behead truthers like me whom they might consider a threat, a rebel, a trouble maker.

My great President Trump I support fully. If he did anything I felt was unwise, I’d bring it to His attention.

I would never seek to.undermine his influence or presidency. We need a leader like him. He may not have all knowledge or wisdom. As far as I’m concerned, he comes very close. 

Besides, I can assure you I have no thought of a presidential run or for that matter anything to do with politics today!

My ambition is service after I’m in Gods Kingdom. Today I’m in training.

I would challenge President Trump to have that as his primary or close secondary ambition. I believe God called him for such a time as this.

I feel the same about all his close friends and relatives. Including troublesome JFK.

 JFK, I just want you to keep in.mind, I was 12, you were a tiny boy, when we all lost an awesome President. We all suffered and hurt for his loss and all our hearts went out to that little boy saluting his beloved Daddy. America mourned. America loves you still. And so do I.

So relax, fly right.

Gods got this. 

Again deep joy for Judy Byington on this article. Great job.

“Our world is so full of a number of things,

I’m sure we should all be as happy as Kings.”

Dont loose focus. “Study to show yourself approved!”


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