(Reader: Vicki) Respectfully Asking, Stating my Humble Opinion


Reader Post | By Vicki

I agree with so many that have written about the awful, helpless frustration we Patriots, and Truth Seekers that are Awake (not woke) have felt now for over two years. Shite or get off the pot is a saying also @ Jeff W.

I have my entire family that got those sickening shots ( fake vaccines). It did not matter what I said, my husbands VA care giver said he was a prime candidate for getting it with his MS, high blood pressure and diabetes. Besides President Trump said to get them, my husband was also going by that, he is a Trump fan as I am but I won’t be getting the jab.

My sons were indoctrinated at the college they went to and are all in for the Democrats and whatever the  Democratic Government, CDC, Fauci and MSM says.

So are these shots really killing people? Because I don’t personally know anyone that has died from them. Not saying they aren’t but is this another scare tactic? Then there’s the shedding, is this true? I live with my husband obviously. Are my cats being harmed by my husband? their vet?

Who do you believe? And even when they reveal all are we going to believe it after all this time?

Just pantomime, just a movie, right? Which parts? Bill and Melinda Gates were supposed to be killed in Africa in 2013, how did he make these death shots if he’s dead? Tired, just so tired.

We were told that Trump was going to reveal all on August 19th…two years ago. By him!


How is this any less a lie or secrets (that only the powers that be can know) than the very same thing the evil corrupt ones kept from us?
Are we being taken over by just another group? Are we being duped again?

I have been all in, have had many a argument with my sons over this. They have laughed at me behind my back and to my face. I don’t know how much more heartache I can take. I have worried endlessly about the dumb injections they have gotten.

I do know how extremely YUGE this is and do not want one MKUltra sleeper to be left to take out hundreds of us later. But tell us what is going on, how can that hurt any operations?

There are so many people giving us information that contradicts each other. I wonder how many suicides there have been over all these lies. They would say all wars have casualties, well I’m guessing it’s none of their families that are the casualties. Of course not because they know what’s going on.

Are we ascending? How are we supposed to prepare for this if it is true?

Is our food poisoned? Is our water poisoned? Are the fast food restaurants putting human flesh in their food?  If they (the White knights and White hats) have been working on this all this time I would expect they would have put a stop to that long ago.

Are the evil ones shapeshifting reptilians? Are there malevolent aliens here? Are they the bloodlines of Cain? Are they the Nephilim? Are they the Watchers? Are they all these entities or are some just plain evil satanic humans? Did they change our Bible? Should we still be reading it? Some (a lot) of the people doing videos don’t believe in the Bible or Jesus, so what is right? So, so many questions with no answers!


I am an American citizen, I have every right to know everything that has been done!

Still praying, still hoping, still holding onto faith in my Heavenly Father.

Respectfully asking, stating my humble opinion!


God Bless America


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