(Reader: KS) Response to KW6.5 about “To all Ranters Who Tell President to Get off the Pot”


Reader Post | By KS

Let me start by saying, that you simply have no clue as to how long some of us HAVE already Proven “Patience”. Some of us have known a lot of this stuff just now being dealt with for 20 or 30 years but had no way of doing much of anything about any of it, except trying to “Red Pill” others along the way. Some of us, have lost much over the past 5 and 1/2 Years as well, while STILL Waiting and being “Patient”. So for you to sit and speak as if WE have no clue to this, is Judgmental and hypocritical in my opinion, since you have Zero clue to any of the happenings of anyone’s life, Nor the events that have put them in their current positions or Life’s happenings. But you POST, as if We who are telling them to get of the pot, know NOTHING! We are not Stupid people. At least not Everyone is. Some of us KNOW, and HEAR, and SEE, what is being CLAIMED, yet we don’t have Anything FACTUAL PROOF of what is being Claimed to be Actually happening. Millions of us KNOW, that We have been LIED TO most or All of our lives. We Don’t NEED, ANY MORE of that FROM ANYONE! Let Alone from those who are ON OUR SIDE!! Got it?

Secondly, this Quantum Computer tracking, listening, reading what we post or say, KNOWS NOT ONE THING, that has Been behind anything in our lives! It has NO CLUE, no matter WHAT sort of “Artificial Intelligence it is”, as to the past happenings of any of us. Only what it Reads of us NOW. So for IT ALSO, to Make some sort of Determination as to what sort of person I might be, or John is, or Jane is, based solely on some small “Snippet” of the immediate postings of frustration, is NOT in any way, shape or fashion, a FAIR ASSESSMENT of ANYONE! So to say that a person is NOT a “Humanitarian” sort of person, without knowing what has happened in their lives to PUT them in their current state of being or mindset, is Also Judgemental and NOT a True or fair Assessment. Stop acting like we are all Stupid and understand none of this please! That goes for everyone thinking they are all High and Mighty and so far ABOVE all of us. You have NO IDEA what my mindset is. You have No Idea HOW i have tried to live my life till now. You have No Idea, how many times I, or anyone else, has Lived a Positive life thus far no matter how many times Life has knocked us down and we’ve had to Rebuild from scratch over and over already from Nothing! All WHILE trying to maintain a Positive Life so that we can Help others who are also down and out, yet don’t know OUR OWN Pains and Struggles! So who the hell is this Quantum Computer, and InAnimate Object, to KNOW what sort of human a person REALLY IS by only reading a short Clip of their full lives? Do you Realise how Stupid that sounds?? That is like me just going to buy SIRI, Plugging it in Today, and then This Evening, Me telling SIRI, to Assess My Whole Life and proceed to Tell Me What Kind of Person I am, or what kind of person I’ve been MY WHOLE LIFE! THAT, is Pure Stupidity at it’s Finest! IT KNOWS NOTHING OF ME. Just like IT, knows Nothing OF ANYONE based on Just that short of a time span! So Stop it with that BS please Until some things are PROVEN to US!

I have, over the past 5 years, WHILE WAITING PATIENTLY, Lost my father, then my mother, then an older sister, and currently have two other older siblings who are Very near Deaths Door NOW as well, who may not HAVE until November, or 2023, or even TOMORROW! So Get off your High Horse of acting like WE ARE STUPID AND KNOW NOTHING! Get Off your own High Horse of Acting like WE HAVE NO OR LITTLE PATIENCE! NONE of the ones calling the Shots in this, has LOST what Many of us have and their Choices to DELAY STILL, Even after they ALREADY HAVE IT ALL and KNOW EVERYTHING about the Evil done, according to the Q Posts as of 2017! And to watch them sit and just take their ever loving time for many of us, is NOT ACCEPTABLE ANY LONGER! For if THEY HAD lost what many of us had, THEY TOO would be Frustrated and Pissed Off as well. But Those who Live In Ivory Towers, NEVER see anything From “We the PEASANTS” point of View because they have their lives all Protected and Set up for them and their children, UNLIKE US! How many of Trump’s CHILDREN or Family members have Died while WAITING PATIENTLY on someone who keeps CLAIMING justice is coming, and They KNOW IT ALL and ARE Doing things, but are NOT GOING TO PROVE IT TO YOU? Trust is Not Built OR MAINTAINED ON LIES AND BULLSHIT! PERIOD! No one, can Build or Maintain a Relationship with someone and Wonder WHY the other person loses TRUST of “FAITH” in them, when all they do is “SECRET” or BEHIND THE SCENES all the Time, and NEVER PROVE TO THEM, that they ARE Being Honest, Truthful and OPEN in order for them to keep believing! NO ONE! At Some point, SOON, Something MUST BE PROVEN to We PATRIOTS if the So Called WHITE HATS Expect us to Continue to BELIEVE THEM, Or, Believe that ANY OF THIS is Really Happening! Something BIG. Not some Peon Like SUSSMAN whom we all know was a Minion! We aren’t STUPID! We KNOW things take time! We KNOW, there is a Lot going on behind the scenes! WE KNOW their INTENT! WE KNOW their Desires for our future as well! We Love and Appreciate EVERYTHING done So Far! BUT, We MUST have SOME PROOF OF SOMEONE BIG BEING TAKEN DOWN FOR THEIR REAL CRIMES, The Crimes WE ALSO KNOW THEY HAVE TRULY COMMITTED AND GOTTEN AWAY WITH FOR YEARS NOW! Not Being Stuck in some TRUST Relationship where everything is done IN SECRET, or Behind the Scenes with ZERO PROOF as I stated above!

This, Positive Vibes you all keep referring to?? Yeah, you Might wanna go talk to Those LEADING US in all of this without Proving ANY of the Wild Claims being made for over 5 years now about that! THEY are the ones “In Control” of It All! Not US. So those Negative Vibes coming to the forefront now, are a Direct Result of them NOT PROVING IN THE OPEN FOR WE AND THE MASSES TO SEE AND HAVE ZERO DOUBT OR QUESTION OF THE WILD CLAIMS BEING SPEWED OUT for so long now! God, Does not now, Nor has he EVER to My knowledge, Used LIES AND DECEIT in order to get His Children to Love Him and Worship Him! Nor has he done EVERYTHING IN SECRET ALL THE TIME! When My Children were Small, I did things Out of their Sight or knowledge, because they were Children and had No need to Know or Be Worried or FRUSTRATED by the Deeds of Being an Adult having to deal with all of Life’s Complications! I let them BE KIDS! BUT, I ALSO Understood, that I would have to start PROVING TO THEM HOW LIFE REALLY IS in order to teach them How to Succeed in a world that would most assuredly Knock them down repeatedly! I NEVER Treated them like they were STUPID, or Treated them like they COULDN’T HANDLE to cold harsh bitter realities of life! Many people choose to believe the Lie that YOUR actions, are based YOUR OWN CHOICES in life and No One else is in any way, to Blame for YOUR Current Status. Did you notice I called that a LIE?? Because it IS and No one can convince me otherwise! MY ACTIONS, DO, have an Impact on others lives! MY CHOICES and DECISIONS, Also DOES have an impact on others lives! But THAT, is a Two Way Street! So these so called “White Hats” decisions to Keep DELAYING to Gather MORE EVIDENCE that is Not being Show to us to Hold Any of these Criminals Accountable as of yet, is what is Causing many of us to LOSE FAITH in them or causing many of us to STOP TRUSTING! So GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE and Stop Acting like WE ARE ALL STUPID! We ARE NOT! GOD, will NEVER USE LIES AND DECEIT to Accomplish HIS GOALS! GOD, Will also never KEEP EVERYTHING IN THE DARK and expect us to just Blindly Follow him while Never Proving anything to us! As I stated the other day, even Jesus PROVED IMMEDIATELY to Doubting Thomas HIS Wild unbelievable claims Without Hesitation or being UPSET with Thomas that he asked for PROOF!

To use a Corrupt system, to try to Fix the system to have a Better system in the future, is Not very Intelligent in my opinion AT ALL! The Deep State CABAL, is Not Playing Fair or BY THE RULES of What is RIGHT and Just! Or doing things “LEGALLY”!!! The White Hats, by their own admission as of Q posts in 2017, HAVE IT ALL ALREADY AND, THEY KNOW EVERYTHING, as was written on the papers at Bush Sr’s Funeral! Remember?? Plus supposedly having Project LOOKING GLASS and Time Travel in their corner now, gives Zero Room for DELAYS, OR for Surprise attacks or Surprise MOVES or cards played by the Deep State Cabal! So ZERO EXCUSES! No More Treating us like we are CHILDREN and that we Can’t HANDLE to TRUTH, or that we Don’t NEED TO KNOW the Evil of this world as with my Children when they were Small! TRUST and PATIENCE, is NOT BUILT On Keeping EVERYTHING SECRET or HIDDEN! No Matter the INTENT behind it! Negative Energy Vibes, are the direct result of us, We The People, NEVER HAVING ANY WILD CLAIMS BEING PROVEN TO US By those who Expect us to just keep Believing and “TRUSTING THE PLAN”!!!

PUT UP, or SHUT UP ALREADY! We Are NOT CHILDREN and Will NOT continue to be Treated as such, or Treated as tho We Are All STUPID and know NOTHING as to How this all must go! If THEY HAVE IT ALL, and KNOW EVERYTHING, they HAVE EVERYTHING to KEEP IT ALL LEGAL in Every Way ALREADY!! If they Don’t, then THEY ARE LYING TO US AND HAVE ZERO Justification to Wonder Why WE have STOPPED BELIEVING OR TRUSTING THEM as We DID BEFORE! That’s on THEM!!

PUT UP ALREADY, or SHUT UP! I Can sit ALL Day EVERY Day and TELL YOU that I CAN FLY!! You may believe it for a short time! But at SOME POINT, I MUST PROVE MY CLAIMS!! Otherwise, YOU Would No Longer BELIEVE OR TRUST ME and that would be ON ME and ME ALONE!! Get Off your High Horse and stop it!

Signed, Reader KS! Not PATRIOT KS as I saw the other day. We are NOT the same person!


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